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Importance of Regular Aircon Servicing

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After opting for an aircon installation, most homeowners believe that their air conditioning units can last a long time and they leave their air conditioning units unmaintained for years. Experts reveal that 40% of Singaporeans treat their aircon units with an “out of mind and out of sight” attitude. They don’t realize that air conditioning issues can be prevented. Good aircon servicing is extremely important.

Regular maintenance from reliable aircon servicing services in Singapore comes with many benefits. Maintenance will extend the lifetime of your equipment, cut down utility bills and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

With this being said, let’s learn more about the benefits and importance of regular aircon servicing in Singapore.


Improved Efficiency


According to a recent study, air conditioners are likely to lose their efficiency by 5 percent every year. If your air conditioner is not maintained properly, the loss in efficiency increases. This means you are bound to spend more money on the unit! With regular maintenance, you will be able to identify potential problems in the air conditioning unit.

When this happens, you might be wondering about professional versus DIY aircon servicing and which one to opt for. Hiring professional aircon services will fix the minor issue. One of the benefits of hiring a professional aircon servicing company is that the overall performance of your aircon can be retained.

Pro Tip: When aircon repair symptoms are spotted at an earlier point in time, you can prevent major problems. These steps will improve the performance of your system and ensure a longer lifetime.


Reduced Energy Bills 

Another reason to service your aircon regularly is reduced energy costs. In general, devices that are in better condition will function efficiently. A brand-new air conditioner consumes less energy. It will not increase your energy bill. On the other hand, poorly maintained aircon units need more energy. This is when households see hefty energy bills. Maintained air conditioners don’t need excess energy to convert warm air into cold air. This is why periodic maintenance helps in reducing power bills.

Look for a provider of aircon services and they will improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. This benefit works in line with reducing energy bills. Well-maintained air conditioners have fewer barriers. These systems work to the fullest. With improved system efficiency, aircon units can cool your home instantly.


Cleaner Air


Opting for an aircon servicing contract in Singapore brings about cleaner air in the household. The aircon specialist will clear the dust accumulated in the aircon with regular maintenance. With healthier air in the room, the possibility of sick in the house will be that much lower. Thus, it is very important to have regular aircon servicing as it will improve air circulation.


Lower Repair Costs 

Your aircon seems to be performing normally, only to suddenly cease functioning. In the blink of an eye, you’ve found yourself needing expensive and time-consuming repairs. Preventative maintenance and regular aircon servicing can help you save money.

This is why it is important to be knowledgeable about the points to note when engaging in an aircon maintenance company. You need to reach out to a reliable provider. When you contact DW Aircon to repair your air conditioning system, the technician will inspect the system for broken or worn-out aircon parts that need periodic care and suggest that they be replaced as soon as possible. The cleaning of components like the condenser and filters, on the other hand, will increase the life of certain elements and defer the need to replace them.


Elimination of Foul Odors 


Wondering why your aircon is releasing odour? An accumulation of mold, germs, or even other organisms may cause this. Take urgent action if you detect a bad odor emanating from your air conditioner. To get rid of the dirt and stench, as well as to prevent future accumulation, an aircon chemical overhaul is necessary.


Increased Level of Comfort 

In Singapore, there’s no escaping the intense heat and humidity, making air conditioning service even more critical. Failure of a single piece of equipment can only lead to catastrophe. In addition, last-minute maintenance visits are more expensive than routine service, and tiny problems that are left unattended may grow into larger ones, which is particularly problematic during times of crisis. Thus, make sure you know how often you should have aircon servicing done.

With a well-maintained air conditioner unit, you can expect it to perform at its peak efficiency.   Whether you’re working from home or at work, you’ll probably have no problems keeping your space cool. Having a well-maintained air conditioner is the best way to ensure that you get the level of comfort you want.


Longer Aircon Lifespan 


You may extend the life of your air conditioner by having it serviced on a regular basis, just like any other electrical appliance. There will be periodic evaluations and checks of your system. This implies that you may have certain components replaced (such as filters) in order to extend the unit’s lifetime. Consider how much money you’ll save in Singapore if you don’t have to purchase a replacement air conditioner unit right away. Maintenance will also prevent troubleshooting aircon issues frequently.

Your air conditioner, like your automobile, requires regular maintenance in order to perform at its best. One benefit of hiring a professional aircon servicing company is the service professional will thoroughly inspect all components. You can expect your professional aircon servicing to cleanse or replace them as necessary. This will not only extend the life of the machine, but it will also guarantee that it operates at peak efficiency.


Prevents Permanent Aircon Damage 


A lot of people think that regular maintenance is expensive which is one myth about normal aircon servicing. As a matter of fact, it is less expensive in the long run to do routine maintenance than to wait for major aircon repair symptoms to arise. In a location like Singapore, where aircons are always in use, this is especially critical.

As a bonus, you’ll have piece of mind knowing that any defective replacement parts may be promptly changed before damaging the whole equipment. A service call for a residential air conditioner is recommended every three months, however commercial and industrial aircon services are required for commercial air conditioners every month.



There are several advantages to having your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis by a reputable company in Singapore. Preventing malfunctions, extending the life of your equipment, and saving money on your electricity costs are all benefits of regular maintenance. As a result, having  an aircon servicing contract or regular aircon maintenance has several advantages, including greater efficiency, cheaper energy expenses, cleaner air, fewer repair costs, removal of unwanted odors, better comfort, and the prevention of irreparable air conditioner damage.

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