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Professional vs. DIY Aircon Servicing – Which One To Opt For?

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Homeowners in Singapore are  installing one or more air conditioner (aircon)  to cool down their business premises or homes quickly. Once the aircon installation is done, they also want to ensure that energy consumption is optimized and that energy is not wasted. Regular maintenance is an aircon energy saving tip from air conditioner manufacturers for optimal performance and energy efficiency. After comparing the pros and cons of each option, owners can opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs or hire a professional aircon servicing company. Therefore, the pros and cons of each option for aircon servicing in Singapore are discussed below. 


How To Perform DIY Aircon Servicing 

  • Cleaning Air Filter


It is important to clean air filters because the air entering an air conditioner often contains dust, debris and fine particles. Therefore, every air conditioner will be equipped with one or more filters to capture these particles, microbes, and other dust in the air. The air filter is designed so that it is easy to clean to remove dirt that has built up in it using soapy water or other methods. The cleaned air filters are then reinstalled in the aircon


  • Cleaning The Aircon Unit 


While the filter removes some impurities from the air, the rest of the dust and dirt is settled on various parts of the air conditioner, such as the blades, blowers, panels, vents, compressors. To make it easier to maintain the air conditioner, some manufacturers have designed the air conditioner to be easily disassembled without any tools. A tip on aircon cleaning is to only wipe the air conditioner clean with a damp sponge, cloth, or other material to remove any residue or dirt.


  • Fixing Aircon Leak

In some cases, air, water or refrigerant may leak from one or more parts of the air conditioner. One possible reason why an aircon leaks is because of one or more parts may be misaligned or loose. If the homeowner or his family member has enough expertise he may be able to fix the leak himself.


  • Aircon Maintenance

Regardless of the design, capacity, and installation location of the air conditioner, all manufacturers recommend regular air conditioner maintenance. In addition to cleaning the air conditioner, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner should also be checked. You might be wondering how often you should schedule an aircon maintenance service? It actually depends on various aspects like the aircon rating, the duration for which the aircon is used, and environmental factors. This is important because there are times when leaves and bird droppings can clog outdoor vents. Some of the aircon parts may also become loose after they have been used for several years due to vibration. During maintenance these components should be exactly fitted properly which is why it is still best to hire a professional aircon maintenance company in Singapore.


Pros & Cons of DIY Aircon Servicing 


  • Cheaper

One of the main reasons most air conditioner owners are interested in DIY repairs is that it is cheaper. Especially if they have some experience and can do it properly. The property owner will only have to spend some time and money on cleaning supplies for maintenance, usually he does not have to pay anyone. 


  • Extremely Convenient

Many homeowners’ houses are littered with important documents and other valuables, especially when there are no visitors. Thus if any staff enters the house it is inconvenient, since the staff should be closely monitored to ensure that they do not touch any item, or all the items should be put away. The homeowner or responsible family member should also be present when aircon repairs are completed, and it is often difficult to make an appointment at a convenient time. If the homeowner wants to do his own normal aircon servicing, he can do it whenever he wishes, and does not have to worry about a stranger entering the house.


  • Easy To Replace

Some aircon parts such as the filter, gaskets will break down after a few years of use. This is a clear sign that your aircon needs repair. Therefore, for some companies, the aircon is designed so that these parts can be easily replaced. Doing so will save the property owner both time and money.



  • Not Able To Diagnose

Most homeowners are untrained and inexperienced, so they cannot troubleshoot common aircon problems or even correctly diagnose the issue. Family members waste time and money trying different possible solutions and in some cases may not be able to successfully resolve the problem.


  • Require The Right Tools


Most air conditioners available are precision electromechanical devices using some of the latest electronics. While simple aircon repair symptoms can be easily fixed, expensive diagnostic tools are required to accurately diagnose complex problems and fix them. Since homeowners will not have these tools, they will not be able to fix major problems.


Reasons For Hiring Professionals 

The recommended air-conditioning repair method is to hire a well-known professional air-conditioning repair company


Flexibility When Scheduling 

Homeowners prefer to have their aircon repaired during their weekends off. Luckily, one of the benefits of hiring a professional aircon servicing company is that they are more flexible in scheduling maintenance. Their staff often will visit on weekends or in the evening, depending on the convenience of the homeowner.


Know What To Look For

The staff of each reputed air conditioner repair company are well-trained, skilled, and experienced, and usually have repaired a variety of air conditioner brands and capacities. Therefore, using his experience, he can easily identify major repair requirements and complete them quickly.


Reliable And Efficient


Service providers like DW Aircon know that customers check their online reviews, so they make sure their staff will do the job properly without leaving any issue unsolved. Since the staff are also experienced and well-equipped, they are able to solve air conditioning problems efficiently and quickly without wasting resources.


Other Aircon Services 

Homeowners may also be interested in installing air conditioners in other rooms, or repairing their existing air conditioners. If they already have a professional repairing their air conditioner, they can get free advice or a better price for other general air conditioner repair services they may need in the future


Better Air Quality, Cool Air

You might be wondering what you can expect from aircon servicing companies? The answer is that their staff are equipped with the latest tools, cleaning supplies, and trained in the best repair techniques from air conditioner manufacturers. Hence they are able to ensure that the aircon is properly cleaned to remove all the dirt, so there are no impurities in the high quality air, and the aircon will cool the air better.



One reason to avoid DIY aircon servicing is because opening an aircon unit might be dangerous. As for the servicing staff, they are well trained to do the best safety practices for aircon maintenance, and is well equipped, so they will take all the necessary safety precautions to minimize accidents 



Singapore property owners are installing one or more air conditioners in their premises. Due to busy schedules, some homeowners opt to do the aircon servicing by themselves. While this might look like an easy task, as you will see DIY aircon troubleshooting guides on the internet, there are also DIY guides on the aircon parts that require periodic care. Homeowners are aware that resorting to DIY aircon servicing is cheaper and easily convenient but aircon manufacturers greatly prefer to turn to professional aircon servicing companies because there will be cases where the problem is not easily detectable and professionals have the required tools to do the job. If you engage with our professional aircon services at DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we ensure that we are flexible in scheduling for the service. Our aircon professionals are trained, reliable and efficient. We can also offer other aircon services for you to ensure better air quality from your aircon unit. Lastly, hiring a professional ensures safety because aircon repair is a very complex task, it is dangerous to open a unit without proper knowledge on what to do. 


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