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Types of Commercial Aircon Systems Used in Offices

Types of Commercial Aircon Systems Used in Offices

If you are thinking of purchasing a commercial aircon, then you definitely need to know the different commercial air conditioner units available in the market.

As commercial air conditioners have different features and functions, pay careful attention to the specific type that you choose. Do some research on the pros and cons of different commercial aircon brands and models in order to find the most suitable one for your office.

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Here are the different types of commercial aircon systems used in offices:

Split Air Conditioning System

Looking for the most affordable commercial aircon in Singapore? Then a split air conditioner would be the best option especially in smaller offices that do not require that much cooling power. Most people choose a split type commercial aircon as it can be used in separate rooms in your office. You’ve probably seen this type of aircon in places like server rooms, retail shops, and cafes.

Additionally, a split aircon consumes less energy unlike other kinds of air conditioners, so you can expect to save a good amount of money on your electricity bill. Aircon installation charges for this kind of unit is also comparatively cheaper.

Lastly, since split air conditioners are installed individually, your entire cooling system will not shut down completely when one unit malfunctions.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning System

If you have happened to have limited space in your office, then a multi-split commercial aircon type would be the best option. Its operation is quite similar to split type air conditioners. However, a multi-split commercial aircon system can be connected to up to 9 indoor units. Hence, it can save you both space and money. With such an air conditioning system, you can install different commercial aircon units in your offices like wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted ones. You can position these units in different areas of your office that the specific unit is deemed fit.

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VRV or VRF Air Conditioning System

For larger commercial premises like hotels, retail shops, bigger offices and mixed-use buildings, a VRF AC system or Daikin’s VRV system would be a better choice. To differentiate, Variable Refrigerant Volume or otherwise known as the VRV system was first introduced in the market by  Daikin as explained in our previous article. Such systems are more efficient and easier to control, which makes it one of the most popular commercial aircon system out there.

Cassette Air Conditioning System

Another space-saving option is the cassette commercial aircon system as they are typically installed in the ceiling. As it blows cold air directly from the ceiling, this air will be evenly spread out throughout the room, hence ensuring comfort for the people inside. A ceiling cassette commercial aircon will be enough for a small office with at least ten to fifteen employees. Aside from being energy-efficient, no ducting is required for this type of air conditioner.

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Centralized Ducted Air Conditioning System

In bigger office buildings such as those found in the central business district, centralized ducted commercial aircon systems are used. While this is a more expensive option, this is considered the most suitable type for larger premises. This is because you can get a perfect balance of temperature and humidity all throughout the area.

Centralized ducted commercial aircon systems also release purified and filtered air that is free from microparticles such as dust, allergens, and bacteria. With this environmentally friendly system, you can ensure healthy air circulation in your office.

cassette commercial aircon dw aircon servicing singapore

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