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Panasonic Aircon Installation Guide

Panasonic Aircon Installation


Many Singaporeans opt for fans to install in their homes because of its cheap price point. But what many are unaware of are the amazing features that air conditioners have which most fans are unable to achieve. With the many types of air conditioners in Singapore, we would like to narrow down your choices and only offer the best air conditioning system in the market.

Whether in residential or commercial spaces, Panasonic aircon is perfect for use. Ditch your portable air conditioners and go for Panasonic aircon for they operate quietly, improving your sleep quality. Though installing air conditioners in general are going to be slightly costly, the Panasonic aircon is known for its power efficiency that helps to reduce the costs of electricity bills.

If you require aircon installation services, DW Aircon Singapore is able to help you get the job done. Additionally, we have prepared an aircon installation guide for your reference which will come in handy for future use too. We also provide aircon servicing and aircon repair works if your aircon becomes faulty. But before that, let’s find out more about Panasonic air conditioners.


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There are generally 3 types of Panasonic air conditioners in Singapore:

  • Window type – Controls energy usage while still maintaining comfort, with anti-bacterial filter that catches and deactivates them.
  • Elite inverter SKY series – Has a wider top airflow to deliver more cool air and also prevents the growth of viruses, and eliminating dust particles.
  • Premium inverter AERO series – Possesses two independent motors and flaps, providing better airflow control and maintaining constant comfort.
  • Dual/triple split type – Wall-mounted deluxe inverter that has excellent airflow with the ability of removing dust particles while also controlling energy usage.
  • Floor standing inverter – A stylish design paired with a powerful left and right/up and down swing airflow louver and a 12-hour on/off delay setting timer.



Panasonic air conditioners are ideal for homes or offices and can be installed in small and large areas. A small area could be your bedrooms while large areas are such as living rooms or kitchen. At the end of the day, it truly depends on the homeowner on the area of installation.




Let’s kickstart with what you need to know about the Panasonic aircon.

  • Brief history of Panasonic aircon

Panasonic was founded by Konusuke Matsushita in 1918 with its first product – duplex lamp sockets. Moving forward, from 1920 to 1927, the company started innovating more products to meet with the needs of others such as bicycle lamps. In 1958, Panasonic manufactured air conditioners and expanded to countries in Asia, Australia, and the European regions. Eventually, they birthed different types of air conditioners – inverter air conditionersVRF air conditionerscommercial air conditioners, and residential air conditioners.

  • Popular aircon brand in Singapore
    • Trusted Authority
      • Through production of durable and quality products, Panasonic gained many consumer trust especially with its evolving technological trends.
    • A variety of Panasonic aircon models
      • Panasonic grows by satisfying the demands of different consumers with varying aircon mdoels. The different models allows Panasonic to sell aircon products at various price ranges. This allows it to be affordable for everyone.
    • Compelling designs
      • Panasonic designs each of its aircon model to be aesthetically pleasing and fitting in various home interiors, while still functioning optimally.



These are some of the best selling Panasonic aircon models in Singapore:

1. System 1 Aircon (Non-Ionizer)

2. System 2 Aircon (XS series)

3. System 3 Aircon (XS series)

4. System 4 Aircon (XS series)


Let us convince you further with the reasons to install Panasonic aircon in your home or office.

  • Operates quietly

Installing a noisy air conditioning unit can be quite frustrating. You will be too distracted by the buzzing and humming noise that work becomes unproductive and sleep is disturbed. With Panasonic aircon, you need not worry as it promises you quiet operation while constantly cooling your premise. You are able to effectively reduce the noise up to 3 decibels, which many find it impressive.

  • Power efficient

Not to fret, Panasonic air conditioners are power efficient and saves you from paying extra on your power bills. You can also follow these energy saving tips for your aircon unit. It allows the AC to consume less power and condition the air effectively.

  • Odor management system

Most air conditioners produce unpleasant odors due to the accumulation of dirt in the air filter and outlet. It is a clear sign that the aircon needs to undergo aircon servicing. On the bright side, you can save your worries by installing a Panasonic aircon as it is equipped with a top-class odor management system that allows it to be pleasant smelling throughout your place for a long time.

  • Low maintenance

On top of the other good qualities, Panasonic air conditioners are also low maintenance. Panasonic air conditioners are durable and designed to operate effectively for a long time without requiring major maintenance jobs. Install a Panasonic NEA 5-ticks aircon unit to guarantee trouble-free service for several months.



If you intend to install an aircon in your home, here are a few things to look out for before installing your aircon:

  1. Choose the best air-conditioner

The more common type of aircon used are wall-mounted air conditioners that come with the window unit. Wall units are fixed to the wall and cannot be moved, and it is connected to the outside of the wall too. A wall aircon installation may be pricey but it is more sustainable in the long run. However, window units can be installed without needing a professional aircon installer.

  1. Size of living area

Depending on the size of the room, the power of the air conditioner you choose may vary. Kitchen areas are normally warmer than the rest of the house and would need a higher BTU rating aircon. On average, a 5,000 BTU cooling capacity air conditioner is recommended for every 150 square feet of living space.

  1. Cost of electricity

Having a few air conditioners installed at home provides comfort for daily activities. On the other hand, running an aircon for several house could cost you nearly $150 monthly per unit, it is important you be thrifty. Be sure to lookout for energy efficient air conditioners in the future.

  1. Extra services and offers

Your aircon installation price may include optional upgrades or offers. These include maintenance and aircon servicing packages, and other warranties that you should consider. In such instances, we reckon that you go for it as it saves you money and reduces your liability if anything goes wrong.

    1. Recommended aircon services in Singapore

After deciding on the aircon brand, you should engage a reliable aircon servicing company to do the aircon installation. Find out from friends and family to get recommendations on the best aircon servicing companies in Singapore. Alternatively, you could use a trusted aircon installer in Singapore such as DW Aircon Singapore. We are able to care for your wiring, electric load, and do swift installation.



Panasonic air conditions are made from top quality products and are durable. But how reliable and dependable are they? Let’s find out more.


  • Tested prior to shipping

Panasonic undergoes rigorous testing and follows the quality regulations of each state that receives their product. Some of the tests involves testing its long-term durability, reliability of the aircon compressor, shock resistance, and resistance against rain and dew. Before assembling the parts, each compressor is tested for any errors with the internal mechanism. It further confirms its reliability by ensuring that the outdoor aircon units are made from waterproof materials that is able to withstand soaking, damping, and wetting.

  • Made in Japan

There is a distinct craftsmanship in products that are made in Japan which provides a quality assurance to products like Panasonic aircon. According to Panasonic, they “build on the Japanese tradition of uncompromising quality control worldwide, developing and manufacturing fine products”, “applying advanced technologies that truly make life better”.


  • Innovative technology

Panasonic air conditioners come with one-of-a-kind technology that other brands do not possess. Here are the features found in Panasonic aircon:

    • Aerowings
      • A built-in feature in all Panasonic air conditioners to help cool  the room in even distribution, ensuring proper airflow throughout the room.
    • Twin cool inverter with Econavi
      • Intelligent sensors that promote energy saving by monitoring human activity and the amount of sunlight in the room.
    • Nano-air filtration and purification
      • The air purification feature helps obtain fresher and cleaner air by deodorizing, removing dust, and limiting the growth of bacteria and viruses in the environment.
    • Complies with International standards
      • This is done to protect consumers and give respect to the policies made by the various governments all over the globe.



Here are some projects that we have undergone (Click on the link to view the full project):


aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 10aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 9Aircon Installation DW Aircon Servicing Singapore Condo Orchard 8aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 7aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 6aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 5aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 4aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 3aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 2aircon installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo orchard 1Aircon Installation DW Aircon Servicing Singapore Condo Orchard

Aircon Repair DW Aircon Servicing Commercial Bukit Merahnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-5_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-4_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-3_wmAircon Repair DW Aircon Servicing Singapore Commercial Bukit Merahnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-1_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-fan-coil-unit-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-2_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-fan-coil-unit-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-1_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-fan-coil-unit-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-11_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-10_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-9_wmnormal-aircon-servicing-dw-aircon-servicing-singapore-commercial-bukit-merah-8_wm



Why would I need a Panasonic aircon replacement or repair?

If your Panasonic aircon often breaks down or experiences frequent leaking, it is time to get it replaced or repaired. Find out other signs your aircon needs replacement or repair, so that it is ready to combat the heat during summer.


What are the symptoms that your aircon is failing?

Alternatively, you could look into these aircon repair symptoms that shows your Mitsubishi aircon is failing.

  • Aircon not blowing cold air  – Your aircon could be experiencing a weak air flow or blowing out hot air due to a faulty compressor or capacitor.
  • Gas pipe leakage – Unpleasant odor smells of poisonous Freon gas in your indoor unit or stained pipes could be the cause of a gas pipe leakage.
  • Water leakage – Water dripping from fan coils or build up of ice on the copper refrigerant lines are evidences of water leakage happening.
  • Aircon unit automatically switches off – This happens due to irregular servicing. A dirty aircon compressor or condenser can lead to overheating, causing the system to shut itself down. If still experiencing the same issue after cleaning, the issue lies with your thermostat.
  • Blinking lights – A warning sign that your aircon is experiencing problems that require immediate attention. Perhaps a faulty compressor, low refrigerant levels, electrical faults, or dirty filters.
  • Compressor stops running – Examine the start relay, capacitor, valves, and terminal connections. If they are not functioning as per normal, call DW Aircon Servicing and they will be able to solve this issue.
  • Emits foul odor – A pungent smell that comes from an air conditioner tells you that there is a burnt wiring or mouldy ductwork.


How to handle an aircon emergency?

If your Panasonic aircon is showing signs of breakdown in the middle of the night, here is how you can handle an aircon emergency while waiting for a professional to arrive.

  • Inspect circuit breaker: Check for any flipped switches as it may be the reason why you are also experiencing an unexpected blackout.
  • Do not engage in DIY: Small DIY efforts can result in more damage to the air conditioner, causing it to be more dangerous.
  • Understanding the situation: Identify the problem with your air conditioner and the areas where it has broken down. Also, note that most air conditioning companies are likely to charge more during emergency calls.
  • Engage a professional: Look for a reliable and trustworthy aircon specialist by verifying their past works as this would ensure you are provided with quality repair work.



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