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Signs That Your Aircon Needs to Undergo Aircon Servicing in Singapore

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Most good air conditioners can work every day for a long time and no issues would occur. Singapore’s weather makes aircons necessary in every home and they are one of the most hardworking equipment. Inevitably, there will come a time when you need aircon servicing and here are some easy ways to tell.


Poor Cooling Performance

One of the earliest signs that your aircon needs servicing or aircon repair is that it takes longer to cool your apartment than it usually takes. If you notice that your aircon’s performance is slowly deteriorating, you should hire a professional aircon servicing company with many benefits. They will be able to check your aircon unit and recommend a fix.


Weird Noises


A good aircon unit works quite silently. For this reason, you might be wondering why your aircon is making loud noises. After constant running, there will be a noticeable change in the sound level and you may hear some of the common types of aircon noises from either the indoor unit or the outdoor one. At this point, your aircon is due for servicing and you are better off having aircon servicing done quickly to prevent further damage to your unit.


Aircon Switching Off Abruptly

Aircons sometimes go off after a while when the temperature is cool. Aircons that require servicing begin to switch off at shorter intervals than they should typically. This can be caused by a lot of things including damaged circuit breakers, fuses and other electrical fixtures. DW Aircon offers the best aircon services in Singapore and can help you repair your aircon back to full working condition.


Higher Electricity Bills


You must have a general idea of how much you pay for electricity every month. If that amount increases beyond the average, there may be damaged components inside your air conditioner that may be leading to it being inefficient with power. When this happens, you should consult an aircon servicing and maintenance technician who can help you fix this and provide you with aircon energy saving tips. This will ensure you don’t pay unnecessary expenses. In the long run, you will realize how regular aircon servicing will save you money.


Bad Smells from The Aircon Unit

You might be wondering why your aircon is releasing bad odour. There are many reasons why your aircon smells bad. It may be bugs or other creatures stuck in the air filter or a sign that the compressor is damaged. Another reason why your aircon may be smelling badly could be leaking coolants from the unit. These many types of aircon smells could make your house get stuffy as high humidity levels can cause microbes to grow around the house. DW Aircon Servicing Singapore provides a cheap aircon servicing in Singapore to get rid of all bacteria and pathogens in your aircon filter and unit. They will take all the steps to get rid of bad aircon odour. Making sure that your aircon lives more than its recommended number of years is not so hard.


Poor Airflow 


If you notice aircon repair symptoms such as poor airflow, it’s time to have it checked out. There is a great importance for clean aircon filters. With that, a clogged filter or a congested ducting may be to blame for this issue. The ductwork might get clogged if dirt and dust build up in the vent. 

Additionally, a malfunctioning compressor might restrict airflow. Wear and tear on the compressor might occur as a result of long-term usage. It is also a sign that your aircon needs an immediate aircon repair or replacement.

When your air conditioner’s vents aren’t blowing enough cool air, it’s likely that the compressor is to blame. It’s possible that just a few rooms in the house are chilly, in which case the ducting may have a leak or be sized incorrectly. You can expect professional aircon servicing in Singapore to fix this.


Aircon Temperature Issues 

It’s possible that your air conditioner’s cooling function is alright, but the temperature readings are a little wrong. Even though the thermostat is set to a specific value, the actual temperature may vary by as much as 3 to 5 degrees. You should get the thermostats examined for calibration or replaced as soon as possible because this is a sign that your aircon needs servicing.

Dirty coils, damaged electrical components, malfunctioning motor fans, or refrigerant leaks may cause a rise in the temperature of the AC unit. This is one of the reasons to avoid DIY aircon servicing. Instead, get a professional to do the task for you.

You might also be wondering why your aircon is not cold or why your aircon is not blowing out cold air. Your air conditioner’s compressor, on the other hand, is typically to blame when the amount of air coming out of the vent is low. It’s possible that just a few rooms in the house are chilly, in which case the ducting may have a leak or be sized incorrectly. In order to troubleshoot an aircon that is not cooling, contact a professional as soon as possible.


Aircon Leaking 


Always make sure to know if your aircon is leaking water or gas. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, you need to take action immediately. Using a refrigerant that is possibly harmful to both humans and animals is a bad idea.

There are many reasons why an aircon leaks. It’s possible that your drain tube is plugged, which will cause water to leak out of your appliance. It’s not as deadly as a refrigerant leak, but ignoring it might lead to worse issues. The presence of condensation and leaks in your windows are strong symptoms that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. 

A poisonous refrigerant might be pouring out of the unit. Your family’s health is in jeopardy because of the chemicals, and they must be fixed immediately. Second, clogged or damaged floor water drainage drains might cause moisture to overflow.

Even if a water leak is not an emergency repair, it should be fixed to avoid corrosion, mold development, and further prevent aircon leaking water problems. This can be avoided by 90% with regular aircon maintenance. The sooner you identify and fix your air conditioning issues, the better off you will be. Contact DW Aircon right away if you need any help with your air conditioner.



It’s not uncommon for decent air conditioners to last a long period without any problems. With the humid climate of Singapore, air conditioners are a must-have household item. You’ll have to have your air conditioner serviced at some point. Your air conditioner will let you know if it isn’t cooling well, making strange sounds, or changing between on and off modes. There will also be a noticeable increase in power costs, as well as a horrible smell, a lack of ventilation, a malfunctioning air conditioner, and leaks. The sooner you address the situations you need to hire a professional for aircon troubleshooting and maintenance, the better off you will be. Contact DW Aircon right away if you need any help with your aircon concerns. 


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