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Commercial and Industrial Aircon Services in Singapore

Commercial and Industrial Aircon Services in Singapore

A comfortable working environment wouldn’t be possible if not for air conditioners. However, while it gives us a more conducive area to work in, it also needs to undergo routine servicing or worse, get repaired.

Whether you’re moving into a new office or in need of a commercial aircon repair, it is important to engage with a reliable aircon specialist to get the best commercial air conditioning services available in Singapore. At DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we offer quality commercial and industrial aircon services with reasonable pricing.

Commercial and Industrial Services we offer:

With our top-notch commercial and industrial aircon services, you’ll be assured to receive quality aircon work for your office.


Aircon Installation

Looking to install new commercial air conditioners at your office? DW Aircon Servicing Singapore offers a range of aircon installation packages including VRV and VRF systems.

Our professional aircon specialists are highly equipped with the necessary skills to install all kinds of commercial and industrial air conditioners in Singapore. Whether it’s a cassette aircon, fan coil units, or VRV and VRF systems, we’ve got you covered!

With our reliable and experienced technicians, you can only expect the best aircon installation service in Singapore, delivering quality work with great detail and efficiency.


Routine Aircon Maintenance

Our routine commercial aircon maintenance service will ensure that your office air conditioners are in tip-top condition. Making sure that commercial and industrial air conditioners are routinely serviced is important in order to detect if there are any malfunctions or problems that need to be addressed. By detecting any possible issues, you’ll be able to avoid more expensive aircon repair costs.

We also offer an aircon servicing contract, providing your office air conditioners with regular maintenance and inspection.



If you haven’t done aircon maintenance for a while, it might be necessary to conduct aircon cleaning to remove dirt that has accumulated over time. Our team of trusted aircon technicians is able to conduct thorough cleaning in order to improve the cooling power of commercial air conditioners. Here are some of the commercial aircon cleaning services that we offer:

  • Chemical Treatment: Chemical washing is necessary from time to time, and with our service, your office air conditioners are guaranteed to be free of dirt that may lead to dust borne infections.
  • Overhaul Treatment: An overhaul treatment can also be done for a more thorough cleaning. This is conducted by disassembling the entire air conditioner, cleaning every component, and reassembling it back again.


Aircon Repair

Is your office aircon not blowing out cold air or are there signs of water leakages? You might want to get your aircon repaired. Our technicians are highly trained to solve any aircon repair services using accurate troubleshooting. Faulty air-cooling systems in commercial areas will not only make employees uncomfortable, which may eventually lead to a decrease in productivity. Engage with a trusted commercial air conditioning repair company like DW Aircon Servicing Singapore to quickly get your aircon fixed!

Reasonable Pricing

At DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we offer quality services at competitive commercial and industrial aircon prices.

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Need a trusted and reliable aircon specialist providing top-notch commercial aircon services? Look no further as DW Aircon Servicing Singapore offers a wide variety of aircon services for all your commercial and industrial aircon needs. From aircon servicing to aircon repair and aircon installation, we deliver quality work like no other! Contact our friendly customer service staff and get honest pricing! Call us now at +65 6653 2988 or email us at We operate from Mondays to Sundays (9am – 9pm).