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Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Aircon Chemical Overhaul in Singapore

In situations where normal aircon servicing will not suffice due to the age and condition of an aircon, most aircon companies would recommend a chemical overhaul.

Aircon chemical overhaul is carried out on air conditioners in order to restore their optimal performance. It also ensures that the aircon is thoroughly cleaned to avoid issues such as water leakage problems that lead to aircon repairs in the future.


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4 Common Misconceptions of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul is a common service provided by many aircon servicing companies. However, people tend to be quite sceptical about the process. Often, people think that an aircon chemical overhaul is not required as there are alternatives. Here are 4 common misconceptions of aircon chemical overhaul so that you can make an informed decision.

It Can Damage Your Fan Coil

Many aircon owners fail to hire aircon chemical overhaul servicing because they believe it can damage their aircon fan coil. In reality, the service enables the fan coil to function more optimally by getting rid of any form of dirt and debris, preventing corrosion. Once the fan coil is free of residue, it will circulate cold air quickly.

Chemical Overhauls Do Not Need To Be Done Regularly

Many people believe that having an aircon chemical overhaul is an unnecessary expense. You need to have this service performed at least twice a year because it can eliminate various forms of dirt and bacteria on your aircon’s parts that regular aircon cleaning might not remove.


Normal Aircon Cleaning Is Sufficient

Some aircon owners feel that normal aircon cleaning is a good way of ensuring that their unit works properly. Though cleaning your aircon from time to time is recommended, it is not enough to prevent dust and dirt from damaging its internal parts. By having an aircon chemical overhaul done regularly, you will be able to ensure that your aircon model runs properly for the long-term since its components will be protected against heavy damage.

You Can Do An Aircon Chemical Overhaul By Yourself

Some aircon owners opt to perform a DIY chemical overhaul unaware that it can cause further damage to the aircon unit. Take note that this service entails using the right type of chemicals and applying them in the proper quantities. Moreover, you might end up placing your aircon parts in the wrong places during the reassembly process. To avoid these issues, you should have a professional conduct an aircon chemical overhaul for you as they have the right tools and experience needed to do the job seamlessly.


The Pros of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Hiring aircon chemical overhaul services can bring about many benefits. Therefore, people often look to hire such services for their aircon. Here are the pros of aircon chemical overhaul services.

It Can Restore Clean and Fresh Air To Your Home or Office

When dirt and bacteria formed within the internal components of a residential or office aircon, it can cause the aircon to produce foul-smelling air. However, by having an aircon chemical overhaul conducted as soon as you can, you can ensure that your unit continues to produce clean and refreshing air once more.

It Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Aircon

One way of ensuring that the aircon and its parts work properly is by having an aircon chemical overhaul performed on your unit at least once a year. This prevents your aircon unit from further damage which can cause your entire air conditioning system to break down.


It Can Reduce Your Electricity Bills

When a commercial or HDB aircon installation experiences problems, it can begin to consume more power than usual. To avoid this problem, make sure to have a chemical overhaul performed on your aircon when it starts to malfunction. Through this process, you can enjoy aircon energy savings.

It Minimizes Condensation

Not only do common aircon problems cause high power bills, but they can lead to excess condensation as well that can lead to severe aircon water leaks. To prevent your aircon unit from producing too much condensation, be sure to have an aircon chemical overhaul performed on it once a year to maintain optimum efficiency.

It Enhances Your Aircon’s Cooling Functions

An aircon unit that receives an aircon chemical overhaul regularly provides much colder and stronger air. This is because an aircon chemical overhaul removes dirt and dust that restrict airflow and ensures that all aircon components are functional and free from damage.


What does Aircon Chemical Overhaul entail?

Unlike normal aircon servicing, aircon chemical overhaul offers a more thorough cleaning of your aircon unit. Our professional technicians cover the following steps when doing an aircon chemical overhaul:

  1. Fully uncoupling and dismantling of the aircon conditioning individual units.
  2. Cleaning of the air conditioning external panels and covers, including all covers and housing units to the sides, bottom, and top of the air conditioner.
  3. Chemical flushing/vacuuming of the water drainage pipe.
  4. Inspection of the refrigerant level and topping it up with refrigerant gas if deemed necessary (limited to 20 pressure point per unit).
  5. Evaluating the operating conditions of the air conditioner’s blower fan motor and thermistor as well as the application of lubricants to smoothen functionality.
  6. Inspection of major electrical connections for safety and correct circuiting.
  7. Checking for causes of uncommon noises and/or odour generated during the operation of air conditioners.
  8. Ensuring that no water leakage problem occurs when aircon is operating.

3 Signs That an Aircon Chemical Overhaul is Required

Over time, the performance of an aircon will deteriorate due to wear. It is important to ensure proper maintenance while also hiring services such as an aircon chemical overhaul. This is to ensure optimal performance for your aircon. Here are 3 signs that an aircon chemical overhaul is required.

Aircon Is Not Cold Enough

If your unit is having trouble doing so and feels warmer than usual, there is a chance that dust and dirt may have clogged its internal components, such as the coils and compressor. An aircon chemical overhaul will be needed in that case.

Aircon Is Leaking Water

Whatever the cause of your aircon’s water leaks, it is advisable to resolve them through an aircon chemical overhaul. This restores your aircon as well as provides some aircon energy savings.


Aircon Is Releasing Odour

Lack of regular aircon cleaning can turn your aircon into a hotbed for algae, mold, fungus, and other forms of bacteria, eventually cause a foul smell from your aircon unit. To get rid of this, get an aircon chemical overhaul conducted as soon as you can.

How Often Should An Aircon Chemical Overhaul Be Performed?

The need for this service depends on the age of the aircon you have installed, how frequently its used, and its present condition. If your aircon is relatively new and rarely experiences issues, then you can opt for an aircon chemical overhaul just once every two years. But if your unit has been in use for quite a while, then it might be best to have said service performed at least once a year.

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Why is Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price in Singapore higher than regular Aircon cleaning and Aircon Chemical Wash?

An aircon chemical overhaul costs more than normal aircon servicing as it involves thorough cleaning that requires fully uncoupling and dismantling of the aircon conditioning individual units and other multiple steps that is detailed above. This improves your unit’s performance, making it look and feel brand new.

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