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Is A Chemical Wash Necessary For My Aircon?

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The performance of your residential or commercial air conditioner will depend on how well it is being maintained. The efficiency of using this aircon can decrease if it has dust, dirt, or bacteria build-up. It could also increase electricity bills, and issues like aircon water leaks can occur. If you want to avoid these, it is recommended to undergo aircon chemical cleaning services like aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul regularly.


Chemical Wash 


Doing an aircon chemical wash typically involves using the professional-grade chemical solution for your aircon’s internal components. This chemical solution can be bought even if you are not a professional. However, it can be very risky as you might incur damage to your own aircon unit when you opt to do the chemical washing by yourself. Therefore, it is best to hire an aircon servicing company to carry out the aircon chemical wash.  Most experts recommend that this service be conducted at least twice a year by an aircon servicing company.

A chemical cleaning solution will be used during the aircon chemical wash to remove any dirt, dust, or bacteria that has accumulated in the aircon unit. It is important to undergo regular aircon servicing for components like your cooling coils, fins, compressor, and condenser as well as clogged aircon vents. The professional-grade chemical also gives added protection in preventing corrosion making your aircon work efficiently.


How Often Should You Do An Aircon Chemical Wash?

Aircon not cold

When your air conditioner’s condenser is clogged with ice, it can stop producing cold air. Keep in mind that your aircon’s condenser is divided into two sections: a condenser and a fan coil. If these two sections are clogged, it can be a reason why your aircon is not cold. It is better to hire an aircon technician if you do not know what to do when your aircon is not cold.

Aircon is making noises

There are many reasons why your aircon can be noisy. If your aircon is not regularly cleaned and maintained, dirt and dust can accumulate around the fans and windpipe – causing your aircon to be noisy.

If you want to avoid issues with any type of aircon noises, you should undergo an aircon chemical wash. This can unclog the pipes and retrieve their normal airflow. Undergoing aircon chemical wash also improves your air conditioner’s performance.

Aircon is leaking


 If there is a blockage in your aircon’s drainage system, it can be the possible reason why your aircon is leaking. The blockage inside can be chemically washed to stop the aircon from leaking.

Aircon has a foul smell


Bacteria proliferation in the fan coil of your air conditioner can cause an unpleasant odor when you are using your air conditioner. This can be cleaned by a professional with an aircon chemical wash.

Aircon is switching off automatically

If your installed air conditioner is having problems with turning off and on automatically, it could suggest that your aircon unit is not properly maintained and should undergo aircon chemical cleaning right away.

This might seem like a technical problem that might require an expensive solution but this issue can be solved with a simple aircon chemical wash.



Doing an aircon chemical wash for your aircon brings has its advantages – especially if your aircon is experiencing issues such as aircon not being cold, becoming noisy, or going on and off automatically. However, if the aircon problems still persist after an aircon chemical wash, it is best to undergo an aircon chemical overhaul. Not only does your aircon undergo a more detailed chemical wash, but any defective aircon parts found during the inspection will also be replaced or repaired – preventing any further aircon issues from happening.


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