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Aircon Gas Top Up

The Best Air Conditioner Gas Top Up Service in Singapore

Singapore is a relatively warm region with temperatures reaching higher levels as the year goes around. In some instances, the weather can get extremely displeasing and scorching and as such, having your air conditioner in tip-top shape is vital to ensuring that you, your clients, friends and family remain comfortable during these periods.

There are some common activities that you should pay attention to so that your air conditioner always works at optimal capacity. These include regular maintenance, repairs and aircon gas top up in particular.

Aircon gas top-up is critical to ensuring that the aircon unit performs as it should, keeping the home or office at desired temperatures at all times without using up too much energy.

Why do I need to check and re-gas my aircon?

Unlike other systems like cooking units that need to replenish their gas when it runs out, Aircon gas top up is usually needed if there is a malfunction in the system of the Aircon unit or a gas leak somewhere within the system. New generation Aircons are now designed to ensure the effective management of these defects, older units however need regular checks and aircon gas top up to ensure optimal performance.

Also, leakages of refrigerant chemicals may be highly hazardous to the environment on exposure or entry into the water system so it is important that the gas level are checked regularly to catch any defects early.


When do I need an aircon gas top up?

There is usually no agreed time duration after which you should check your aircon gas for top up, and for the ordinary user, it can be quite challenging to determine if your aircon unit is in need of gas or not.

DW Aircon Services in Singapore is readily on hand to help you evaluate your Aircon gas top-up needs and determine if your aircon requires a top-up or not. Our highly experienced aircon technicians advises to look out for the following signs in order to determine if you need an aircon gas top up to be done:

  • Reduction in the Aircon’s cooling performance
  • The Aircon unit never comes up or takes time to begin cooling
  • The Aircon unit switches on and off without noticeable power outage
  • The Aircon system makes unusual and strange noises
  • Aircon unit has an unusual smell

For a new fully-functioning aircon system, aircon gas top-ups are not common. As is with Fridge cooling units, Aircon units are not meant to be topped-up from time to time except for when the unit has some signs of malfunctions, which is solvable by our experienced technicians.


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Aircon Gas Top-up
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