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Importance of Proper Aircon Placement During an HDB Aircon Installation

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The performance of any aircon installation depends on a number of factors. Though brand and energy rating are often primary considerations, it is important not to disregard location as well. No matter how enhanced your aircon model is, it will be unable to perform well if installed in the wrong place. Thus, take note of the following guidelines when deciding where to set up your residential or commercial aircon.

Importance of Proper Aircon Placement


Enhanced Cooling

An aircon that is installed at a proper location is more likely to release enough cold air. For instance, a unit mounted too low will feel warmer than one installed near the ceiling since warm air travels upward. Increased distribution of cold air is also more likely if the aircon is installed in a space where it cannot accumulate dust and dirt. The reason for this is that dust and dirt can clog the aircon’s major cooling components, preventing it from turning warm air into cold air.


Increased Efficiency and More Energy Savings

When deciding where to install your aircon, be sure to place it in an area with no obstructions. Structural barriers or furniture which block your unit’s outlets can restrict its airflow. When this happens, it becomes unable to distribute enough fresh air to cool your home or workspace. It can also end up overworking and cause a costly increase in your electricity bills. For your aircon to be as efficient as possible, it is best that you mount it in an unfurnished space. You should also see to it that your commercial or HDB aircon installation is placed far away from sunlight and water so you can have as much aircon energy savings as you can.


Effects of Improper Aircon Placement


At times, aircon owners prefer to install their unit on their own instead of seeking assistance from an air conditioning service. As a result, they end up mounting their units in an area that makes them prone to experiencing common aircon issues. These include the following:

Hot Spots

Installing an aircon in the wrong space does not just cause certain aircon emergencies to occur. When a unit is set up in an area that blocks its cooling functions, its range for air distribution becomes limited. As a result, several hot spots develop which can cause extreme discomfort to the owner.

Increased Energy Consumption

Naturally, an installed air conditioner needs the power to function. That said, its rate of electricity consumption can become too excessive if its location hinders its various components from working properly. For example, an aircon that is placed in a dirty space can experience frozen evaporator coils which cause the unit to overwork just so it could have enough cold air to release. This in turn results in it consuming more aircon energy than is necessary.


How To Determine Proper Aircon Placement


In order for you to install your aircon in the right place, it is vital that you take the following into consideration:


When deciding where your inverter or non-inverter aircon should be installed, see to it that the area where you intend to mount it is free from any obstructions. Take note that a unit will be much more able to release cold air in a space that is wide and free from clutter.


It is not just furniture that can prevent an aircon from distributing enough cold air. Any aircon which is installed too closely to pillars can also experience issues due to their height and material. Thus, when mounting your unit near the ceiling, see to it that is not being blocked by any structural barriers.


Some people prefer to cover their air conditioner for aesthetic purposes. Though this might seem practical at first, it can eventually cause the unit to overheat and even malfunction. When this occurs, expensive aircon repairs might be necessary to get your unit functioning again.



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