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Mitsubishi Aircon

Table Of Content:

  • 8 Reasons Why Singaporeans Love Mitsubishi Electric Aircon
  • 8 Reasons Why Your Mitsubishi Aircon Stopped Working

Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi emerged as one of the first companies after Japan left its feudal roots and journeyed towards a new age of modernization. Mitsubishi is an amazing company that has products in different markets. One of its most successful products is the air conditioners. Let us look back into the past to see how Mitsubishi did this and let us have an in-depth tour of what their products have to offer.


History of Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi was first founded as a shipping company by Yataro Iwasaki. The company enjoyed Japan’s transition from a feudal country towards being a modernized one, having a new system of governance and formulating policies leaning towards capitalism. With this the business grew rapidly and allowed it to enter different markets, However, the occurrence of World War II disrupted the company’s organization structure and left some of its subsidiaries to operate independently until today.

Mitsubishi Electric was founded and in 1920-1970 it managed to market its first most successful electrical household products. The electric fan was first to be introduced in Japan and was a national success. Electric television soon followed. In the 1980s it managed to contribute towards colored television and the coming of the computer age. As the world continued to modernize and demand aircon grew stronger and stronger, Mitsubishi was right there at the forefront with its resilient and affordable Mitsubishi aircon models.


What is Mitsubishi Aircons Known For?


  • Energy Efficiency

If Singaporeans are asked which Mitsubishi aircon models are the best. All of them would likely say that the Mitsubishi aircon Starmex models are probably the most preferred choice. Unlike other best-selling aircon brands available in the market there are various reasons why Singaporeans may prefer it buying it over others. Starmex models are energy efficient which have high (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) SEER ratings. It is also equipped with Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Inverter Technology that provides adequate cooling efficiently and evenly in the room. Energy efficiency is important when buying aircons in Singapore. For Singapore’s year-round Summery weather, it is common for air conditioners to be installed in homes, offices and commercial spaces. means more use of aircon. Having an energy-efficient AC such as Mitsubishi aircon with its Starmex models will never put pressure on the budget for electric bills.


  • Affordability and Durability

Mitsubishi aircon Starmex are very durable but also affordable for the fact it has 5 NEA ticks for its Starmex series. For a Mitsubishi System 1 aircon, at a competitive rate compared to types of air conditioners in Singapore, it even already has a NEA 4 Tick rating. With regular aircon servicing, it’s lifespan is one of the longest.



  • Quiet

One other feature that Mitsubishi aircon is proud of is how quiet their air conditioners are. Their advanced technology only produces 19 decibels, so that even the lightest of sleepers can get a good night’s rest.

Mitsubishi starmex helps homeowners maintain clean air in the house. The latest models have the capability to filter fine particles such as dust and soot. This allows AC units to prevent severe allergic reactions from being inflicted on the users. With Mitsubishi starmex, homeowners should rest assured that their children will be free from asthma.


  • Easy Cleaning Design

Mitsubishi Starmex boasts an easy cleaning design feature in its Mitsubishi aircons, so that everyone can do their own normal aircon servicing. It has a user-friendly quick clean design that allows the homeowner to clean the AC unit by himself. Cleaning the filters, vents, and the fan coils is easy even without any professional aircon servicing is involved. Professional maintenance is only needed in cases of aircon chemical overhaul, gas top up, or to unclog the drainage system of the aircon.



  • Prevent Allergies

Mitsubishi aircons also have a built-in air purification system in some of their aircon models. They have the capability to filter fine particles such as dust and soot. This allows AC units to prevent severe allergic reactions from being inflicted on the users. With Mitsubishi Starmex, homeowners should rest assured that their household members will be free from asthma.


Are you looking at getting a Mitsubishi aircon now?

The following are some specific Starmex Units you may want to consider. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore supplies and install Mitsubishi aircons for all residential and commercial areas, saving you time and money, while promising you quality workmanship.

For more information on Mitsubishi models visit the website and contact our support at


How to Find an Aircon Servicing Contractor

There are many ways to find a servicing Mitsubishi aircon servicing contractor in Singapore. The fastest method would be to Google and look for aircon companies that have good reviews. You can also check out their aircon servicing prices to compare. If it is urgent, you can check to see which are the aircon servicing companies that are operating in your area. Or you could ask for a word-of-mouth recommendation from your network.


Where to find affordable aircon service?

As to the question of where to find an affordable service, it is best to remember where you bought the Mitsubishi AC unit in the first place. Most AC distributors have their own technicians that specialize in aircon maintenance and repair. If your original distributor has one then you’re in luck it would be likely that the servicing for the aircon will be free for it will be covered by the warranty.

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