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Aircon Repair

Aircon Repair Service in Singapore

Sometimes, your aircon may not work as it should or just stop working entirely. Once that happens, you would need to get a professional to do your aircon repair. Before you can begin to repair your aircon, the first step is to get a qualified professional to have a look at it and give you a diagnosis on the current situation. We are the specialist in aircon repairs and can identify and solve all kinds of aircon repair issues, including faulty aircon PCB, aircon thermistor, aircon fan motor and more. All we need is to have a inspection or troubleshooting of your aircon problem.

Instead of letting a non-functional aircon put you and your loved ones into uncomfortable situations, you are better off having a professional aircon repair technician in Singapore fix it for you. At DW Aircon, we are a local company that have technicians available to help you with aircon repairs, installation and maintenance services.

Why could your air conditioner stop working?

Aircon troubleshooting can reveal a lot of reasons why an aircon isn’t working properly. Sometimes, it could be that there is a foreign body lodged in the system, an accumulation of fine dust gathered over a period of time or even a damaged compressor. In most apartment complexes in Singapore, the air conditioners sometimes break down from old age. No matter the reason why your aircon stopped working, the team at DW Aircon are equipped to provide you with the best in aircon repair service in Singapore.

Aircon Servicing

Quality air conditioner repair in Singapore

Having a broken air conditioner can make you and your family and even business partners uncomfortable. Asides from getting your aircon back to full working condition, we also assist with routine maintenance of air conditioners.

DW Aircon has experienced air conditioner repair technicians that can be on-site quickly to troubleshoot the problem with your aircon and carry out competent repairs with high-quality replacement parts. We can also check your other air conditioners to see areas of improvement to increase efficiency and energy saving of your air conditioners.

Our aircon repair experts have all the required industry licenses that ensure that they are well qualified and experience enough to put in high quality service to your home or business. Whether residential or commercial systems, we will ensure that you have the right equipment to keep everyone cool at all times.


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We are your best option for a full suite of aircon repair services in Singapore. We can have highly skilled technicians at your residence or business within short notices to help you put your house in order with minimal intrusion of your normal daily activities.

Not only are we going to provide you with excellent aircon repair services, we support all appointments with after-sales support and follow up to ensure that all repairs and installations are working optimally and covered within manufacturer’s warranty.

Don’t let the Singapore’s heat make you uncomfortable when your aircon breaks down. Call us today at +65 6653 2988 for a free consultation to help you save money on your next aircon repair in Singapore. We offer a service guarantee for all our services to make sure that you have confidence in all our works and its outcome.

Aircon Repair