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Aircon Repair Service in Singapore

With Singapore’s hot climate, it is almost impossible to carry out daily activities without air conditioning. However, the constant usage of air conditioners over time without proper aircon maintenance may lead to a variety of aircon problems. Before you can begin to repair your air conditioner, the first step is to get a qualified aircon professional to have a look at it and give a diagnosis of your current situation. Instead of letting a non-functional aircon put you and your loved ones in uncomfortable situations, you are better off having a professional aircon repair technician in Singapore fix it for you. At DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we carry out thorough troubleshooting of common aircon issues or inspections along with a range of aircon services.


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5 Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair/Replacement

Noticing any signs that the aircon is due for repairs keeps your air conditioner functioning properly with a quick and efficient aircon repair whenever you need it. Not all signs of due repairs are obvious at first glance. However, you will be better equipped to identify 5 signs that your aircon needs repair or replacement.

Obvious dirt outside the unit


Check around your air conditioning unit to see if there are loads of dirt close to the outdoor unit. If there is a lot of dust or debris around your air conditioner, it is an indication that you may need to repair your aircon in the future.

Aircon not cooling


The most obvious sign that you are in need of aircon repair is when you are unable to feel the coolness of the aircon when it is working. Most times, the cause may be something that professional aircon services can fix without you having to go through the hassle of doing an aircon replacement.

Increasing electricity bill

Another sign that will tell you your air conditioner is faulty will be an increase in your monthly electricity bills. Faulty air conditioners consume more electricity than normal and this may cost you lots of money. In order to avoid experiencing such situations, it is important to schedule regular aircon servicing.

Unnatural shutdowns 


When your aircon shutdowns unexpectedly and also quite frequently, you can be sure that this is a clear sign that it needs a repair. It may be due to a circuit problem or its wirings.

Bad odors

When you notice your aircon producing bad smells, you should be calling an aircon repair company immediately. The reasons why the aircon smells bad may be a result of gas leakage, an inability of the filters to keep out allergens, or a sign that mold and other microbes are growing in the unit.

Knowing the signs your aircon needs either a repair or replacement is important as it can help you decide if an aircon repair or a replacement is necessary. Additionally, it is essential to know the symptoms that indicate an aircon repair is necessary.


Aircon Repair Symptoms

There are a variety of reasons why your aircon unit is experiencing problems – while some may just need a gas top-up, other units may require an aircon chemical overhaul. Nevertheless, every homeowner should be familiar with the different aircon repair symptoms. Do not  hesitate to call a reliable air conditioner repair company as soon as you notice these aircon repair symptoms:

Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air


Your aircon unit can be experiencing a weak airflow, which leads to your aircon not being cold or it might be blowing out hot air. Oftentimes, symptoms like these indicate a faulty system compressor and capacitor, or even a blown fuse. Whatever it is, get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent worse aircon problems like a refrigerant leak.

Gas Pipe Leakage

In some cases, the unpleasant odor of poisonous Freon gas is quickly noticeable when the aircon leak is happening from your indoor unit. However, you might have to check your outdoor compressor unit for such smells.

Remember to also inspect the pipes and look out for some stains as this can also be a sign of an aircon gas pipe leak. Lastly, you can also check for whistling sounds coming from your thermostatic expansion valve, which suggests low refrigerant levels.

Water Leakage


An aircon water leakage can also display itself on either the indoor aircon unit or the outdoor compressor. You may be noticing water dripping from your fan coils or ice building up on your copper refrigerant lines. 

Aircon Unit Switching Off Automatically


An aircon that switches off by itself can be caused by various problems stemming from not carrying out regular air conditioner servicing. A dirty aircon compressor or condenser can lead to overheating, which then prompts the system to shut itself down. Are you still experiencing this problem despite getting your aircon regularly cleaned? Well, the issue might be from your thermostat. A broken thermostat will not be able to correctly gauge the temperature of your aircon, which can cause it to shut down automatically.

Blinking Light

There are times when you may notice your aircon light blinking and wonder how to fix it. Take this blinking light as a warning sign that your aircon is experiencing problems that require immediate attention. Just take note that it can be due to the following problems:

  • A faulty compressor
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Electrical issues
  • Dirty filters

Compressor Not Running


Check that the start relay, the capacitor, valves, and terminal connections are functioning per normal. Otherwise, you will need to engage in the services of professional aircon services to solve the issue.

Generating Noise

If your aircon is noisy, this could very well be a result of a belt slipping out of place or other aircon parts that need to be lubricated. Get an experienced aircon technician to look into the issue and troubleshoot common aircon issues.

Releasing Foul Odour


If you are noticing a pungent smell from your aircon and think that it is nothing to worry about – remember that air conditioners aren’t supposed to release a foul odour. The odour can either come from burnt wiring that should be replaced immediately or moldy ductwork.

After knowing the aircon symptoms that require aircon repair services, knowing how to troubleshoot these common aircon issues can help your aircon’s performance.


Troubleshooting Common Aircon Issues

Occasionally, there are issues with the aircon, especially if the aircon has been around for a number of years. Troubleshoot common aircon issues early by opting for an aircon servicing contract in Singapore will ensure that you stay comfortable during the warmer months. With this being said, here are a few common problems that may occur with your aircon.

Aircon not turning on


As you turn on the unit, is it silent? Are you unable to feel or hear anything? In such situations, the blown fuse and circuit breaker should be replaced/reset. Sometimes, air conditioners will not turn on if there are thermostat issues or loose wires. In such cases, you must hire a professional aircon repair service.   

Suspected faulty thermostat

These glitches can be prevented with periodic maintenance. If the thermostat gives a low reading and the aircon does not start, you must call for a professional aircon service. They will advise you whether to replace or recalibrate the device.

Room not cooling down

If your home/room is not cooling enough, you must have the cooling component inspected, particularly the refrigerant level – as this might be one of the reasons why your aircon is not blowing cool air. In fact, low refrigerant levels can result in the sticky air. The right amount of refrigerant is required to control humidity and heat in the air.

Aircon Heating up

Heating issues are caused by faulty condensers. The condenser plays an integral role in the air conditioner. It removes heat and releases it outdoors. With excess soot, pollutants, and dirt, the condenser has to work harder to remove heat. This is when the aircon starts to wear and tear.

Mentioned above are the ways you can troubleshoot common aircon issues that you might face. However, this might not be enough as it is advised that you also know some useful aircon repair tips for your home.


Useful Aircon Repair Tips For Every Household

The air conditioner is an essential part of your home and by chance, if it faces any problem, you may find yourself in a bit of a hot situation. Before you get to any aircon company in Singapore for air conditioner repair, here are a few useful aircon repair tips for every household that will come in handy. However, remember that if the problem still persists then it is best to get to a professional aircon specialist who will take care of your air conditioner and aircon repair issues. 

Keep your Aircon Conditioner clean


If you can maintain your aircon,  you will find that it performs better and you will not require aircon repair in Singapore. Regular aircon servicing can help in keeping your aircon clean. Clean the filter once every 15 days. The pipes should also be cleaned as a dirty pipe cannot make the air quality good. You can try bleach cleaning the pipe. Do not forget to clean the fan blades and condenser fins when you are cleaning the aircon – these are some things you can expect from a professional aircon servicing.

Look out for thermostatic trouble

Thermostat issues with your air conditioner may cause you distress. There are certain tips that will help you in managing the thermostat better such as never keep the thermostat temperature above room temperature and changing the battery.

Check out the compressor

The main problem that almost all compressor faces is ice build-up. Hence, you must replace the contractor tube. There is another way to defrost the compressor and that is by resetting the whole system. You will need to turn off the whole system from the meter box. Once defrosting is done, you can start it again.

Leaking water problem


Most of the time it is found that the aircon is leaking water due to various reasons. Normally, you should call a professional to fix the problem but if you follow DIY guides on YouTube, you can follow how they are doing it and you will find that it is quite simple.

Do not forget the ducts

Conventional aircon in Singapore has its ducts located on its external aircon unit. They are made up of plastic and they tend to get damaged easily. Thus, be careful and clean them at regular intervals if there is debris in them, the aircon may not function properly.

These are the basic steps that can help you manage and maintain your aircon without any professional help. It is recommended to engage a professional aircon repair services if you need help as there are various aircon repair types.


Aircon Repair Types

Aircon units are prone to breakage over time and with this, they will also require repairs. When it comes to carrying out an aircon repair, not only should one be aware of the range of aircon repair symptoms, but also the types of aircon repair available. The following are the various types of aircon repair.

Aircon Leak Repair

Air conditioning units will tend to experience leakages from either the indoor unit or the outdoor condenser unit. With this, it is deemed a common aircon repair issue especially when a unit does not undergo regular aircon servicing. However, the key issue here is not the leak itself, but rather how to spot the leak. Only professional aircon services can spot the leak and at the same time know how to resolve it.

Compressor Repair/Replacement


Since this system will run every time you turn your aircon unit, it is likely to experience electrical and motor problems. As this compressor problem requires complicated troubleshooting and repair work, engage in the services of an experienced aircon technician such as DW Aircon Servicing Singapore to solve the issue.

Fan Motor Repair/Replacement

An aircon unit has two fans – the blower and the condenser fan. Like other aircon parts that need periodic care, the fan motor, blades, as well as belts run into some problems after constant usage if you do not clean them regularly.

Circuit Board (PCB) Repair/Replacement

There might be a sudden increase in electric voltage, a shorted wiring, or a short circuit that might occur due to the presence of pests and insects. It is highly recommended to get your PCB checked during aircon servicing. Otherwise, opt for a certified aircon technician to repair it.

Capacitor Repair/Replacement

When capacitors require repairing or replacement, it might be because of an overheating problem. This issue can blow up fuses, which leads to operating problems like sudden shutdowns and humming sounds emerging from capacitors.

Thermistor Repair/Replacement

Immediately get this issue fixed as soon as possible as a broken thermistor will not be able to prompt the PCB to turn on the compressor.



If you are opting for an aircon repair, do consider the points mentioned above such as the signs that your aircon needs a repair, useful tips for every household, and the type of aircon repair. If you require assistance in repairing your aircon, acquire aircon repair services from DW Aircon Singapore. We can help diagnose and recommend the best solution for your aircon needs.


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