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Introduction to Basic Aircon Repair Tools

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When it comes to aircon repair, you will likely contact the best aircon contractors in Singapore to get the best service. However, there are certain small issues that can be handled by you easily – provided you have the right aircon repair tools on hand and a little DIY guidance from YouTube tutorials. You need to have the right tools in case you need to do some minor air conditioner repair. If you do not have the right tools it will be difficult for you to manage.


Here is a list of the basic aircon repair tools that are used by the most reputed aircon companies in Singapore.


  1. Electric Drill

Among the Aircon repair tools, the electric drill is essential. It is used for various purposes starting from drilling to installing a new compressor or for making holes on the walls for anchor bolts. You must use 18V at least. This electric drill requires a charger and two batteries. You will find that a high-quality drill will be costly but do not compromise for that as a good drill will serve you later and make it worthwhile for every penny that you spent.

  1. Pliers

Pliers too will be required when you start repairing the Aircon, especially when you have to remove a clip from any hard to reach places of the Aircon. It is good if you can buy a whole set of pliers but if it is not feasible then buy the long nose plier. One with a long pointed nose will suffice the need.

  1. A Sawzall

Depending upon the type of blade you have on your Sawzall saw, you can do almost anything with it. You must invest in one that is durable with a charger that keeps the batteries charged. Investing in quick release blade system seems more feasible.

  1. Tube Cutter

You will require a tube cutter in order to chop the copper tune of the Airconditioning system. The tube will be around an eight inch to half inch in diameter. You can adjust the cutter to cut tubes of any size diameter easily. You need to be very careful while cutting the tubes as excess pressure may damage the copper.

  1. Screw Drivers

Most essential tool for any DIY project. Most aircon repairs in Singapore will require different types of screwdrivers for opening the nut bolts. They are available in different sizes and shapes. It is best to use screwdrivers that have insulated handles that will protect you from any kind of shock. For aircon repair, the most effective screwdrivers are the 3/16 inch and the 1/8 inch ones.

  1. Copper tube blender

In order to bend the copper tubes nicely, you will require a copper tube blender. This tool will have 3 size molded round wheels and it helps in molding the copper tube without any chances of cracks.

  1. Measuring tape

Whether for measuring the length of the copper tube or the volume of room you will require a measuring tape. It is best to have a steel measuring tape that will be durable and long lasting. The ideal length of the tape measure should be at least 7m

  1. Allen Wrench

If you have window style Aircon then this is a tool that will be required for removing the squirrel caged fans. It is an angled hexagonal tool that is made of hardened steel.


  1. Hexa-Head Nut Drivers

The nut drivers come in handy when you have to drive any hex bolts or remove them. They are most helpful when you have to remove nuts from any deep seated place. For repairing your aircon system you will require 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, and ¼ inch sizes.

  1. Lever

You will require a lever for different works associated with your air conditioner. You may choose a magnetic lever that will let you work freely while you are leveling.

  1. Electrical Testers

While repairing the Aircon, it is obvious that you will be working with electricity. Thus, it is a must that you have electric testers handy. Before you start working you should always test the electricity condition with the help of an electric tester.

  1. Various other tools

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are tools that will come in handy when you are repairing the Aircon. It will make it easier to work on the repairing work. Some such tools are a Domestic AC/Fuel disconnect set, universal valve core remover, adapter fittings, tube service kit for removing or working with any kind of tube.



These are the common tools used by a professional aircon specialist. Always handle the tools with care. A step-by-step guide can guide you towards minor repairs, but if the issue is too big or complicated, always look for a professional aircon company that can handle the issue.

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