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Is Aircon Light Blinking an Emergency Repair?

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At times, residential or commercial/industrial aircon can malfunction when not maintained properly. This in turn can be a major inconvenience as you will be unable to make use of your aircon. In order for you to prevent such an inconvenience, it is vital that you recognise the signs of a malfunctioning aircon such as a blinking light.

Though a blinking aircon light may not initially seem like it requires any aircon repairs, it can render your unit irreparable if not attended to immediately. Thus, to assist you, here are some guidelines which you should take note of in case of the light on the aircon installed starts to blink. By doing so, you can prevent any major aircon emergencies from taking place.


Common Reasons For A Blinking Aircon Light

Poor Maintenance


Over time, dirt and grime can heavily accumulate on the interior and exterior of your aircon. While dirt on the unit’s outer surface is not a major cause for concern, multiple problems can take place if it reaches the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and tubes. When any of these aircon parts accumulate too much dirt or moisture, its light can start to blink endlessly. In that case, it is best to call an aircon maintenance company to have them cleaned.

Another way by which poor aircon maintenance can cause light blinking involves the unit’s gas levels. Filling your aircon with too much refrigerant can cause damage to the compressor. When this happens, its light can start to blink endlessly as well. Replacement of the compressor if the damage is severe and the unit cannot be repaired.


Dirty Air Filters


Aircon filters are the most important components when it comes to ensuring good air quality. Among all aircon parts, nothing can affect air quality as much as the air filters. These trap small particles to ensure that air released from the unit is as clean as possible. However, they require regular aircon cleaning so that the dirt they collect does not build up. Otherwise, the air quality will worsen due to the build-up of dust on the aircon filters. Another issue you may face with dirty aircon filters is that your unit might also become incapable of blowing out cold air while also producing strange whirring or ticking noises.

When your aircon’s air filters become too dirty, its light can also start blinking. In order to resolve this, you simply need to clean the air filters as thoroughly as possible. This highlights the importance of clean aircon filters. Should you be concerned about damaging your aircon, you can try calling some aircon technicians to assist you.


Hidden Aircon Problems

Not all aircon problems which cause your unit’s light to blink can easily be detected. There are times when an aircon can malfunction despite all its components being in good condition. When this happens, you might want to look at your unit’s error code to see how you can troubleshoot its underlying problems.

To put it simply, an error code is a message displayed by an aircon when it starts experiencing complications. Many aircon brands have different ways of interpreting these codes. For this reason, it is best that you look at your unit’s manual to try and decipher the message it displays. You can also try exploring online forums in case you no longer have the manual at your disposal.

Once you have been able to discover the meaning of the error code displayed by your unit, you can determine what steps are necessary to get it working again. But in case you experience difficulty, engage an air conditioning service to help you out.


Serious Causes of Aircon Light Blinking

Aircon light blinking can also stem from causes that go beyond lack of proper aircon cleaning and maintenance. Some of these include the following:

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is vital for any home or office aircon to distribute enough cold air. As such, it needs to be filled regularly to prevent the unit from overheating. If you think you have been conducting enough aircon gas top ups to maintain your unit, then it is possible that you currently have a refrigerant leak.

When an aircon starts leaking gas, it can also begin to experience a significant decline in performance. Moisture can also start to accumulate on the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and filters. If this leak is left unattended, it can also result in your room having a foul odor. Serious aircon gas leaks can cause detrimental effects to your health. Thus, make sure to have it resolved by an experienced technician as soon as possible.


Water Leaks

Clogging in your aircon’s major parts can result in blocked airflow. When this occurs, the aircon can start to leak water in small amounts. This can lead to electrical problems, fire hazards, as well as damage to your other home-appliance products. As such, make sure to have a technician resolve it as soon as possible.


Aircon Light Blinking Explanation Based on Aircon Brand



Generally, an office or home Daikin aircon’s light can start to blink when its remote battery starts to run out. You can resolve this problem easily just by replacing the battery on the remote control. Otherwise, check if your Daikin aircon’s internal components might be malfunctioning.




A blinking light on a Mitsubishi aircon normally indicates that it requires proper maintenance. In most cases, the blinking can be eliminated through simple cleaning of the air filters, condenser, compressor, or evaporator.



In an LG aircon, the most common causes of a blinking light are loose wiring, refrigerant leaks, and low gas levels. While gas leaks and low gas levels are usually easy to resolve, loose wiring might signify that the aircon you bought has been improperly installed. In that case, you will need to have an experienced technician inspect it closely.




For a Panasonic aircon, faulty wiring is considered the most common issue for a blinking light. Although it is not advisable to resolve this yourself, you can assist your electrician by seeing if there are any sparks or sudden jolts of electric current in your power supply and main unit.


When Is It Best To Call A Technician?

Though light blinking problems with some office and HDB aircon installations are easily solvable, you might need to call a technician for assistance in case of the following:

Frequent Shutdown of Aircon

A blinking aircon light can act as a catalyst for a unit’s safety switch system. Thus, if your inverter or non-inverter aircon shuts down on its own after it blinks, then there is no need to be too concerned. However, you might want to seek assistance from a technician if the aircon you have installed starts shutting down too often. Usually, this issue indicates the possibility of a faulty circuit board, punctures in your unit’s tubing and gas chamber, restricted airflow, or a faulty capacitor.

Faulty Wiring


Aircon wiring issues might also cause endless blinking. In order to confirm this for your office or HDB aircon, try to check if there are small sparks and a crackling sound present. That way, you can better help your electrician diagnose the issue at hand.



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