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Aircon Not Cold

Aircon Not Cold

Your air conditioner must be circulating cold air as efficiently as possible especially when the heat is overwhelming so that you can remain comfortable.

Besides ensuring that your home is as refreshing as possible, knowing why your aircon is not cold and how to repair it can help you avoid other common aircon issues.

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Reasons Why Aircon Not Cold

Here are some common reasons why your aircon is not cold. Some of these issues are usually very minor and can even be addressed without the help of a professional aircon company. If you are uncomfortable trying to solve some of these issues on your own, you should contact a professional aircon service provider.


  1. Low on Aircon Gas

Coolant is used to cool the warm air, but insufficient coolant will make the cooling less effective. An aircon gas top-up is needed to ensure cooling is optimal.

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  1. Clogged Air Filter

Dirt and debris will block the air filter and cold air will not be able to pass through easily. Cleaning the air filter will get rid of dirt and debris for better cooling.



  1. Filthy Condenser Coils

Built up dust and other residue on the aircon’s condenser coils will decrease aircon efficiency.


  1. Clogged Evaporator

The build-up of dust in some cases when the evaporator freezes, air is blocked from moving within the system. Regular aircon servicing, at least once a year, with a chemical overhaul goes a long way in preventing the build-up of dust or debris in the aircon or in some cases when the evaporator coil freezes.



  1. Leakage of Coolant or Refrigerant

A leaking pipe causes coolant to leak out causing cooling to be less effective. A coolant leak is also an aircon emergency must be attended to quickly



  1. Faulty Thermostat

This causes users not to be able to adjust their aircon to the desired temperature on their manual or programmable thermostat.


  1. Faulty Capacitor

The capacitor is needed to start the compressor so if the air is warm, the compressor is not powered on.



  1. Damaged Ductwork

Perforation or blocked ducts could cause the air not to be released from the installed aircon.


  1. Faulty Printed Circuit Board

The printed circuit board is needed to work together with the thermistor to monitor temperature and send power to the compressor.

PCB Replacement Aircon Repair DW Aircon Servicing Singapore Commercial Building Woodlands


  1. Damaged Thermistor

A faulty thermistor will be unable to monitor the temperature to monitor the air temperature. This would require a thermistor replacement.


  1. Damaged Compressor

A faulty compressor will cause the condenser to be unable to cool the air as it is needed to spread the refrigerant.


  1. Broken Fan

The air will not be blown out in the desired manner or in more serious cases, the air will not be blown out at all if the fan motor is damaged.



  1. Frozen Condenser Unit

A frozen condenser unit causes the air released not to feel cold. Carrying out aircon maintenance and repairs will help resolve this issue.



  1. Incorrect Size

Uninformed buying decisions could cause the aircon not to be cold due to insufficient cooling.


How to Fix Your Aircon Not Cold Problems


If you think your aircon is not cold but the parts within the aircon is still working, here are some steps you can take to identify and solve the problem. Do be wary however, and take the necessary steps to avoid other problems arising.


Check the thermostat

Check the thermostat again as sometimes the system might not have adjusted the temperature.


Inspect your Aircon’s Circuit Breakers

If a power trip occurs when turning on the aircon check the aircon’s circuit breakers and call an aircon maintenance company to do aircon wiring repair.


Clean your Aircon Unit’s Filters


Dirty or clogged air filters can block the path of the air and cause inefficiency. It is important to clean the aircon filters as well, so it does not cause other issues like an aircon leak.


Check for Signs of Ice Buildup Inside your aircon

Ice buildup within any part of the aircon will cause issues as the parts will not function properly. Usually caused by a damaged fan blower belt, engaging an air conditioning service to replace it is the best option.


Ways to Avoid Aircon Not Cold Issues


Aircon Manufacturers claim that aircons can last over a long period of time so here are some ways to help make it last.

  • Ensure periodic maintenance of the aircon, preferably at least once a year.
  • Inspect your aircon at least once a month to check if it is functioning optimally.

You can take the steps mentioned to try and troubleshoot the problems. If you are uncomfortable with doing them yourself, always approach a professional service provider. If you’re looking for a service provider to attend to all your aircon needs, then we highly recommend you contact DW Aircon Singapore. We provide a wide range of aircon services at reasonable prices. So, in case you experience any aircon issues, be sure to contact us at once.


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