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Mitsubishi Starmex vs Daikin iSmile – Which Aircon To Install?

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Since Singapore has tropical weather with high humidity levels, most of the reputed aircon manufacturers are offering their best selling aircon brands in the country. Statistical sales data in Singapore indicates that Mitsubishi Starmex and iSmile from Daikin are the most popular models in terms of sales. 

If you are planning to buy an aircon for your home, it is better to know how the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon compares with the Daikin iSmile Series in terms of features, quality, durability, maintenance required, airflow, and price. Detailed below is a comparison of the two popular aircon models.




Though both the Starmex aircon and the iSmile are manufactured from high-quality components and have a warranty, reviews indicate that the Daikin iSmile is slightly more durable compared to the Starmex aircon. Since purchasing and installing an aircon is expensive, many people opt for the most durable aircon available so that they do not have to waste time and money on repairs or replacements for several years.


High Air Quality 

One of the main advantages of the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon is that it includes several filters to remove impurities from the air, improving the air quality more than the Daikin iSmile. The air in a room contains several impurities like dust particles, viruses, bacteria, harmful microbes, and allergens. The filters in the Starmex aircon traps and destroys these harmful microbes. 


Catechin Plus Air Purification System

Another advantage of the Mitsubishi Starmex is that the pre-filter is infused with catechin which is a bioflavonoid, anti-oxidant which also destroys the viruses in the air. It is a deodorizer that removes the odour and bad smells from the air so that it smells fresh. This pre-filter should be washed regularly and can last for a decade or more. The Daikin iSmile does not have a catechin pre-filter, so it is essential to know the possible reasons why your aircon smells bad to address the issue well. 


Noise Levels

Everyone wants a quiet and relaxing sleep at night, which is why most people want tips on reducing the loud noise from their current aircons. For some, they prefer to invest in Starmex aircon since Mitsubishi has been using several innovations in design to reduce the noise to the utmost extent. Typically the Starmex aircon noise levels should not exceed 19 dB, which makes it one of the quietest aircons available, making far less noise than the Daikin iSmile.




According to most aircon buying guides in Singapore, you also have to consider choosing an aircon with an easy cleaning feature. The Starmex aircon is designed so that it can be easily cleaned by the user, without any tools, and without any additional training. It is designed so that you can easily remove the panels, blowers, and filters from it, to be cleaned using a water or soap solution. It is also easy to reassemble after cleaning. 

The Starmex aircon uses R410A refrigerant, which does not damage the ozone layer. It also uses hard alkyl benzene (HAB) oil as refrigerant oil. Compared to ester oil used in other aircons, HAB is a very stable oil, which does not deteriorate quickly, preventing clogging in the aircon. This reduces the maintenance required for the Starmex aircon compared to most other aircons, especially the Daikin iSmile.




Mitsubishi is one of the oldest brands of consumer appliance manufacturers, and they have used their decades of extensive experience in manufacturing electrical products, to manufacture extremely reliable aircons. These aircons are designed to function properly in all weather conditions, especially in summer.

Reviews also indicate that the Starmex aircon is very reliable and the failure rate is very low. Service technicians who offer aircon maintenance, repair, and installation services also confirm that the Starmex aircon is one of the most reliable aircons available in Singapore. Although, you should still know the importance of regular aircon servicing to avoid future problems. 


Air Flow 

Though the Daikin iSmile has a function that allows you to set the airflow direction according to your preference conveniently via your smartphone. However, the Mitsubishi aircon is the best energy saving aircon in Singapore because it  allows better control of the airflow so that less energy is consumed for cooling by changing the vent direction.

The aircon will detect the location of people in the room, and adjust the airflow accordingly. Moreover, you can also adjust the airflow to increase the cooling in your preferred areas of the room.



Choosing between the two most popular aircon models in Singapore can be tough, but with this guide, you can now figure out which model to opt for. 

There are benefits when you opt to install the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon, for one it is manufactured by one of the oldest consumer appliance manufacturers that has decades of extensive experience and innovations that set it apart from most other aircons. It is very silent, not exceeding 19dB, making it one of the quietest aircons available. 

Though both the Daikin iSmile and Mitsubishi Starmex are durable, based on reviews, the Daikin iSmile slightly edges out Mitsubishi aircon’s Starmex in this category. However, the Starmex makes up for it with additional layers of filters and a pre-filter infused with catechin that cleans the air considerably more than the Daikin. The Starmex is also easier to clean than the iSmile, without having to acquire additional training and the use of tools to do so, with easily removable components for extra-easy cleaning. 

Lastly, both the iSmile and the Starmex have innovations in controlling airflow, with iSmile letting you control airflow using your smartphone, and the Starmex detecting the location of people in the room then adjusts the airflow automatically. 


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