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Aircon Servicing Contract

DW Aircon Air conditioner servicing Contract in Singapore

At DW Aircon, we pride ourselves in offering only the best aircon maintenance in Singapore at the most affordable prices. Our aircon servicing contracts give you the most attractive and flexible service plans, specially designed to provide residential and commercial users with fresh and hygienic indoor cool air that will help us to cope with the warm climates of Singapore. We have various quarterly subscription plans so do drop us a call to enquire or visit our current aircon servicing promotion page.

50% Off Aircon Servicing Promotion

We are currently holding a 50% discount for our quarterly aircon servicing package. If you are a first-time customer, sign up for our aircon servicing contract and you will get to enjoy 50% off pricing for your first aircon servicing with us. Regular aircon servicing is important to ensure that your aircon runs at optimal performance for lower energy consumption. Find out more about our promotion below or WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for assistance now!


Why should you choose an aircon servicing contract?

Our aircon servicing contract helps to guarantee that you, your family, friends, or clients get access to the top aircon servicing in Singapore. Our air conditioner maintenance package in Singapore is designed to provide residential or commercial customers access to aircon maintenance services anytime they need it without worrying about payment.

Aircon Servicing

What does our aircon servicing contract cover?

Our varying packages include some or most of the under listed services depending on your preference and pricing options. Our scope of work includes but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning of external front covers, air filters and panels of air conditioners
  • Cleaning of fan blades and blower wheels
  • Cleaning of the evaporator coils in the air conditioning unit
  • Inspection and flushing of condensation water drainage pipe of air conditioners for dirt and debris
  • Inspection of major electrical connections for safety and correct circuiting
  • Checking for causes of uncommon noises generated during the operation of air conditioners
  • Inspection and lubrication of blower fan motors and much more

Aircon Servicing Contracts are Ideal for commercial Clients

A regular schedule for your Air conditioner maintenance will ensure that your unit is not hampered by the 5 percent decrease in efficiency that is associated with the accumulation of dirt and heat particles in your unit.

An annual maintenance also helps to optimize performance and lower the chances of destruction attributed to the damage of other components from continuous heating that occurs inside the Air conditioning unit.

Our experienced technicians with over 10 years of service under their belt will also guarantee that only the top performance is served for your cooling options. Our service delivery has a reputation of surpassing expectations with every member of our workforce devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction, always.

Having a service contract also avails you to the best aircon promotions in Singapore when you want to purchase new units or replacement parts.

*Please note that out Aircon servicing contracts does not include repairs and replacements for any defective parts of your Air conditioner. Additional charges to cover the cost of repairs and part replacement will be advised at time when these are discovered.


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