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Mitsubishi Aircon Installation Guide

Mitsubishi Aircon Installation


If you are looking for comfort, air conditioners are the first thing that comes to mind. It keeps your surrounding cool, improving your quality of sleep at night.  Although there are many types of air conditioners, each of them have different things to offer. In this article, we will share with you on Mitsubishi aircon.

Among the many advantages of installing a Mitsubishi aircon, it is most importantly durable and suitable for all climates. Mitsubishi air conditioners are of high quality and its specialty is cooling or heating up a room, making it perfect for residential and commercial areas too. Engage a professional to get your aircon installation done and never attempt it on your own. You could view our aircon installation guide before hiring a professional.

Once installation is done, ensure that you take proper care of it. Go for regular aircon servicing such as an aircon chemical overhaul or an aircon gas top up. Disregarding your aircon maintenance could lead to a huge problem and cause you to spend lots on aircon repair. Not to fret, DW Aircon Singapore has a wide range of Mitsubishi aircon services from aircon installation to aircon repair, it could get your aircon up and running again. Before that, here are a few things you should learn about the Mitsubishi aircon.

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There are generally 3 types of Mitsubishi air conditioners in Singapore:

  • Single split inverter – Modifies capacity according to the difference of the outside and inside air temperatures, enabling the air conditioners to run more efficiently, reducing costs.
  • Multi split inverter – Runs similarly to a single split inverter but with a capacity ranging from 2.5 kW to 7.1 kW, allowing you to build a customised air conditioning system that is ideal for your home.
  • Mr slim inverter – Comes with a stylish indoor unit design and airflow settings for high- and low-ceiling interiors.



Mitsubishi air conditioners can be installed in various areas of your home or office. The common areas of installation are bedrooms while some people choose to install in kitchens or living rooms. Depending on the preference of the owner, condensers can be placed indoors or outdoors too.




Here are a few advantages of installing a Mitsubishi aircon:

  • Power efficient: Mitsubishi air conditioners are designed to consume less power than the best SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rated air conditioners. The leading SEER rated air conditioner consumes 40% less power but Mitsubishi aircon consumes 60% less power.
  • Suitable for all climates: You can expect your Mitsubishi air conditioner to cater to you in all weather conditions. When it is too warm outside, it cools the atmosphere. When it gets too cold, it warms up your space.
  • Durable: The Mitsubishi electric aircon is made of high quality materials and is designed to offer a long-term service with occasional maintenance.
  • User-friendly: Mitsubishi electric air conditioners are easy to install and operate. You just need the support of a professional aircon installer in Singapore to equip your home or office with this aircon. The functions on the aircon are easy to learn, making it accessible to all age groups.



These are some of the top selling Mitsubishi electric aircon models in Singapore:

1. System 1 Aircon (GN series)

2. System 2 Aircon (FN series)

3. System 3 Aircon (FN series)


If you intend to install an aircon in your home, here are a few things to look out for before installing your aircon:

  1. Choose the best air-conditioner

The more common type of aircon used are wall-mounted air conditioners that come with the window unit. Wall units are fixed to the wall and cannot be moved, and it is connected to the outside of the wall too. A wall aircon installation may be pricey but it is more sustainable in the long run. However, window units can be installed without needing a professional aircon installer.

  1. Size of living area

Depending on the size of the room, the power of the air conditioner you choose may vary. Kitchen areas are normally warmer than the rest of the house and would need a higher BTU rating aircon. On average, a 5,000 BTU cooling capacity air conditioner is recommended for every 150 square feet of living space.

  1. Cost of electricity

Having a few air conditioners installed at home provides comfort for daily activities. On the other hand, running an aircon for several house could cost you nearly $150 monthly per unit, it is important you be thrifty. Be sure to lookout for energy efficient air conditioners in the future.

  1. Extra services and offers

Your aircon installation price may include optional upgrades or offers. These include maintenance and aircon servicing packages, and other warranties that you should consider. In such instances, we reckon that you go for it as it saves you money and reduces your liability if anything goes wrong.

    1. Recommended aircon services in Singapore

After deciding on the aircon brand, you should engage a reliable aircon servicing company to do the aircon installation. Find out from friends and family to get recommendations on the best aircon servicing companies in Singapore. Alternatively, you could use a trusted aircon installer in Singapore such as DW Aircon Singapore. We are able to care for your wiring, electric load, and do swift installation.



Is your Mitsubishi aircon not switching on? It is important you get to the bottom of the problem. So here are a few reasons your Mitsubishi aircon stopped working:



  • Old and dirty aircon filter

Anything old or dirty is prone to errors and that is probably why your Mitsubishi aircon fail to work optimally or stop working entirely. Aircon filters are present in an aircon to create a clean and cool air by absorbing all dust particles. But if it stops functioning, your aircon filter might be clogged with too much dust.

  • A frozen condenser

Your Mitsubishi Electric aircon might stop working due to a frozen condenser. Having good care and maintenance is the only remedy to avoid such drawbacks. But before doing that, be sure to consult a professional like DW Aircon Singapore for advise on the care and maintenance measures.

  • A blocked condenser

A condenser blockage might lead to a malfunctioning aircon. Small particles like dust and dirt can affect the optimal functioning of the unit or – in extreme cases – stop working completely.


  • Plug overload

It is a typical sight for most homeowners to crowd their plugs with several electrical appliances, and have zero idea of the issues associated with it. If your Mitsubishi aircon ever stops working, but was connected to an overloaded plug, be sure to change your setting and use only a single plug for your cooling system.


  • Issues with electrical supply

A power surge can cause your Mitsubishi aircon to stop functioning as per normal. In this case, you should check for other heavy equipment – such as the fridge, microwave, or washing machine – and if not functioning too, it is an electrical supply issue. However, if the heavy electrical appliances are working, and your aircon is not, reach out to us and we will be able to help you.

  • Extra load on the air conditioner

Overworking your Mitsubishi aircon will eventually affect the overall performance and functionality. Imagine a huge house or hall possessing a small aircon, you will cause it to work non-stop just to cool the space. Overtime, your aircon will get heated and stop functioning after short while.

  • Other mechanical issues

Other mechanical issues such as a faulty air conditioning remote could cause your Mitsubishi Electric aircon malfunction. Moving forward, it is best that you call our skilled workers from DW Aircon Singapore to supply the required materials and fix any issue including the underlying ones.



Once you get your air conditioners fixed, ensure that you take note of these tips to care for your Mitsubishi aircon.


  • Cleanse your condenser

Many tend to overlook the importance of keeping the condenser clean when caring for a Mitsubishi aircon. When not serviced regularly, your aircon will get clogged up with dirt, making it dysfunctional. To get a fully functioning aircon, clean your condensers regularly and it can be simply done with vacuum.

  • Clear your filter

One of the top 3 aircon parts that require periodic care are your aircon filters. It is important to clean aircon filters as this would ensure smooth operation. A typical household would clear their filters monthly but those living near construction works would need to get their filters checked and cleaned fortnightly.


  • Examine your evaporator

The evaporator coils in your aircon are what absorbs heat in your home. A non-working evaporator is evident when hot air emits from the aircon, defeating its purpose on a humid day. Simply wipe the evaporator coil with a damp cloth and your aircon will run as per normal.

  • Practice proper use

Many are unaware of proper usage of their Mitsubishi aircon especially when travelling far or for long periods. Be sure to switch off your aircon and cut off the plug from the main power supply as this completely ensures that your aircon is not using up electricity. If gone for a few hours, turn your Mitsubishi aircon to fan mode to dry out the unit entirely.

  • Coolant remains cool

An air-conditioner coolant known as Freon is what produces cold air. If you ever wondered why your Mitsubishi aircon is not blowing out cold air, it is becuase the less coolant your aircon has, the less efficient it will be. This means your Mitsubishi aircon would have to work harder to cool your home. Apart from all the above, checking your coolant levels and refilling it requires an expert.



Here are some projects that we have undergone (Click on the link to view the full project):

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Why would I need a Mitsubishi aircon replacement or repair?

When your Mitsubishi aircon stops functioning, it should undergo aircon repair. Otherwise, noticing bad odours, unnatural shutdowns, and the inability to cool down are huge signs your aircon needs a replacement or repair.


What are the symptoms that your aircon is failing?

Alternatively, you could look into these aircon repair symptoms that shows your Mitsubishi aircon is failing.

  • Aircon not blowing cold air  – Your aircon could be experiencing a weak air flow or blowing out hot air due to a faulty compressor or capacitor.
  • Gas pipe leakage – Unpleasant odor smells of poisonous Freon gas in your indoor unit or stained pipes could be the cause of a gas pipe leakage.
  • Water leakage – Water dripping from fan coils or build up of ice on the copper refrigerant lines are evidences of water leakage happening.
  • Aircon unit automatically switches off – This happens due to irregular servicing. A dirty aircon compressor or condenser can lead to overheating, causing the system to shut itself down. If still experiencing the same issue after cleaning, the issue lies with your thermostat.
  • Blinking lights – A warning sign that your aircon is experiencing problems that require immediate attention. Perhaps a faulty compressor, low refrigerant levels, electrical faults, or dirty filters.
  • Compressor stops running – Examine the start relay, capacitor, valves, and terminal connections. If they are not functioning as per normal, call DW Aircon Servicing and they will be able to solve this issue.
  • Emits foul odor – A pungent smell that comes from an air conditioner tells you that there is a burnt wiring or mouldy ductwork.


What are the top 3 aircon brands in Singapore?

The top 3 best selling aircon brands in Singapore are Mitsubishi aircon, Daikin aircon, and Panasonic aircon.


Are Mitsubishi air conditioners suitable for commercial use?

Yes, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are suitable for commercial usage too. It is deemed the best aircon brand for your office simply because it promises top quality products made with durable parts. Many businesses opt for the Mitsubishi ductless split air conditioner as it functions well for years with low maintenance and its power efficiency.



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