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Why Choose Panasonic Aircon?

Quick and Powerful Cooling

Panasonic aircons use Inverter Technology which ensures you receive more powerful cold air much more quickly.

Precise Temperature Control

Panasonic aircons minimise temperature fluctuations so you can enjoy constant cool air.

Cooling Comfort

Panasonic aircons adapt to different room occupancy levels for you to experience maximum cooling comfort.


Panasonic aircon is widely used and popular amongst Singaporeans. They are commonly installed in households or commercial office spaces. Our Panasonic aircon installation promotion includes system 1 to system 4 to cater to various markets and needs. Find out more about the promotion below and the featured Panasonic aircon products.


Panasonic Aircon Products

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Panasonic is one of the most widely used aircon brands in Singapore. As one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners in the world, this brand ensures maximium comfort, health, and beauty through essential functions, clean air, and minimalistic designs. It is also well-known for its eco-friendly and energy efficient aircons as well as its broad range of models to suit every individual’s needs.

System 1 - $909.00


Panasonic Non-Ionizer (Inverter) – (CU-PS9UKZ / CS-PS9UKZ)

System 2 - $2,009.00


Panasonic (XS-Series Premium Inverter) – (CU-2XS20UKZ / CS-MXS9UKZ X2)

System 3 - $2,803.00


Panasonic (XS-Series Premium Inverter) – (CU-3XS27UKZ / CS-MXS9UKZ X3)

System 4 - $3,505.00


Panasonic (XS-Series Premium Inverter) – (CU-4XS30UBZ / CS-MXS9UKZ X3 / CS-MXS18UKZ)

Panasonic Aircon Installation Projects





We are currently holding a promotion for our quarterly aircon servicing package. First-time customers will get to enjoy a 50% discount for their first aircon servicing. We encourage customers to sign up for our quarterly aircon service package, as regular maintenance of the aircon is vital to ensure that it operates at optimal performance. Do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for further assistance now!

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