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Should You Buy A Mitsubishi Aircon or Daikin Aircon?

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2023)

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Singapore has a tropical climate, with high temperatures and humidity levels. Therefore, it is necessary to install an air conditioner for every property to regulate the temperature for greater comfort. Daikin Aircon and Mitsubishi Aircon are some of the best-selling aircon brands in Singapore with a large consumer base.

Many aircon buyers choose between Mitsubishi Aircon and Daikin Aircon for their property due to the various aircon features offered by the two brands. In addition to Mitsubishi Aircon Singapore reviews, buyers should also compare Mitsubishi Aircon’s specifications and prices with the Daikin Aircon before deciding. Here are some things to consider when comparing Mitsubishi Electric Aircon and Daikin Aircon so that potential aircon buyers can choose the right one.



Mitsubishi Electric is one of the oldest consumer appliances brands today since the company was founded in 1870. The company has extensive experience developing high-quality consumer appliances that can last many years without needing aircon repairs. Hence, Mitsubishi air conditioners are developed after thorough research using high quality and durable components performing well for years. The company also offers a warranty on its Mitsubishi air conditioners, since it is confident in its aircon’s quality.

Although Daikin also offers a warranty on its different aircon models, some of these may not last for a longer time if they are not well maintained.


Energy Efficiency


For a typical Singaporean household, the aircon electricity consumption is a significant part of the total electricity bill. Thus, as a buyer, one of the most important things to consider as a guide to buying an aircon in Singapore is its energy efficiency. Compared to other aircon brands, Mitsubishi claims to be more energy efficient because they are using the latest inverter technology for reducing energy waste.

The inverter will check the temperature settings and the ambient temperature of the surrounding air. This is to adjust the frequency of the current and to reduce energy usage to the extent possible. The aircon has a DC inverter and a DC motor which is also far more efficient than an AC motor, which most aircon brands are using. Additionally, the aircon uses a Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) which makes the waveform of the current wave similar to the waveform of the voltage which increases energy efficiency. The inverter used ensures up to 98% similarity. This is why Mitsubishi Aircon is the best energy-saving aircon in Singapore.

While Daikin’s various aircon models also try to maximize energy efficiency to reduce the energy bill for the users, their aircon’s energy efficiency is usually lower compared to Mitsubishi aircon models.




Over time, dust and debris may accumulate in the aircon. This can adversely affect the efficiency and lifespan of the aircon. If the aircon is not properly maintained, energy bills will increase by almost 45%. Realizing that aircon maintenance affects energy consumption, Mitsubishi Starmex Aircon is designed in a way that they are easy to maintain. Most of the dust will gather in the aircon vents, so the Mitsubishi Starmex aircon is designed with panels that are easy to remove to clean the airflow vents without requiring special training or tools. After cleaning, the panels are also easy to install without any additional equipment. Similarly, the heat exchanger, fan, and other aircon vents can be easily cleaned without added tools. Thus, one of the advantages of installing a Mitsubishi aircon is that aircon maintenance can become part of the normal home cleaning routine.

While it is necessary to clean the Daikin aircon, it is not designed for an individual with no experience and training to clean. A professional may be needed for Daikin aircon maintenance which increases maintenance expenses.


All aircon contain compressors and the airflow can cause various types of aircon noise. This can affect the concentration of those in the room. It can also cause difficulty to sleep at night. Therefore, the Mitsubishi Electric Starmex FN MXY-2G20VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X2 is specifically optimized to reduce noise production. The fan blade has a larger diameter, so the fan speeds are lower. The downward air resistance is also reduced. In addition, the aircon has two rotary compressors which balance each other to lessen the noise and vibration. While Daikin also tries to optimize their aircon to cause less disturbance, it is usually less quiet compared to Mitsubishi.

Air Filtration

In any type of aircon, the same air is repeatedly circulated in the room. If it contains harmful microbes, it causes health problems especially allergies to people inside the house. This is why Mitsubishi Electric Starmex MXY-4G38VA2 / MSXY-FN10VE X3 / MSXY-FN18VE aircon is specially designed with an Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter and Microparticles catching platinum nano filters to remove the harmful microbes that can cause allergies and disease.

First, the enzyme filter is charged with static electricity to remove the harmful microbes and mold. It also has blue enzymes which will trap various allergens like viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and pollen. The enzymes will destroy these allergens by chemically reacting with them to break the protein bonds which cause allergies. In addition to destroying viruses and bacteria, the aircon’s catechin air purifier will deodorize the air. This filter can be easily removed for cleaning and can last up to ten years. The filter has nano-meter-sized platinum ceramic particles for trapping to prevent microscopic dust particles from causing air pollution.

In contrast, Daikin aircon has conventional flyers that are far less efficient compared to Mitsubishi aircon’s multiple filters used to trap dust.


In Singapore, both Mitsubishi and Daikin aircon are some of the best-selling aircon brands. It is important to consider some factors such as aircon’s durability, energy efficiency, maintenance, noise, and air filtration to compare each brand and see which best suits your needs.

If you decide to choose a Mitsubishi Aircon Starmex model to install, Everyhome Singapore offers a diverse range of aircon brands that you can choose from and also get personalized recommendations based on your requirements. Additionally, it is important to engage a professional aircon installation services. They have the necessary skills and provide the right equipment to install your aircon. You can also engage them for other types of aircon services if you encounter aircon issues in the future.


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