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Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash in Singapore


Like any electronic home appliance, having regular aircon servicing can help prevent your air conditioner from experiencing any problem while maintaining its performance. However, in the event that normal aircon servicing is not sufficient, consider chemical cleaning your aircon conditioner. There are 2 types of chemical cleaning – aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical overhaul.

Compared to an aircon chemical wash, most experts recommend doing an aircon chemical overhaul because it cleans your aircon unit more thoroughly as the aircon unit will be dismantled during the process. Furthermore, aircon parts will be checked and if they are defective, they will be repaired or replaced by the technician – one of the benefits of getting an aircon chemical overhaul. By undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul, you can prevent future aircon problems such as aircon leaking water and noisy aircon.

What Is An Aircon Chemical Wash And Reasons Why You Should Not Choose An Aircon Chemical Wash

When it comes to aircon chemical wash in Singapore, you should always rely on aircon professionals that can get the job done well.  By getting your air conditioner chemically washed by an aircon company, you are ensuring that those parts that are not cleaned in normal servicing get cleaned properly. Do take note that during an aircon chemical wash, the aircon unit will not be dismantled.

Aircon Chemical Wash

This is normally done monthly for aircon used for commercial centres and offices. Aircon chemical wash involves cleaning the front panel, replacing the air filter, and washing it to remove all the dirt, debris, and any other substances that may be trapped there. These are processes that normal aircon servicing cannot achieve. Aircon chemical washing makes use of several special chemical cleaning agents and water is used to wash the main components of the aircon. This can help improve your aircon performance. An aircon chemical wash is much cheaper than buying a new aircon or paying for aircon repairs if it breaks down.

The steps taken during an aircon chemical wash are listed down below.


The process of an aircon chemical wash includes the following:

  1. Brush off any dirt or dust that has accumulated on aircon components such as the front panel, cover, and filters.
  2. The components will be sprayed with a chemical solution to penetrate and loosen any dirt, grease, or mold accumulated in the air conditioner unit.
  3. They are then flushed off with a high-pressure water hose.
  4. To remove any bad odor, the aircon filter will be purified and deodorized.
  5. The aircon drainage system will be vacuumed.
  6. Check if the air conditioner unit is working well after being chemically washed.

Why Should You Not Choose An Aircon Chemical Wash?

Whenever their aircon experiences problems, many people opt for an aircon chemical wash so it can work normally again. This type of aircon service usually involves using chemical solutions are used to wash the residential or commercial aircon’s different parts. Although an aircon chemical wash may seem like a useful way of maintaining an aircon, it presents many limitations.

During the process of chemical wash, the whole aircon unit is chemically cleaned to remove any grime, dust, and dirt which has accumulated. However, as the air conditioner unit is not dismantled during a chemical wash, it might not be as cleaned as compared to if it had undergone an aircon chemical overhaul. Furthermore, during an aircon chemical overhaul, aircon parts will be checked and if they are defective, the technician will either get the parts replaced or repaired – preventing any aircon issues in the future.

Why Is An Aircon Chemical Wash Not Considered Sufficient?


You might be wondering – is an aircon chemical wash necessary? If your aircon is leaking or your electricity bills are high, these are signs that you may require an aircon chemical wash. Although an aircon chemical wash involves various procedures and is quite expensive, it does not completely solve all problems that a home or office aircon might be experiencing. Unlike an aircon chemical overhaul, it merely entails washing off mold and dirt from various aircon parts without checking if they need any aircon repairing or replacement.

An aircon chemical wash does not completely remove all forms of dirt and bacteria that build upon the unit’s components. This is because the air conditioner unit is not fully dismantled from the wall and small particles tend to remain in the unit despite using chemical solutions to remove them. As compared to an aircon chemical wash, one of the reasons why you should opt for an aircon chemical overhaul is because the entire air conditioner unit is dismantled so that the aircon unit is cleaned thoroughly and working as though it is brand new.

Why You Should Opt For An Aircon Chemical Overhaul Instead?

An aircon chemical overhaul will clean your aircon units more thoroughly – the air filters will be cleared of any dirt that accumulated and ensures the smooth flow of air through the vents. The fans, ball joints, and other parts will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear and tear. Faulty parts will be replaced and the refrigerant gas will be topped up. One of the advantages of an aircon chemical overhaul is that it is effective on aircon that have not been serviced in a very long time and are extremely dirty.

Difference Betweeen An Aircon Chemical Wash And An Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Like other home appliances, the performance of a residential or commercial aircon depends on how well it is maintained. Most experts recommend having aircon chemical cleaning performed regularly. Normally, this consists of either an aircon chemical wash or an aircon chemical overhaul. In this article, we explore the differences between these two aircon services.

Aircon Chemical Wash


An aircon chemical wash normally involves the use of special chemical solutions for cleaning an aircon’s internal components. In an aircon chemical wash, the technicians use special cleaning solutions to remove any build up of dust, dirt, and bacteria. Components that are often cleaned include the cooling coils, fans, compressor, and condenser.  Besides removing the contaminants, the chemical solutions are also meant to prevent corrosion so that your aircon’s parts can last longer and do not become damaged easily.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul


In case of severe aircon problems like an aircon water leak, it is more advisable to opt for a chemical overhaul. Besides the use of special chemical solutions for cleaning, this service also entails checking the different parts of the installed aircon for any signs of damage – if any component is found to be defective, it will either be repaired or replaced. Once all necessary parts have been fixed or changed, the entire aircon installation is reassembled and tested.

When compared to an aircon chemical wash, an aircon chemical overhaul tends to be more expensive. In addition, it takes much more time and effort to complete. Nevertheless, it is the more recommended option since it ensures that any defective components are serviced and provides a more thorough cleaning of the various aircon components.

Why Is An Aircon Chemical Overhaul Considered Sufficient?


Aircon chemical overhaul ensures that your aircon unit is cleaned thoroughly and will check if any aircon repairing or replacement of aircon parts is needed. It removes any forms of dirt and bacteria that build upon the unit’s components. By fully dismantling the aircon unit from the wall, a detailed wash using a chemical solution can be conducted on various parts of the aircon (e.g., fancoil, drainpipe, flare jointing, fan blower, fan motor). After cleaning the aircon parts, those which are found to be defective will be replaced or repaired – preventing aircon issues such as aircon leaking water or aircon not cold from happening. Furthermore, rotary fan bearings are lubricated to minimize any noise and increase the aircon’s efficiency – helping to reduce your monthly utility bills.

5 Benefits Of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

It Keeps The Air Clean: An aircon chemical overhaul removes all forms of dirt and bacteria from inside your unit. That way, you will be able to have cleaner and fresher air.

It Prolongs Your Aircon Lifespan – Having an aircon chemical overhaul done annually will ensure that your aircon major parts function properly and are free from damage. As a result, it increases your aircon’s lifespan.

It Increases Your Unit’s Efficiency – When dirt and bacteria build up on the internal parts of a residential or office aircon, its performance can eventually decrease. For your aircon to be as efficient as possible, it is best that you have an aircon chemical overhaul annually.

It Prevents Odours – The accumulation of dirt and bacteria inside an aircon not only damages its major parts. To prevent the aircon you have installed from releasing foul-smelling air, schedule an aircon chemical overhaul so that you can fulfill important tasks without any discomfort.

It Prevents Major Components From Freezing – An aircon chemical overhaul prevents any major components like the evaporator coils from freezing. To avoid this occurrence, do not forget to have your aircon undergo aircon chemical overhaul whenever necessary.


What Are The Steps Involved In An Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

tehcnician-doing-aircon-chemical-overhaul- aircon-servicing-singapore

Unlike an aircon chemical wash, an aircon chemical overhaul involves various procedures which go beyond getting rid of dirt and bacteria.

An aircon chemical overhaul consists of the following steps:

  1. An aircon chemical overhaul starts by switching off the unit, locking down the gas system, and then removing the cover.
  2. Once all components of the aircon have been inspected, major aircon parts like the fan, motor, drain pan, blower wheel, and evaporator coil are dismantled.
  3. These are then washed with chemical solutions and then rinsed with strong water pressure so that all forms of mold and grime which they have collected are removed.
  4. Once the critical parts of the aircon have been washed, anything defective is repaired or replaced.
  5. The rotary fan bearings are also lubricated to minimize noise production and increase efficiency.
  6. The thermostat is examined as well to ensure that it works properly.
  7. When all necessary parts of the inverter or non-inverter aircon have been cleaned, wiped, and fixed, the entire unit is then reassembled and reattached. Afterward, the unit is tested to confirm if any problems persist.

Why Should You Hire An Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service?

There are different types of aircon chemical cleaning methods available. They are namely the aircon chemical overhaul or the aircon chemical wash. Here are some reasons why you should choose an aircon chemical overhaul instead of an aircon chemical wash. By doing an aircon chemical overhaul, not only does the aircon unit gets cleaned thoroughly with chemical solutions, but it will also help to prevent common aircon problems such as aircon leaking or aircon is not cold.

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