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Different Types of VRF Systems

Different Types of VRF Systems

The VRF system can surely be considered the most popular system among commercial air conditioner brands. This system is known to be able to provide the desired and the most comfortable temperature that adjusts itself according to the current atmosphere. Do note that a VRF Aircon comes in different systems where each property differs depending on where it’s used. You can find the VRF system in renowned air conditioner brands like Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Samsung, and Fujitsu, just to name a few.

Here are the various types of VRF systems:

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Heat Pump System (2-pipe)

This type of VRF system allows both heating and cooling, but not at the same time. When the indoor unit is in cooling mode, it will work as an evaporator, while when it is in heating mode, then it works as a condenser. This kind of VRF system is mainly used in cellular offices, open plan spaces, and retail stores where both heating and cooling are required.

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Heat Recovery System (3-pipe)

In this type of VRF system, both heating and cooling can be operated simultaneously. In this case, heat will not be rejected and rather, be used. 3 pipes are used in this system coming from a solenoid box that contains plenty of valves. There will be two separate units in which one will work as an evaporator and the other one as a condenser. This kind of system is also used in open spaces like retail shops or serves as an office AC where there is a constant change in temperature.

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Water Cooled VRF System:

This VRF system is most commonly used because of its packaged condensing units that connect to several indoor units using refrigeration pipework. This kind of system operates air-cooled units using a plate heat exchanger for heat. This plate heat exchanger then works to transfer energy into a water loop. This system will be connected to a dry cooler or a cooling tower, which then transfers the heat or the energy to the atmosphere. With this, this kind of VRF system can be installed even in the smallest spaces. This system is also the perfect option if you need to comply with any sort of environmental requirements.

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Gas driven VRF System:

This VRF system is one of the best choices out there when you have limited access to an electric power supply. This VRF system is considered a single phase unit and will be operated by a Calor Gas or a natural gas supply. With one 30 amp single phase supply, it is capable of producing 90kW of heating and cooling. Other benefits of this system also include electrical generation and hot water generation.

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