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Aircon Maintenance

Aircon Maintenance in Singapore


Installing an aircon in every home or property is essential in Singapore to enjoy efficient cooling especially when it is extremely hot outside. In order to maintain its proper cooling for a long time, it is vital to have regular aircon maintenance. There are several reasons why is it important to have regular aircon maintenance in Singapore, such as making your aircon more energy efficient and reducing stress on your aircon. It is recommended that you hire a professional aircon maintenance company like DW Aircon Servicing Singapore as it will help you save money on your energy bills and avoid costly repairs.

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7 Reasons Why It Is Important to Have Regular Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

Even if you install an aircon of good quality, it will start to show issues over time. Let us now get to learn more reasons why it is important to have regular aircon maintenance in Singapore.

It Saves More Money


The importance of regular aircon servicing is that your aircon will use less energy, function better, and save you money.

It Maintains Your Aircon Warranty

Your aircon product should be covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. However, if you do not maintain the unit correctly, this warranty may be voided. When engaging an aircon maintenance service, it is essential to know that there are points to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company in Singapore, such as looking for reliable and experienced companies. As a part of the aircon maintenance, the aircon professionals will visit your place, clean your aircon parts, and check electrical connections so that you will not have to worry about bigger problems and higher expenses.

It Makes Your Aircon More Energy Efficient


By regularly maintaining your aircon, your aircon unit (e.g., Daikin Aircon or Mitsubishi Aircon) will then be able to conserve energy since maximizing energy efficiency can help you save more on utility bills.

It Provides Consistent Cooling


If you do not value the importance of regular aircon servicing such as aircon maintenance, then inconsistent cooling is one of the problems you may experience. When an aircon is properly maintained, always offers consistent temperatures in every room of the house.

It Reduces Stress On Your Aircon

Always take note of the importance of clean aircon filters, as over time the filters and ducts of your aircon will get clogged, which will obstruct the flow of air from your aircon. Therefore, if you do not want to cause extra stress and thus reduce the lifespan of your aircon, and nor do you want to pay additional energy bills, then regular aircon maintenance is an absolute must. 

It Extends Your Aircon’s Lifespan

To know how often you should schedule aircon maintenance services, well you should do it annually. It helps increase the life of your aircon unit.

It Improves Your Overall Level of Comfort 


If you have common aircon issues that require regular aircon servicing (e.g. clogged aircon filters) just get your aircon maintained regularly. So that you will enjoy fresh, healthy, and comfortable cooling.

Once you know the reasons why is it important to have regular aircon maintenance, you should also know some aircon maintenance tips to optimize your aircon’s performance.


5 Aircon Maintenance Tips to Optimize Your Aircon’s Performance

If you have regular aircon servicing such as aircon maintenance, then the energy consumption of your aircon is lower. We will share with you 5 aircon maintenance tips to optimize your aircon performance.

Change Your Aircon Filters Regularly


Depending on the environmental conditions, the filter will be saturated with dirt and debris. Hence, it is important to clean your aircon filters or change them periodically.

Check and Clear The Drain Line


One of the top aircon parts that require periodic care is the drain pipe. It is necessary to periodically check the drainpipe of the aircon to find if debris or mold is obstructing the flow of water from the drain.

Examine Leaks


Another possible reason why your aircon leaks water is that there may be leaks in the piping/tubes carrying the refrigerant and air.

Never Put Off Necessary Aircon Repairs

One thing why you should hire a professional aircon maintenance company is to reduce the repair cost and avoid future problems. They also can recommend if you need to repair or replace your aircon if it is malfunctioning.

Hire Professional Aircon Maintenance Services


To prevent common aircon issues, it is beneficial to hire a professional aircon servicing company. Depending on how often the aircon is used, professional aircon maintenance is required once or twice a year.

After learning the tips for aircon maintenance, it is also important to avoid common aircon maintenance mistakes.


6 Common Aircon Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

Regular aircon servicing or aircon maintenance is essential to enjoy efficient cooling for a long time. However, you have to be careful and avoid common aircon maintenance mistakes.

Not Checking Or Replacing Aircon Filters


One of the reasons why your aircon is not cold is it might be due to clogged filters filled with dirt or debris. It is vital to check the filters regularly and replace them whenever needed.

Continuous Aircon Usage

If you always keep running your aircon without offering it any break, it may be the reason why your aircon (e.g. Mitsubishi Aircon) will stop working.

Wrong Thermostat Setting


When you select a lower temperature, your aircon will need to work harder. This is another reason why is your aircon not blowing out cold air.

Not Engaging In Regular Aircon Servicing Services


The reason to avoid DIY aircon servicing or aircon maintenance is that you might commit costly mistakes. If you are searching for quality and affordable aircon services, you can choose our DW aircon experts.

Ignoring Aircon Repair Signs

If you notice any aircon repair symptoms such as water leaks or loud noise, then you must call an expert without a wait.

Not Replacing Old Aircon When It Has Reached Service Life


When your aircon unit life ends, then this is a sign your aircon needs replacement. Avoid repairs as they will only be very expensive.

Now you have an idea of the mistakes you should avoid when maintaining an aircon, it is also better to know how often should you schedule an aircon maintenance service.


How Often Should You Schedule Aircon Maintenance Services?

Some property owners would like to get more information on aircon servicing or maintenance. Here is more information about aircon maintenance services such as how often you should schedule aircon maintenance services?

Importance of Aircon Maintenance


One of the reasons why is it important to have regular aircon maintenance is to ensure that they have a clean aircon unit. Always remember that a well-maintained aircon can be used for a longer time without repairs.

Frequency of Aircon Maintenance


One of the aircon maintenance tips to optimize your aircon’s performance is that it should be cleaned more frequently.

Indications That Your Aircon Needs Maintenance


Some indications that the aircon requires maintenance are when it takes a longer time to cool the room, or when your aircon is making loud noises.

Once you have learned most of the vital points about aircon maintenance, it is beneficial to hire a professional aircon maintenance company to help you do the job.


Why Should You Hire A Professional Aircon Maintenance Company in Singapore?

While some owners may consider doing aircon repairs themselves to save some time and money, there are several reasons to outsource aircon maintenance services to professionals whenever aircon repair symptoms start to show. The key advantages of why should you hire a professional aircon maintenance company in Singapore are discussed below.

Trained and Qualified


When you hire a professional aircon servicing company, they have highly trained and experienced staff who have done servicing or repairs to any type of air conditioner.

Cost Efficient

Since the maintenance staff is experienced and well equipped they are less likely to make mistakes, so no repairs are required.



In contrast, the maintenance crew is well trained and well equipped, so he will take the recommended safety precautions for a specific air conditioner. He will also wear appropriate safety gear and has the latest diagnostic maintenance tools to complete the maintenance work quickly and safely. This is one of the points to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company.



To avoid common aircon maintenance mistakes, it is best to hire a professional. They are reliable and offer warranties for their services.

Provides Comprehensive Aircon Maintenance Services


If the property owner is already using a professional for aircon maintenance, the service provider can be asked for advice like aircon energy saving tips.



Whether you have an inverter or a non-inverter aircon, aircon maintenance is important as it can increase your aircon’s lifespan. Moreover, if you have regular aircon maintenance you could spot underlying issues and address them immediately. Contacting a professional aircon maintenance service company like DW Aircon Servicing Singapore is the best choice. We will clean the aircon parts thoroughly, and the whole unit will be checked – these are the things you could expect during aircon maintenance. Feel free to contact us today and we will be able to do an aircon maintenance for you in no time.


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