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Should I Install Mitsubishi Aircon System 3 or System 4?

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Homeowners have invested large amounts in purchasing a house with three or four rooms including the living room. To ensure that friends and family members are comfortable, they would have a suitable aircon installed. In Singapore, the Mistubishi Starmex aircon is one of the most popular aircons due to its compact size, high energy efficiency, and more.

Homeowners searching for a suitable aircon from Mitsubishi often have to choose between Mitsubishi aircon system 3 and Mitsubishi aircon system 4, so it is best to get information about the different features of each model, and their pros and cons. That is why we are providing you a detailed comparison of the Mitsubishi Starmex system 3 and 4, below. 


Understanding Mitsubishi Aircon System 3 and System 4 


To cool a room properly, the installation of an aircon with adequate cooling capacity is needed. Typically when cooling is required for the different rooms of a house, there is one outdoor unit with a condenser for cooling, and wall-mounted units in each room. In the System 3 aircon, there are three wall-mounted units connected to the outdoor condenser.

In the Starmex system 4, suitable for larger houses, there are four indoor wall-mounted units connected to the outdoor condenser. Since the number of wall-mounted units is higher for system 4, a higher cooling capacity condenser of 38,000 BTU is needed, compared to the 28,000 BTU in system 3. 


Factors To Consider When Choosing Between Mitsubishi Aircon System 3 and System 4

Aircon Cost and Budget


The cost of a Starmex aircon system usually depends on the condenser rating and the number of wall-mounted units.

Homeowners with a limited budget usually choose a lower capacity aircon system, system 3 priced at $2,965, and just upgrade it later when they have more funds. Typically they will have the wall units installed only in the rooms they often use, like the living room and bedroom. However, the cost of upgrading later may be higher. Hence, many homeowners prefer to have the System 4 aircon installed, priced at $4,249, though it is more expensive, it is suitable for larger families. 

Aircon BTU Rating and Energy Usage

Mitsubishi Aircon is the best energy-saving aircon in Singapore, so it is just a matter of choosing between system 3 or system 4. The aircon capacity is defined in terms of British Thermal Units. One BTU is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

To estimate the cooling capacity needed for a particular room, the widely used formula uses the area of the room in square feet and multiplies it by 25. So the BTU can be calculated by adding the BTU rating of each of the rooms in the house. Then using the required cooling capacity in BTU, a suitable Starmex aircon system can be selected with the system 3 compressor having a capacity of 28,000 BTU, while system 4 has a 38,000 BTU capacity.


The feasibility of the installation of a particular aircon depends on the budget and space available, especially outside. If the homeowner cannot afford the system 4, he can have the system 3 installed or a cheaper aircon then have an additional system installed later on.

One of the main considerations when installing a Mitsubishi Starmex aircon in Singapore is the availability of a suitable window ledge for installing the outdoor unit. In case the existing window ledge is too small, a suitable ledge needs to be constructed after taking the necessary permissions


Mitsubishi System 3 and System 4 Products

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex MXY-3G28VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE System 3 Aircon

The Starmex MXY-3G28VA2 System 3 Aircon has a condenser unit of 28,000 BTU capacity which is connected to the three MXY-3G28VA2 wall-mounted units of 9,000 BTU capacity each, perfect for small or medium-sized rooms. The system 3 aircon has a five ticks rating for energy efficiency, a five-year warranty on the compressor, and uses a 230 Volt power supply. 

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex MXY-4G38VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE / MSXY-FN18VE System 4 Aircon

Designed for larger homes with an outdoor condenser unit, the Starmex MXY-4G38VA2 System 4 aircon is rated at 38,000 BTU. It is also connected to four MSXY-FN10VE/MSXY-FN18VE with a 9,000 BTU cooling capacity each which is perfect for most medium-sized or smaller rooms. Like other Starmex aircon systems, it has a five ticks energy efficiency rating and other similar features.




Homeowners looking to buy and install a new air conditioner often worry about what aircon is suitable for their homes, with the Mitsubishi Starmex system 3 and system 4 being one of the most popular choices in Singapore. 

You need to estimate the cooling requirement of your home to further help you decide which options to go for, using BTU as a guide. Budget and space is also a key factor in choosing which system is perfect for your home, for small and medium homes, system 3 is suitable which has three MSXY-FN10VE / MSXY-FN18VE wall-mounted units connected to one MXY-3G28VA2 outdoor unit with 9,000 BTU capacity each and 28,000 BTU capacity, respectively. For larger homes, it is best to opt for system 4 as it has four MSXY-FN10VE / MSXY-FN18VE wall-mounted units rated at 9,000 BTU each, connected to an MXY-4G38VA2 outdoor condenser unit rated at 38,000 BTU. 

Knowing which one to get will save you a lot of money in the future since you will not have to have an additional unit installed if you chose to install an aircon system that is inadequate. 


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