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Mitsubishi Starmex

Mitsubishi Starmex

Looking For A Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon For Your Home?
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Mitsubishi Electric is a widely known brand amongst home appliances that’s commonly used in Singapore HDB flats. For this established Japanese brand, quality means reliability, consistency, ability to differentiate themselves from competitors, trustworthiness, and a guaranteed satisfaction.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon?


Easy Clean

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon has an easily detachable panel so the airflow vents can be washed without the need for special tools. Other parts such as the heat exchanger, fan, and air vent can also be cleaned easily to ensure optimal performance and low power bills.


Dual Barrier

Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon’s Dual Barrier Coating ensures that foreign particles such as dust and dirt do not enter the aircon and cause it to stop working. Besides that, it keeps the aircon clean and improves energy performance whilst providing cool and refreshing air.



Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon also consists of inverter technology. This guarantees consistent room temperature as well as minimal energy consumption. It also means that the aircon can be installed in both small and large places inside your home.


Microparticle Catching

The Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon’s Microparticle Catching Filter protects the unit from harmful particles that can damage or clog its internal components. Furthermore, it makes sure that the air circulated in your home is as clean as possible.


Mitsubishi aircon is widely used and popular amongst Singaporeans. They are commonly installed in households or commercial office spaces. Our Mitsubishi aircon installation promotion includes system 1 to system 4 to cater to various markets and needs. Find out more about the promotion below and the featured Mitsubishi aircon products.

Mitsubishi Starmex Products

(Click on each product to find out more)

System 1 - $1,039.00


Mitsubishi Electric Starmex GN (Inverter) – (MUY-GN10VA / MSY-GN10VA)

System 2 - $2,115.00

Mitsubishi-Mxy-2g20va2-msxy-fn10ve-fan-coil-condenser-nea-5-tick-system-2-aircon-installation-singapore (2)

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – (MXY-2G20VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X2)

System 3 - $2,965.00

Mitsubishi-Mxy-3g28va2-msxy-fn10ve-fan-coil-condenser-nea-5-tick-system-3-aircon-installation-singapore (2)

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – (MXY-3G28VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X3)

System 4 - $4,249.00

Mitsubishi-aircon-SYSTEM 4-MXY4G38VA2-MSXYFN10VE-MSXYFN18VE

Mitsubishi Electric (Inverter) – (MXY-4G38VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X3 / MSXY-FN18VE)

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