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How To Make Your Daikin Aircon More Efficient?

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Reputable brands like Daikin recognize the impact of high power consumption and have been manufacturing aircons so they are more energy efficient as well as reliable. These help in preventing frequent aircon repairs. If you wish to make your Daikin aircon even more efficient, here are some tips you can follow. 


Ensure That Doors And Windows Are Closed


The volume of air to be cooled can influence the amount of energy consumed by an aircon. This means that an aircon can use up unnecessary energy just to try and cool the area outside of the room or until the set temperature is reached. Therefore, it is advisable to keep doors and windows closed to prevent this and to also keep warm air from entering.


Always Clean The Outdoor Unit


The outdoor unit of any aircon system is heavily exposed to dirt, rain, and debris. If it doesn’t receive regular aircon servicing, it can become much dirtier. The accumulation of dust, and debris, among others, can also harm the unit’s efficiency. When this happens, cooling becomes less effective due to the blockage of airways and the compressor fan. Homeowners will often have to turn up the thermostat just so the unit can release cold air.

For your outdoor unit to work properly, it is important to have regular aircon maintenance. However, many homeowners do not generally possess the necessary skills and knowledge to clean the unit. For those that try, there is the risk of committing common mistakes during DIY aircon servicing that could result in damage. One benefit of hiring a professional aircon service is that they can do aircon servicing much more safely, efficiently, and effectively. 


Inspect Your Air Filters Regularly


A clean aircon filter is important as they are critical in filtering dust found in the air. Through this process, energy is not wasted and dust is not deposited on the components. Take note though that the air filters will inevitably become dirty over time. If they are not cleaned, it can cause them to be clogged which will make the aircon less efficient. This also causes an increase in the unit’s power consumption as it tries to reach the user’s desired temperature. Hence, it is always important to remember that the air filters are one of the top aircon parts that require periodic care and should be regularly inspected.


Increase Your Thermostat Temperature Settings

The temperature of a Daikin aircon is determined by the settings of the thermostat. As such, an air conditioner will continue releasing cold air until the set temperature is reached. In the process however, the Daikin aircon system can consume heavy amounts of electricity. For this reason, many people are setting a thermostat’s temperature at a higher level thinking that it might lower their power bills. It’s better though to set the temperature to the highest preferred level and not change it unless absolutely necessary. Although this might seem counterintuitive, it helps to minimize the unit’s power consumption levels.



Although Daikin is one of the top 3 best-selling aircon brands due to their energy-efficient aircons, some homeowners wish to find out how to make their Daikin units even more efficient. You can try to close all doors and windows, regularly clean the outdoor unit and aircon filters, or increase the thermostat to the highest preferred level. It is also important to ensure that your Daikin aircon is installed properly as a faulty installation can also make the unit less efficient. 

To prevent an improper Daikin aircon installation, it is recommended to contact skilled professionals to install your Daikin aircon and perform Daikin aircon servicing. DW Aircon Servicing has a team of skilled and experienced technicians who can properly install your aircon as well as render any other aircon services you require such as aircon repairs and aircon gas top up.


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