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Pros and Cons of a VRF and VRV Air Conditioning System

vrv air conditioning system dw aircon servicing singapore
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Planning to install a VRF or a VRV air conditioning system at your office? It’s necessary that you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the two. First and foremost, you should be aware that the term VRV and VRF are the same as seen in our previous blog post.

In a VRF and VRV air conditioning system, you can install multiple indoor units attached to a single outdoor unit. Do note that the initial costs of such an installation will be cheaper than usual. Installing additional units will also be easier.

With this system, the user can individually control all the indoor units, unlike the central air conditioning system. The outdoor unit also has different modules to operate at the required capacity. Meanwhile, the compressor can also be operated in various speed levels. The rate in which the VRF or VRV air conditioning system works will largely depend on the cooling requirement as influenced by the outside atmosphere. This is why this unit is considered to be extremely energy efficient.

vrv air conditioning system dw aircon servicing singapore

Want to know more about the VRF and VRV air conditioning system? Read more below:


The VRV and VRF AC systems have a lot more benefits aside from the ones mentioned above.

  • The VRF and VRV Daikin air conditioning system is considered to be the most technologically advanced unit available in the market. It is also extremely energy efficient compared to other units.
  • Only one outdoor unit is used for several indoor units. Its benefits can be seen in two ways: First of all, it saves you space. Secondly, the installation charges will be more affordable.

vrf aircon system dw aircon servicing singapore

  • It can also improve the interiors of your house as it is not installed on a wall compared to a multi-split aircon system.
  • Unlike a split AC system, a VRF or VRV air conditioning system also has lesser electrical wirings, making it easier and less troublesome to install.
  • You will get better air quality because of its air purification features.
  • To attach the outdoor unit, longer pipes are used. So, more often than not, the outdoor units will be far away from the indoor units. This is why the noise generated by the condenser and fans in the aircon units will not be noticeable indoors. At the same time, noise generated from a VRF system is comparatively less than the split AC outdoor unit.

vrf air conditioning system dw aircon servicing singapore

  • Refrigerants used in a VRF or VRV air conditioning system are considered to be more ozone friendly.
  • Combustion, flues, gas piping are not required for this aircon system.
  • An outdoor unit’s wall-mounted grille is also not required.

As a user, getting a VRV air conditioning system installed will undoubtedly experience greater energy efficiency, get a modular and flexible design, enjoy a simple installation process, and zoned comfort. However, take note that this system also has its disadvantages.

vrv daikin air conditioning system dw aircon servicing singapore


  • The VRF or VRV Daikin air conditioning system is not a good application for units requiring a high outside temperature.
  • This system is not suitable for places such as hospitals and laboratories.
  • For VRF AC systems, several pipes and joints are required to be installed to successfully put up the outdoor and indoor units. Only when the installation is done flawlessly do users get to enjoy the VRV air conditioning system for a long period of time. Any mistakes done during the installation can be difficult to find because of its complex installation process.
  • A VRF system cost will definitely be higher than split ACs.

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