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Reasons To Replace Your Old Aircon With A Mitsubishi Aircon

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An aircon is something that you will find installed in every home in Singapore. After all, it is difficult to imagine living in a hot, humid atmosphere without an air conditioner for both commercial aircon and residential aircon.

However, your air conditioner is only a device, and like any other home item, it will diminish over time. Additionally, if your air conditioner develops too many problems or stops operating entirely, it is time to replace it.

Keep reading to find out the reasons to replace your old aircon with a Mitsubishi aircon.


Lower Your Monthly Electric Bills

Mitsubishi aircon is the best energy-saving aircon in Singapore and it is  engineered to be energy-efficient. They cool in zones, so no energy is wasted in rooms where no one is present. This air conditioner helps reduce the amount of energy lost by air conditioners that go on and off on a regular basis. You will see a significant reduction in your monthly utility expenditures due to these features. This is why Mitsubishi air conditioners are highly rated in ticks for NEA 5 ticks.


Low Noise


Some of the homeowners in Singapore experienced noisy aircon problems, however, this is not the case with Mitsubishi air conditioners. The product has been designed to be very silent (only 19 decibels). Furthermore, only 58 dB is used in outdoor units. Therefore, if you replace your current air conditioner with a Mitsubishi air conditioner, you would not have to worry about any noise at all, whether it is at home or outside.


Extended and Wide Flow of Air


Another amazing feature that you can enjoy is installing a Mitsubishi Aircon is the extended and wide airflow. They have a wider vane owing to which there is a better flow of air throughout the room. The Mitsubishi Starmex has a high-power motor, which helps push air far and wide. Even if you have a big room, the powerful motor will still move fresh air through the entire room easily and efficiently.


Easy to Use and Maintain


A Mitsubishi aircon system is very efficient, highly durable, and offers perfect cooling. You will also love that it can easily be installed and is easy to clean and maintain. You can hire our DW Aircon Servicing Singapore experts for Mitsubishi aircon installation services. They will install your new Mitsubishi electric aircon to perfection whenever you want.

In addition, they offer essential checkup services at nominal rates. If you choose this service, experts shall visit your home, check your aircon for any problems regularly, and fix it on time. This way, you will never have to worry about any significant issues or expensive repairs.



Another benefit of installing a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner is its durability. In fact, Mitsubishi is a popular aircon brand among Singaporeans due to its exceptionally long-lasting HVAC units. Still, once you get a Mitsubishi air conditioner installed, you will not have to worry about unexpected repairs or breakdowns.



Another reason why Singaporeans Love Mitsubishi Electric Aircon is that they experienced more comfort. The remote control on Mitsubishi devices allows you to issue commands from anywhere in the house. Correspondingly, these units have auto-restart functionality, because of which they automatically get rebooted if there is a power outage. Moreover, they begin working in their initial setting, which makes your Mitsubishi aircon more efficient


Cleaner Air

Keeping in mind the importance of regular aircon servicing brings out cleaner air in your aircon. Besides, there are two separate filters in every Mitsubishi air conditioner, ensuring that the air you breathe is constantly fresh and more pleasant to live in. It helps to create a safer and healthier living environment by improving the quality of air in your house.


Smart Technology

If you seek which aircon to buy on, this article serves as your aircon buying guide. One of the types of air conditioners in Singapore is Mitsubishi air conditioners that have advanced smart technology features that make it a great choice. With the help of their wireless technology, you will be able to control their air conditioner from any room remotely.

Due to the intelligent technology, the units are also very easy to operate and manage. You will get to explore other innovative features once you start using an excellent Mitsubishi aircon.



Big air conditioners take up a lot of room space and make it look unappealing. However, things will be different if you choose a Mitsubishi air conditioner. Even though Mitsubishi air conditioners are significantly smaller than others, one of the advantages of installing Mitsubishi aircon is that they are equally effective in small and large rooms, as their size has no bearing on their performance.



An aircon is something that you will find installed in every home in Singapore. After all, it is impossible to imagine spending even a day without an air conditioner in the hot, humid climate. You indeed have many choices as far as aircon is concerned. The one that is gaining immense popularity in Singapore is Mitsubishi aircon.

There are reasons why Singaporeans’ old aircon is replaced with a Mitsubishi aircon because it lowers your monthly electric bill, it has low noise, it has extended and wide flow of air, easy to use and maintain, durability, convenience, cleaner air, smart technology, and its size affects the totality of its characteristics.

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