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Daikin Smile Series (Inverter) – SYSTEM 3 AIRCON (MKS65QVMG / CTKS25QVM X3)

Daikin Smile Series (Inverter) – SYSTEM 3 AIRCON (MKS65QVMG / CTKS25QVM X3)


The Daikin System 3 Smile Series Inverter (5 Ticks): MKS65QVMG / 3 X CTKS25QVM (9000 BTU) provides 3 units of 9000 BTU cooling capacity each, making this System 3 ideal for three small to medium-sized rooms!

Brand: Daikin Smile Series
Outdoor Unit: MKS65QVMG (930 X 350 X 695)mm
Indoor Unit: CTKS25QVM ( 770 X 223 X 283)mm
Function/Type: Cooling Wall Mounted/Inverter
Capacity: 9,000 BTU/hr for Outdoor Unit
NEA Rating: 5 Ticks


  •    5 years on compressor
  •    1 year on other spare parts

An additional $130 applies for a Stainless Steel Bracket.


(Last Updated On: April 10, 2019)

Build a cool environment with Daikin inverters. With our inverters’ powerful operation, cooling performance is boosted the moment you turn on the aircon or when you change the temperature. Our revolutionary technology allows precise temperature control that constantly readjusts itself to the environment and changing occupancy. It is powerful and energy-efficient, providing a comfortable environment for every room.

CATEGORYSystem 3Wall-mounted
DESCRIPTIONCondenser UnitWall-mounted unit
POWER SUPPLY220-240 V / 1 Phase / 50 Hz
DIMENSION(WxDxH)(mm)930 X 350 X 695770 X 223 X 283


  1. Daikin’s New 5 Tick model that has just been released. It is currently the most value-for-money 5 Tick system available in the market.
  2. Stylish, compact design compared to other 5 Tick systems.
  3. High-Quality Clean Air with Daikin’s Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter which effectively absorbs and decomposes bacteria, viruses, and impurities such as dust and cigarette smoke.
  4. Quiet Sound Levels of 19 dB for CTKS25QVM
  5. Controllable by Smartphone using Daikin’s Online Controller App with purchase and installation of the optional mobile controller box.
  6. Intelligent Eye Mode – Automatically varies aircon cooling power by sensing human movement in a room using an infrared sensor
  7. Night Set Mode – Prevents excessive cooling for pleasant sleep where room temperature is raised by 0.5 C after 60 minutes of cooling operation




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