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DW Aircon Servicing: Trusted Aircon Installation Service in Singapore

With Singapore’s hot climate, almost all homes and commercial areas are air-conditioned. However, if you are just planning to get an aircon installation done, it is important to take note of important points before delving straight into the job.  It is recommended to engage professional aircon services who can help you to decide on quality aircon installation options in line with your budget, preferences, and suitability for your residential or commercial purposes.

You might want to check out our complete aircon buying guide before getting an aircon installation done.

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Top 3 Best-Selling Inverter Aircon Brands And Their Models in Singapore

Like other home appliance products, home and office aircon are manufactured by many different aircon brands. Whether it be a System 1 or System 2 aircon, purchasing a unit from a well-known aircon brand minimizes the risk of troubleshooting common aircon issues taking place. Furthermore, doing so helps guarantee that you receive the best aircon features available. Here are the top 3 best-selling inverter aircon brands and their models


Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese company that has long been among the top 3 best-selling aircon brands. Its high-quality aircon units have been acclaimed due to their reliability and are most commonly used in HDB flats. In fact, customers who want to buy an inverter aircon can choose between multiple options based on their budget, preferred cooling capacity, and required features.  

Among the most recommended Mitsubishi aircon products are the models from the Mitsubishi Starmex series due to their energy efficiency and quiet performance. Its single-split system units are also notable for the following: 

  • Can be cleaned easily 
  • Incorporate anti-allergy enzymes 
  • Have a system for purifying cold air 
  • Energy-efficient 


Panasonic is another widely-known manufacturer of inverter and non-inverter aircon that has been in the industry for the past sixty years. Customers interested in installing an inverter Panasonic aircon can purchase a unit from the single split series whose models have been widely lauded for the following: 

  • Use nanotechnology to purify absorbed air 
  • Use an Econavi sensor, sunlight sensor, and human motion detection sensor to reduce energy consumption based on sun intensity and human movement 
  • Provide automatic temperature adjustment to minimize power usage  


For more than 40 years, Daikin Aircon has produced various models for different air conditioner types (from System 1 aircon to System 5 aircon) which are known to be highly energy-efficient. Besides that, it has provided a wide range for consumers with different budgets and cooling requirements. Homeowners who want to install an inverter Daikin aircon can choose among their split-type models which consist of the following features: 

  • Stylish and simple flat panel design which integrates well with different home interiors 
  • Intelligent eye motion sensor which provides cooling only when people are present 
  • Economode for greater energy efficiency 
  • Quiet performance 

After knowing which aircon brand to install for your home, it is also essential to know the things to look out for before an aircon installation is done.


Things To Look Out For Before An Aircon Installation Is Done

Getting an aircon installation done is no easy feat. It is advised that homeowners do their own research and readings before taking on any air conditioning installation work. Reading the aircon installation guide will definitely aid you during the entire process. For now, here are important factors to consider before getting an aircon installation done in Singapore:

Types of Air Conditioners

Choosing the most suitable air conditioner for your specific needs is also an important factor to consider before conducting any aircon installation work. With the help of a professional and recommended aircon installer, here are the kinds of air conditioners that you can consider for your home or office.

Window Air Conditioner


They usually only have a lifespan of 10-15 years. However, it is also considered the most popular cooling system as it is the most affordable choice. These air conditioners are designed for single rooms.

Portable Air Conditioners


This type of aircon is moveable. Portable air conditioners are also known as unitary systems due to their system similarity with window aircon. They can be stored freestanding on flat surfaces. 

Central Air Conditioners


Central Air Conditioning units can be mostly found in commercial places in Singapore and they last for about 15-20 years. While aircon installation for this type might be more costly because of the hacking of walls and ductwork, it will undoubtedly provide a cost-efficient cooling system that keeps temperatures consistent throughout a space. Mitsubishi air conditioners have great central air conditioners for office spaces. If unsure of the installation process, view the Mitsubishi aircon installation guide for more information.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners 


It is the most popular type of air conditioner found in Singapore. Their lifespan of about 15-20 years and usually produce less noise than window air conditioners as their compressor is located outdoors. 

Size and Location of Your Room

The size and location of the room where you want to install an aircon are as important as the type of air conditioning unit itself. Knowing where the room is positioned as well as its size influences the specifics you should take note of when buying an air conditioning unit. An aircon’s cooling capacity is determined by a standard British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. The number of BTUs needed for a certain room is calculated by multiplying the square foot of the room by 35. As such, an area of around 150 square feet needs 5,000 BTUs during aircon installation. 

Warmer areas such as a kitchen or a living room that directly faces the sun also require additional BTUs in order to be cooled properly. For instance, a Daikin aircon is popular among homeowners because of its high BTU ratings and energy efficiency. Read more about our Daikin aircon installation guide to understand more before installing one for your home. 

Air Conditioner’s Electric Usage & Costs


With Singapore’s extremely warm climate, it is almost impossible to get through the day without turning on an air conditioner. Before you get an aircon installation done, just know that an average unit uses ten times as much electrical power compared to your regular standing fan. You can prevent such hefty costs by choosing an air conditioner with a higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). You can save as much as 10% on your electricity bill by doing so in addition to following these aircon energy saving tips.

Ask For Extra Services And Offers

Aircon installers in Singapore will usually offer aircon servicing contract packages in addition to the installation. While it may seem annoying to some, remember that such aircon deals can lead to more savings in the future.

Work With A Recommended Aircon Installer

It is time to scour for a highly recommended aircon installer to do your installation by learning the tips on choosing the best aircon installer in Singapore. While pricing might be an important point of consideration, be sure to work with a trusted and professional aircon servicing company in Singapore to avoid any future aircon problems.

After learning the factors to consider before an aircon installation is done, it is also important to know the common HDB aircon installation mistakes you should avoid. This is to prevent any issues from happening.


Importance of Proper Aircon Placement During an HDB Aircon Installation

Though brand and energy rating are often primary considerations, it is important not to disregard location as well. No matter how enhanced your aircon model is, it will be unable to perform well if installed in the wrong place. Thus, take note of the following guidelines when deciding where to set up your residential or commercial aircon.

Importance of Proper Aircon Placement

Enhanced Cooling


A unit mounted too low will feel warmer than one installed near the ceiling since warm air travels upward. Increased distribution of cold air is also more likely if the aircon is installed in a space where it cannot accumulate dust and dirt. The reason for this is that dust and dirt can clog the aircon’s major cooling components, preventing it from turning warm air into cold air.

Increased Efficiency and More Energy Savings 

For your aircon to be as efficient as possible, it is best that you install your aircon in an unfurnished space. You should also see to it that your commercial or HDB aircon installation is placed far away from sunlight and water so you can have as much aircon energy savings as you can.

Effects of Improper Aircon Placement

At times, aircon owners prefer to install their units on their own instead of seeking assistance from an air conditioning service. As a result, they end up mounting their units in an area that makes them prone to experiencing common aircon issues. These include the following:

Hot Spots

When a unit is set up in an area that blocks its cooling functions, its range for air distribution becomes limited. As a result, several hot spots develop which can cause extreme discomfort to the owner.

Increased Energy Consumption

Its rate of electricity consumption can become too excessive if its location hinders its various components from working properly. For example, an aircon that is placed in a dirty space can experience frozen evaporator coils which cause the unit to overwork just so it could have enough cold air to release. Therefore, it is important to know aircon energy saving tips to ensure that your aircon is energy efficient.

How To Determine Proper Aircon Placement

In order for you to install your aircon in the right place, it is vital that you take the following into consideration:


When deciding where your inverter or non-inverter aircon should be installed, see to it that the area where you intend to mount it is free from any obstructions. Take note that a unit will be much more able to release cold air in a space that is wide and free from clutter.


It is not just furniture that can prevent an aircon from distributing enough cold air. Any aircon which is installed too closely to pillars can also experience issues due to their height and material. Thus, when mounting your unit near the ceiling, see to it that is not being blocked by any structural barriers.


Some people prefer to cover their air conditioner for aesthetic purposes. Though this might seem practical at first, it can eventually cause the unit to overheat and even malfunction. When this occurs, expensive aircon repairs might be necessary to get your unit functioning again.

It is important to have a proper aircon placement during your HDB aircon installation to prevent any problems from arising in the future. However, it is also essential to know what HDB aircon installation mistakes you should avoid as well.

Common HDB Aircon Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

While some residents engage a professional air conditioning service to install their aircon unit for them, others prefer to get their aircon installation done on their own. This may lead to them experiencing some aircon problems (such as aircon water leaking or aircon not cold) to occur in the future. To make sure that the aircon installation process for your home is done properly, here are some common HDB aircon installation mistakes to avoid:

Choosing the Wrong Aircon Size

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to take note of the size of your room. Such measurements are important when choosing the specific type of air conditioner suitable for your area. This also influences other factors such as the aircon insulation and air circulation in your room.

Not Securely Installing the Aircon Unit


Another common mistake is not ensuring that the AC unit is properly secured during the aircon installation. Both wall and window air conditioners should have the necessary support underneath and on their sides.

Improper Insulation

When installed, window air conditioners usually require insulation foams to be filled to cover the open spaces beside them. As for ductless mini-split air conditioners, adequately sized ducts should be installed depending on the load circulation.

Wrong Positioning of the Aircon Unit

When getting an aircon installation done, remember to position your AC unit in a shaded spot. By doing so, the air conditioning unit will not have to work as hard to cool the room.

Not Checking for Leakages

Despite having a new aircon installation done, it is still important to check for any refrigerant leaks. A 10% loss in refrigerant levels can already lead to an increase in electricity bills by 20%.

Choosing an Inexperienced AC Installation Servicing Company

Due to a lack of knowledge of the many reputable aircon maintenance companies available, many homeowners hire inexperienced servicemen to install their units. As a result, their aircon ends up malfunctioning thereby causing them to spend constantly on aircon repairs. So to ensure that your aircon unit is set up properly and functions well, make sure to have it installed by a respected company that specializes in professional aircon servicing.

In order to prevent these common mistakes during aircon installations, make sure that you engage with a trusted and highly recommended aircon installer in Singapore. If you are still looking for a suitable aircon, we recommend Panasonic air conditioners for your space. Before installation, we reckon that you check the Panasonic aircon installation guide to better understand the process.

After learning the common HDB aircon installation mistakes that should be avoided, learn more about the tips on choosing the right aircon installer in Singapore.


5 Tips on Choosing the Best Aircon Installer in Singapore

Though many people in Singapore have a residential or commercial aircon set up in their homes or workplace, the process of actually installing an aircon is fairly difficult. As such, it is important to have a good aircon installer conduct the process for you. By having a person knowledgeable about aircon servicing install your unit, you can prevent it from facing issues like aircon water leaks.

Thus, here are five tips on choosing the best aircon installer in Singapore.

Engage An End-to-End Service Provider

Hiring different technicians from various companies to perform similar services can be extremely costly and time-consuming. As such, it is recommended that you engage an end-to-end service provider when having an aircon installation done.  This will also help you to avoid any major installation mistakes which might require costly aircon repairs.

Check If The Service Provider Is Certified

When engaging a service provider to install your aircon, be sure to check if they are certified. This is because companies that are properly certified are known to provide high-quality services as compared to those with little to no certification. To know if a company is certified, you can call them directly to inquire. Otherwise, send them a message online or check their website.

Check The Company’s Reviews

Another way of assessing the reputability of the aircon installation service provider you want to engage is by checking their reviews online. Such evaluations will normally include the quality of the company’s services, the efficiency of their workers, and the cost of their services. If you have doubts about relying on online reviews in assessing an aircon service provider, then try asking for evaluations in person instead. Your friends, family, or mere acquaintances can give you an overview of how well a certain company carries out its services and if they are well-suited to install your new aircon.

See To It That The Service Provider Is Transparent

A good aircon installation service provider should be open and transparent about the types of air conditioners they are qualified to install as well as the installation process itself. Moreover, they must be able to explain the technical aspects of the job and justify its cost. The company should also be capable of producing a fully-detailed quote which normally includes a description of the needed works, the period of completion, quantity, and price.

Check If The Service Provider Offers After-sales Services

An air conditioning service that prioritizes customer satisfaction must be able to provide after-sales services.  Common after-sales services provided by aircon companies usually include warranties to ensure that your unit is immediately repaired or replaced if it experiences issues. To know if the service provider you intend to engage offers after-sales services, do not hesitate to ask when calling them. Take note that some companies only provide aircon installation services without any additional benefits.

The factors mentioned above are tips on how you can choose the best aircon installer in Singapore. If you are looking for a professional aircon installation service, consider engaging DW Aircon Servicing Singapore.

Choose DW Aircon Servicing Singapore For Quality Aircon Installation


We are the recommended aircon installer in Singapore that offers a broad range of aircon services. Our technicians are fully equipped to install the common systems for residential properties. We deal in a number of trendy aircon units including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, and much more. Our aircon professionals are adept at handling both inverter and non-inverter air conditioners and have done many aircon installation projects over the years. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore is also able to get you the best aircon prices that are competitive. Visit our aircon catalog to view the range of brands and models that we carry. If you’re still unsure of what brand to get, read more about the top 3 best-selling aircon brands in Singapore.

Our aircon installation prices are reasonable and affordable and depend on a number of factors including but not limited to the:

  • Brands/ Models
  • Installation material used
  • Inverter vs. Non-inverter system
  • Type of installation
  • Country of production


An aircon unit might help in cooling your home, especially, in a hot and humid climate such as Singapore. Therefore, many households in Singapore may opt to have aircon units installed in their homes. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right aircon for your home. Factors such as which aircon brands to choose, things to look out for before an installation is done, and common mistakes to avoid during HDB aircon installation. After considering these factors, it is recommended to engage a professional aircon installer to install your aircon units. This is to ensure that the aircon unit is properly installed – preventing any future problems from arising due to improper installation.

Residential  |  HDB Yishun

Mitsubishi Aircon Installation in Singapore – HDB Yishun

Aircon Model: Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – SYSTEM 3 AIRCON 

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty

5 years on compressor
1 year on other spare parts

Workmanship Warranty

6 months warranty from the date of installation









Residential  |  HDB Chinatown

Mitsubishi Aircon Installation in Singapore HDB – Chinatown

Replacement Model: Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN (Inverter) – SYSTEM 2 AIRCON 

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty 

5 years on compressor
1 year on other spare parts

Workmanship Warranty

6 months warranty from the date of installation

Residential |  HDB Jurong West

Daikin Aircon Installation in Singapore HDB – Jurong West

Replacement Model: Daikin iSmile Series (Inverter) 

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty 

5 years on compressor
1 year on other spare parts

Workmanship Warranty

6 months warranty from the date of installation









Residential  |  HDB Sengkang

Daikin Aircon Installation in Singapore HDB – Seng Kang

Replacement Model: Daikin iSmile Series (Inverter) – SYSTEM 4 AIRCON 

Local Manufacturer’s Warranty 

5 years on compressor
1 year on other spare parts

Workmanship Warranty

6 months warranty from the date of installation


When choosing an aircon unit to install for your home, it is important to consider purchasing one from the top brands in the market. This is because these brands are established and reputable due to their reliable and trusted aircon features. The 3 best selling aircon brands in Singapore are Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Panasonic.

Did you know that there are different types of air conditioners in the market? The common types of aircon are window aircon, through wall air conditioners, portable aircon, ductless mini split air conditioners, and central airconditioners.

Before buying an air conditioner, there are many factors to consider in order to ensure that you purchase and install the aircon properly and efficiently. Some of the factors to keep in mind are:

  • Type of air conditioner
  • Size of your living area
  • Energy efficiency
  • Engage the right aircon installer

It might be challenging to find the right aircon installer in Singapore if you do not know the factors to look out for. In order to help engage the right aircon installer, here are 5 tips you can follow:

  1. Engage an end-to-end service provider
  2. Check if the service provider is certified
  3. Check the company’s reviews
  4. Check if the service provider is transparent
  5. Check if the service provider offers after-sales services

What Do We Do?


Sometimes where you want your aircon unit may not be the best place to lay aircon piping. Let our technicians help you inspect and recommend how your aircon piping arrangement should be situated.


The power of the air conditioner you buy depends on the size of your room and what the room is used for. Our technicians will help you gauge whether you need a higher BTU-rated aircon or lower rated unit at the most energy-efficient rate.


Our technician will expertly advise our clients to look out for the Energy Efficiency Ratio as this is part of what saves you from a shocking electricity bill.


WhatsApp us now to speak to our consultants to understand your Aircon Installation Case. Our technicians will provide professional recommendations including where your aircon unit should be situated.


Our experienced aircon technicians will provide high-quality Aircon Installation. These installation works are properly carried out to avoid costly aircon repairs in the future.


We use premium aircon brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic and work with the best suppliers in the country. This is in line with our mission to continuously provide reliable aircon services.

Free Quote & Consultation For Many Aircon Brands

What Our Customers Say:

Definitely a 5-star for DW Aircon. The technician came down to carry out cleaning and inspection for one of the spoilt Daikin split units. The cleaning was done professionally. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the PCB in the compressor and DW was unable to carry out repair. But overall, I am satisfied.
Liu Y
Liu Y
13:54 14 Mar 24
Pandi was very knowledgeable and he managed to identify the issue of water leaking from my AC after performing a meticulous check. He was friendly, efficient and professional! wlwould love to engage him for future AC problems (hopefully no more 😅)
06:08 20 Jan 24
This is my first time using this company and I am very pleased with the service & work carried out by Mr. Seenu. He is punctual, polite, professional & efficient with his work. He cleans up the work area after he is done. Well done Mr. Seenu as you represented your company very well! Thank you.
Basil Tan Wheels
Basil Tan Wheels
02:56 18 Jan 24
Dhanapal has been assigned to work on my aircon service. He is very knowledgeable give me some tips to maintain my aircon for the long run. He also advice when I should service my compressor etc. overall very nice and friendly. Although my unit is not very dirty at all he still went through everything to give it a wipe down and vacuum making sure everything is working as it should.
jason c
jason c
05:25 28 Dec 23
The technician, Murthi was very punctual and very thorough when performing the servicing. He knows his work really well. Have engaged DW Aircon’s several times already. Thank you. Wanna also thank Ryan for the quick turnaround for the confirmation of the change of appointment time.
07:25 20 Dec 23
I am pleased with the service from the Customer service officer name Richard provided to me . He is fast and efficient by answering my questions. Keep it up!

Technician Mr. Udaiyar came to service my aircon, reached early than schedule time. He did a good job and do advise me on my Aircon compressor too. Recommending and highlighting a few issues. Thank u so much for the suggestions given.

Will continue to look out for your company services when time needed.
Linda Hamid
Linda Hamid
07:56 08 Jun 21
Very Fast and quick response by DW Aircon.
Good experience. Mr Richard (CS Support) did respond quickly and handled the appointment arrangement without a problem.
Arrangement the Technician - Mr.Seenu finished Job in same day. Mr.Seenu very friendly and very experienced.
I strongly recommend DW Aircon Team.
Leo Hsu
Leo Hsu
05:05 08 Jun 21
Mr. Murthi (technician) / Ms Gene (CS Officer)

Setting up an appointment was fuss-free and Ms Gene tried her best to slot me in at the earliest possible timing.

Mr Murthi serviced all the aircons in about 30-minutes - super efficient fella.

But at the end of the day, it all boils down to price - 4 aircon units for $110? Even my mother-in-law nodded in approval when I told her the price.
James Chan
James Chan
06:57 02 Jun 21
Wonderful service. My compliments to Dhanapal - the technician who provided the servicing for my air-conditioning unit. He is punctual, and very meticulous in his job. Will definitely use DW Aircon Servicing (now known as Everyday Works Pte Ltd) and request for him again if possible.
Strongly recommend.
Alvin Gao
Alvin Gao
14:42 10 Aug 19
Great service!! Quick & efficient. Chanced upon when I googled and decided to give a try to fix my aircon problem. Admin lady was quick and helpful to fix an appointment for me. Technicians arrived on the dot. Giving professional advice and proceed with servicing. All are done within an hour. Thank you so much. Will sure recommend for others 👍👍
HueyTing Eng
HueyTing Eng
03:05 04 Aug 19
It’s my first time engaging DW Aircon Servicing and they have been very professional from arranging of the appointment to being very punctual for the appointment as well.The technician gave good advice and I am probably going to sign up for their package.Thank you!
Malik Bucker
Malik Bucker
04:55 25 May 19
I have been engaging their service for serval times now. The latest was yesterday. The technician has always been Mr. Rajan (great tech by the way)
1) Always on time
2) Recommendation by technician has always been on whats required and never hard selling. If i had asked for something extra they will tell me if it is not necessary.
3) Great pricing
4) Besides the requested service the technician always does a full check on the system and inform on things to observe or potential issues that may arise based on tell-tale signs observed during servicing.
Sanjay M Kiru
Sanjay M Kiru
08:59 21 May 19
This is my 2nd time engage for servicing and both had impressed me. They were punctual and their workmanship was excellent in terms of A/C technically skills and knowledge. Tech Dhanabal did explain in depth who was here on duty to service my A/C.
Highly recommended and will engage them for next svcing.
Aim Mia Fid
Aim Mia Fid
12:26 11 Apr 19
The aircon service arranged two days ago, and today the technician came to service with punctuality time arranged, a great technician working efficiently and detected the cause of the problems & recommendation how to do routine maintenance to keep aircon in perfect condition,... GREAT JOB...
Ha-arh James Koh
Ha-arh James Koh
02:48 27 Mar 19
1. Customer service was pleasant n queries was answered.

2. Appointment made n technician came on time.

3. Knowledgeable technician who gave sound advice.

4. Honest technician quoted the correct price ($70/2units) when i gotten the price wrong ($75/2units). Gave him the $5 as service tips instead. 😅
James Loh
James Loh
07:35 17 Mar 19
Highly recommended

The customer service Alexis is prompt and professional. She replies watsapp even after 10pm to ensure that client concerns are addressed. She is proactive and will text client in the event of any delays.

Mr Dhanabal is highly dedicated. While most technicians will follow through the motion and do simple wiping. He took 15 mins and clean the vents multiple times to ensure that servicing is properly done. He was polite and even wiped my basin for me to ensure that my house is in good condition after the servicing. Please give this guy a pay raise! 🙂
Joel Jin Long
Joel Jin Long
11:50 24 Jan 19
DW is truly my saviour after a horrible couple of weeks!

Long story short - i originally called another company (A*ple) to do a chemical wash for my aircon, and they managed to short-circut the wiring to my aircon, spoil the connectors on my compressor and refused to answer my calls after that - all these happened in 2 weeks. The most unprofessional company-I will see how I can sue them for damages.

At my wits end, i called Daylight electrician who help link me up with DW as well, and within 2 trips in 3 days, they managed to solve the wiring problem, fix the compressor, AND clean my aircon. Awesome customer service all around! Ms Lim - excellent communications, friendly, fast, humorous and positive and it was reassuring that she was always on the ball. Raju and Ramesh - very professional, competent and dedicated. On the last day, they stayed back an extra 2 hours as they kept testing my aircon to see that everything worked well.

Thanks to the awesome team at DW Aircon Servicing, my aircon is working better than ever. Would highly recommend DW to everyone!
Hanqing Toh
Hanqing Toh
15:58 19 Jan 19
Chanced upon DW aircon servicing while goggle searching and decided to give it a shot to address my aircon problem. Response time by their staff, Ms Lim is quick and she is extremely helpful and patient to answer all my queries. The technicians were dispatched within a few days to do trouble-shooting. The subsequent arrangement for replacing my aircon system were also done professionally and efficently. I am extremely satisfied with their service. Thank you so much.
Jaclyn Tan
Jaclyn Tan
11:53 28 Jul 18
EXCELLENT service! QUICK, EFFICIENT & RELIABLE👍The aircon technicians were able to detect the prob of my aircon instantly & with confidence fixed it right away. From the time I phoned DW Aircon to the time the issue was fixed, it was an amazingly short time. Not only am I a happy customer, I am thankful too. I will not hesitate to recommend DW Aircon to friends.
Mylene Ng
Mylene Ng
17:18 05 May 18

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