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Possible Ways to Fix Aircon Cooling Problems

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People expect their aircon to cool the room, especially on extremely hot days. However, like all appliances, in some cases, an aircon unit might malfunction due to lack of maintenance, incorrect setting, or other factors. Aircon not cold issues can be extremely. However, it is still possible for homeowners to fix this issue by doing basic aircon troubleshooting or getting an aircon repair.

Here are some ways how to solve an aircon cooling problem:


Clean Air Filters


One of the main reasons why your aircon is not cold enough is because of the dust and debris that accumulates in the aircon filters. This could also cause ice accumulation on the unit. These air filters should be removed and washed to remove the dirt before it is dried and reinstalled. Ideally, the air filters should be cleaned every few months to remove the dirt. Homeowners can also hire an aircon servicing to clean the filters for them.


Adjusting Thermostat

The programable thermostat determines the temperature of your aircon. The aircon will cool to reduce the temperature until the temperature specified on the thermostat is achieved. In some cases, when the air conditioner is not cold, the thermostat temperature might be set incorrectly. Hence it is advisable to check the thermostat and adjust it to the temperature required for cooling.


Clean the Unit’s Interior


Over time the dirt from the air will accumulate on the different parts of the unit like the drains, evaporated fan coils, and other interior parts. This affects the airflow, cooling, and also increases the electricity bill. So, it is advisable to hire a professional to open the unit to remove the dirt and debris which may have accumulated on the interiors of the unit. After cleaning, the aircon will cool faster, and less energy will be wasted. In case a normal cleaning is insufficient, you can also request an aircon chemical overhaul from your trusted service provider.


Clean the Unit’s Compressor

The compressor is one of the main components of the aircon, and like other aircon parts, the efficiency of the compressor will be adversely affected if dirt and debris get accumulated in it. Contact an aircon maintenance company to do aircon chemical wash. Many aircon servicing companies provide cleaning for aircon compressors as well.


Clean Outside Unit


The outside unit of an inverter aircon is more likely to become dirty and clogged with leaves, twigs, debris, and dirt, which makes it difficult to transfer the heat, reducing efficiency. Therefore, the outside unit of the aircon should be cleaned regularly to remove all the accumulated debris. This ensures that the exchange of heat with the surroundings is as efficient as possible. It is recommended to sign an aircon servicing contract to let professionals clean the exterior unit due to the location and complexity of these outside units.


Contact a Professional Aircon Servicing Company


In some cases, despite cleaning the different parts, checking the settings, there are other reasons why the aircon is not cold. There may be some other aircon problems like refrigerant leakage, compressor, or other part failures which only professionals can fix. In this case, it is advisable to contact a professional company specialising in aircon servicing in Singapore whose well-trained staff will fix the aircon problem.



Cooling problems in aircon units are sometimes caused by accumulated dirt and dust that can be easily cleaned by a homeowner. But for more severe causes, professionals like DW Aircon should be contacted to help and fix the issue. They also offer different aircon services for a reasonable price.


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