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Aircon Servicing

Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Always experiencing recurring aircon problems? It’s high time that you opt for regular aircon servicing to ensure optimal performance of your AC unit.

Most homes and offices in Singapore rely on air conditioners to provide a more conducive environment. However, aircon owners often overlook the fact that their AC units still need regular aircon servicing in order to function efficiently, despite several myths you’ve heard about it.

You might be tempted to conduct your own aircon maintenance, but it is better to work with a reputable and trusted aircon servicing company like DW Aircon Servicing Singapore to ensure proper and quality service. Sometimes your air conditioner is already faulty and servicing it will not help, in such cases you should request for Aircon Repair Services.



















If you’re still hesitant about getting aircon servicing done, let us guide you through its benefits, how often it should be done, what a regular aircon servicing includes, and some of the aircon servicing projects that we’ve done.

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Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing

Air conditioner owners might not often opt for aircon servicing in Singapore, especially when their AC unit shows no signs of damage. However, a seemingly perfect AC unit still needs regular aircon maintenance.

Not convinced? Here are some benefits of regular aircon servicing.:

Aircon Servicing Contract

  • Cleaner Air
    • Most aircon servicing routines include a thorough cleaning of air filters that have accumulated dust and pollutants over a period of time. Clean air filters ensure healthy air circulation indoors, which then prevents any spread of bacteria that can trigger health issues such as allergies.
  • Prevent Bad Odours
    • Bad odours usually result from the accumulation of bacteria in an air conditioning unit. This can easily be prevented by regular aircon servicing done by a trusted and professional aircon technician.
  • Longer Life Span
    • Regular aircon servicing not only prevents the spread of diseases, but it also guarantees a longer lifespan for your air conditioning unit. Aircon maintenance usually involves routine checks ensuring that every part of the AC unit is working properly. Through such inspections, small issues can immediately be fixed, which then improves the performance of your air conditioning unit.
  • Cheaper Repair Costs
    • High performing air conditioning unit that is regularly maintained can prevent major aircon problems, such as leakages, that may lead to costly AC repairs. Sure, you might need to dish out some cash for routine aircon servicing, but you’ll get more savings in the long run!

Aircon Servicing

  • More Environmentally-Friendly

Signs That Your Aircon Needs to Undergo Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Noticing certain malfunctions? Here are some signs showing that you need to conduct regularly aircon servicing for your unit.

  • Generating Noise
    • Noise coming from an air conditioning unit might be a sign of a variety of aircon problems. Don’t delay aircon servicing once your notice any strange sounds from your AC unit.
  • Poor Cooling Performance


  • Sudden Shut Downs
    • Loose wirings, a dirty evaporator and unit, as well as a frozen compressor, can lead to sudden shut downs. Such problems can be prevented when aircon servicing is done regularly.
  • Bad Odour

    • There are many reasons behind a smelly air conditioning unit. In order to ensure that such cases are prevented, regular aircon servicing is advised to inspect any leakages or remove any accumulated dust in the unit.
  • Higher Electricity Bills
    • If you’re noticing a surge in your electricity bills, then it might be caused by a malfunctioning aircon that operates inefficiently. It is important to immediately contact a professional aircon technician to conduct the aircon servicing.

How Often Should You Do Aircon Servicing?

When an air conditioning unit is used every day, it is advised that you engage a trusted aircon servicing company at least every two months. Otherwise, quarterly aircon servicing is enough to keep it in good shape and to ensure that costly aircon repairs are avoided.

What is included in a General Aircon Servicing?

DW Aircon Servicing offers more than just normal aircon cleaning. Our professional AC servicing includes cleaning of aircon front covers, filters, evaporator fin, drainage tray, and blower wheel as well as vacuuming of the water drainage pipe. In addition, we also conduct a routine check for the following:

  • All electrical components
  • Controller
  • Thermistor
  • Swing motor
  • Uncommon noise problem
  • Water leakage problem
  • Odour from aircon breeze
  • Test blower air flow level
  • Test air flow temperature level

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Choose DW Aircon Servicing Singapore For Premium Aircon Servicing

After prolonged usage, aircon filters often accumulate dust and bacteria, which leads to reduced efficiency. At DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we can help you prevent system breakdowns as well as improve air quality and the efficiency of your aircon. Despite the range of aircon servicing prices out there, it is still considered cheaper to opt for regular aircon servicing in Singapore rather than constantly spending money on repairs to fix common aircon problems.

For your cheap aircon servicing in Singapore, DW Aircon Servicing Singapore is your contractor of choice. We offer premium quarterly subscription aircon servicing packages done by professional and experienced technicians. Aside from conducting the best aircon servicing in Singapore, we also offer a range of aircon services like aircon repairs, aircon chemical wash, aircon installation, aircon gas top-up, and many more!

With our range of successful projects and satisfied customers, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

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