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Reasons You Need To Hire A Professional For Aircon Troubleshooting

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Because of Singapore’s humid weather, most homeowners invest a large sum of money to purchase and have aircon installation . When the unit starts malfunctioning or having difficulty in producing cold air, it is very inconvenient, especially during the hotter months. To save money and time, some homeowners may attempt to troubleshoot their aircon by themselves. This may work temporarily, but if the problem is serious, homeowners should look for a professional aircon servicing company to fix their issue for them.

Common procedures for aircon repair may be complicated for an untrained person. Below are the reasons why homeowners should hire professionals for aircon troubleshooting:


Aircon Chemical Overhaul 


A chemical overhaul is recommended if a chemical wash does not work to remove all the dirt from an aircon. In chemical overhaul, aircon parts such as vents, coils and filters are dismantled to rid all the nooks and crannies of dirt and debris. If these parts are damaged, aircon repair or replacement is recommended. After the cleaning, the technician will reassemble the parts to test if the unit is working properly and if it can regulate and cool the air inside the room where it is installed.


Aircon Repair  


In cases that chemical wash and overhaul cannot solve the malfunctioning aircon, the technician will check for other problems such as leaking water or refrigerant gas from the unit. For these, it is advisable to replace the damaged parts. For damaged electrical components like PCB, capacitor, condenser, fan motors, and thermistor, replacement of parts with correct specifications is necessary. Lastly, for damaged coils, a technician should replace them or fix them by welding.


Why Technicians Are Required 


Homeowners should leave the aircon repair to the professionals. There may be issues that can be resolved by homeowners through basic aircon troubleshooting, but most of them still require higher levels of skills that only trained technicians are capable of. Most aircon brands are composed of complicated electronic components. Technicians are trained to use special tools in dismantling and assembling these. In addition, if not handled properly, delicate components like the printed circuit board (PCB) and other electronic parts could be damaged.



Although homeowners may think that they will save money by doing the repairs themselves, it will take time to understand how to do the repairs and memorize the components. Also, most homeowners do not have the necessary tools for detecting the problem or fixing it. They will have to invest money in aircon repair tools or use their existing tools for fixing the aircon. This could lead to more expensive repairs if the aircon is damaged when an untrained person tries to fix it. Hence, it is more money-wise to contact a skilled aircon technician from DW aircon for all aircon repair types.


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