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How to Troubleshoot Aircon Light Blinking

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Commercial/industrial aircon or any aircon you have installed need to be properly maintained to last for the long term. Otherwise, they can experience major issues which might require aircon servicing such as an aircon chemical overhaul or aircon gas top up.

One sign that your unit might be malfunctioning is when its light starts blinking incessantly. If you leave this unattended, your aircon might end up becoming unusable even with aircon repairs performed. Thus, be sure to troubleshoot your blinking aircon light as soon as possible using the following guidelines:


Check The Error Code

Modern aircon are designed to have functions that make it easier to troubleshoot common aircon issues. One of these functions is an error code that displays when the unit starts malfunctioning. If you still have the manual that came with your unit, you can use this error code to determine what issues your aircon might be having when its light starts to blink. Otherwise, you can try scouring through online forums or manuals to decipher the error code displayed by your installed aircon.


Inspect Your Aircon For Loose Wiring


Oftentimes, a blinking aircon light is caused by loose electrical wiring. To confirm this, switch off your unit and check if any of its wires might have become loose or damaged. If the damage to the aircon wiring is minor, then you might be able to have them remedied through an aircon repair. But if the wires happen to be irreparable, then it might be best to have an aircon replacement done instead.


Check Your Aircon’s Refrigerant Levels


Another possible reason why an aircon’s light can blink endlessly is low refrigerant levels. Adequate levels of refrigerant are needed for a unit to release enough cold air, any sudden decrease in gas levels can trigger its error-detecting mechanisms which include a blinking light. To resolve this, have an aircon gas top up performed by a respected air conditioning service provider. Once they are able to restore your aircon’s gas levels to an optimal amount, your unit is guaranteed to function properly once more.


Check For Internal Damage

At times, an aircon’s light can start blinking due to issues that are not outright visible. These include dust and debris getting lodged inside the unit as well as a broken circuit board. If you are unable to identify the problems your home or office aircon is currently facing, then it might be best to have an aircon maintenance company assist you. This will ensure that any hidden problems faced by the aircon you have installed are identified and resolved as quickly as possible.




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