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Aircon Repair Service in Singapore

With Singapore’s hot climate, it is almost impossible to carry out daily activities without air conditioning. But constant usage of air conditioners over time without proper maintenance may lead to a variety of aircon problems. Before you can begin to repair your air conditioner, the first step is to get a qualified aircon professional to have a look at it and give a diagnosis of your current situation.

Instead of letting a non-functional aircon put you and your loved ones in uncomfortable situations, you are better off having a professional aircon repair technician in Singapore fix it for you. At DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we carry out thorough aircon troubleshooting or inspection along with a range of aircon services.

Have you ever wondered what kind of symptoms may trigger the need for an aircon repair? Let us guide you through several signs suggesting the need for an aircon repair, tips on how to handle an aircon emergency, and some aircon projects we’ve done.


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Signs Your Aircon Needs Repair

It is common to experience a couple of aircon problems over a period of time, especially when you have an old AC unit. While some signs are more obvious than the rest, it is important to get your aircon fixed by a professional technician as soon as possible when certain issues occur.

Here are aircon repair symptoms to look out for to find out whether you need an aircon repair:


  • Water Leakages
    • Water leakages from air conditioners can cause a major annoyance to owners. Not only will you have to deal with cleaning up the water leakage on the floor, but you also have to put up with the sound of water dripping out of the aircon unit. There are several reasons why a water leaks out of an air conditioner. However, these reasons often cannot be identified by owners, which makes troubleshooting by a profession aircon technician When leakages are not immediately taken care of, molds may grow on certain parts of the unit, which may lead to further problems and eventual aircon replacement.
  • Not Turning On
    • Does your aircon unit refuse to work even after being turned on? If yes, then you might have a situation. This problem usually results from a blown fuse or a circuit breaker tripping. As such, both need to be replaced and reset. If these methods still do not work, then there might be a problem with your thermostat. It could also be that there is a foreign body lodged in the system, an accumulation of fine dust gathered over a period of time or even a damaged compressor. In most apartment complexes in Singapore, the air conditioners sometimes break down from old age. A trusted aircon technician will be able to fix this for you.
  • Bad Odour
    • Suffering from a smelly aircon? Irregular aircon maintenance may result in an accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime in your unit or a clogged aircon drain. These causes may then lead to the unit releasing a bad odour.


  • Freezing Up
    • You might need an aircon repair once ice starts to form on your AC unit. In fact, a study revealed that 70% of aircon repair companies in Singapore are hired just to fix air conditioners that have ice build-ups. There are many reasons behind ice build-ups, and it is crucial to get an experienced technician for the air conditioning repair.
  • Does Blow Out Cold Air


  • Blows Out Warm/Hot Air
    • Sometimes, aside from the lack of cold air, air conditioners also noticeably blow out warm or hot air. This may happen because of malfunctioning refrigerants, thermostats, or compressors. A dirty air filter and improper maintenance of the aircon unit may also cause this issue.
  • Increase in electric bill
    • A sudden spike in your electric bill might suggest that you already need an aircon repair. Faulty air conditioners that result from bad installation or a lack of aircon maintenance will consume more electricity. Be sure to work with a reliable and professional aircon specialist to avoid such problems in the future.
  • Weak Airflow
    • Is your aircon not blowing enough air as it used to? It’s time to get an aircon repair. Such issues may arise from the fan motor, the air duct, evaporator coil, or even your aircon air filter. To ensure proper functioning, immediately contact a trusted aircon specialist.
  • Sudden shutdowns
    • Does your unit keep turning off by itself? That’s one sign that you need to get your aircon fixed. Loose wirings, a dirty evaporator and unit, as well as a frozen condenser, are just some factors contributing to this aircon problem.


  • Generating Noise
    • Different noises generated by air conditioners signify different problems. Don’t wait too long before bringing this up to a professional technician that can fix your aircon.

What to Do During an Aircon Emergency

Aircon breakdowns can be extremely troublesome especially when living in a humid country like Singapore. It is crucial to contact an experienced technician to solve aircon emergencies, but you can also carry out inspection by following these steps while waiting for them to arrive.


  • Check the Circuit Breaker
    • Ensure that the circuit breaker has not tripped. This is the usually the first inspection done by most air conditioner repair companies.
  • Do Not Engage in DIY Aircon Repair
    • One of the most important steps to not try to fix the aircon by yourself. Always get an experienced aircon specialist. You might be tempted to follow online guides and tutorials to solve the problem, but this may only exacerbate the issue.
  • Call an Experienced and Professional Aircon Specialist
    • Air conditioner companies tend to charge more for emergency calls, especially after normal business hours. However, it is important to engage their services in order to properly solve the issue.

Types of Aircon Repair Services

Different aircon symptoms require different kind of repair services. It is important for your aircon technician to know the necessary steps to carry out to solve your aircon issue.

Take a look at some of the aircon repair types that we offer.


  • Fan Motor Replacement
    • This aircon repair service ensures that your air conditioner’s fan motor is working properly to prevent the compressor from overheating.
  • Welding Works
    • Welding works are necessary to fix aircon coils that have been damaged over time.


  • Circuit Board (PCB) Replacement
    • Introduction of a high voltage that goes beyond a circuit board’s threshold might eventually damage it. In a case, an aircon circuit board (PCB) replacement is required for proper aircon functioning.
  • Capacitor Replacement
    • Overheating due to a continuous usage of an air conditioning unit might damage a capacitor. You will need a professional aircon technician to carry out the replacement.

  • Condenser Replacement
    • If you experience frequent aircon breakdowns due to poor installation, you might have to replace your condenser. This can be done by an experienced aircon specialist.
  • Thermistor Replacement
    • A thermistor is a kind of temperature sensor is an important part of an air conditioning unit as it ensures that the aircon is functioning at the correct temperature.

Commercial Aircon Repair

As a business owner or manager, you should pay attention to several aspects of your working environment. Not only is this done to keep your employees productive, but also to engage your clients. One important factor that contributes to a comfortable atmosphere is a quality air conditioning system. Hence, make sure to avoid these common commercial aircon repair problems:

  • Rattling, Buzzing, or Whistling Noises
    • A poorly maintained air conditioning unit will start showing aircon repair symptoms one by one. Often you would hear buzzing, rattling, or whistling noises while the air conditioner is running – no one likes to hear those sounds while they’re at work!

commercial air conditioning repair dw aircon servicing singapore

  • Capacity Problems
    • Just like any installation works, getting an inexperienced technician to install your air conditioner unit might not exactly be a good idea. There are instances where commercial air conditioner units are not properly fitted to cool your desired space. Always engage in the services of a professional aircon technician to effectively assess your commercial space and install the right aircon size at an affordable air conditioning compressor repair cost.
  • Reduced Air Quality
    • Commercial aircon units in offices should be clean, properly installed, and free of pollutants. If you start to notice odour being released from your air conditioner, then this highly suggest a problem with air quality. A professional aircon technician should be able to conduct commercial aircon repairs and keep your air conditioner running smoothly in no time!

air conditioning compressor repair cost dw aircon servicing singapore

  • Inconsistent Airflow
    • When your commercial air conditioner unit has an inconsistent airflow, you might experience a noticeable change in temperature when moving from one room to another. This problem takes place when there are leaks or cracks in your commercial aircon ductwork as such leaks prevent the consistent distribution of air in all the rooms.

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