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Mitsubishi Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Mitsubishi Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Does Your Mitsubishi Aircon Require
An Aircon Chemical Overhaul?
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Mitsubishi Electric is a widely known brand amongst home appliances that are commonly used in Singapore HDB flats. For this established Japanese brand, quality means reliability, consistency, ability to differentiate themselves from competitors, trustworthiness, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Aircon Units

The individual aircon units will be fully detached and dismantled.

External Panels &
Cover Cleaning

The external panels and covers of the aircon, together with all covers and housing units from the sides, bottom, and top of the aircon will be cleaned thoroughly.

Chemical Flushing &

The water drainage pipe will be chemically flushed and vacuumed.

Inspection &
Gas Top Up

The refrigerant level will be inspected and top up with refrigerant gas if needed (limited to 20 pressure points per unit).

Aircon Fan Blower Motor &
Thermistor Evaluation

The aircon’s blower fan motor’s operating conditions and thermistor, including the application of lubricants for smoother function will be evaluated.


Major electrical connections will be inspected for safety and correct circuiting.

Noise & Odor

Any causes for unusual noises or odors generated in the course of operating the aircon will be checked.

Assuring No
Water Leakage

Ensure that there is no water leakage problem when the aircon operates.


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