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The Difference Between Daikin iSmile vs Smile Series

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Daikin has become one of the leading brands of air conditioners worldwide by manufacturing high-quality products at affordable prices. Like many other manufacturers, Daikin is regularly refining their aircon models by showcasing better features and efficiency with every new model they release. Due to the many models they have though, some homeowners planning to buy a Daikin aircon are unsure which one to install especially when choosing between the Daikin Smile series and Daikin iSmile series. If you are among them, you can take note of the key differences between the Daikin iSmile and the Smile series units below. 


Daikin iSmile Series vs Daikin Smile Series

Daikin has almost always been one of the best-selling aircon brands in Singapore, partly due to models such as the Daikin Smile and iSmile units. The Daikin Smile air conditioners were previously among the most commonly installed Daikin aircons due to their quality and energy efficiency. Since then, however, the Daikin iSmile aircons have become more popular due to their use of new technology as well as other innovative features.

Capacity and Outdoor Unit

In smaller homes, a Daikin aircon system that has a low-capacity condensing unit is sufficient. In this case, one model you can consider buying is the Daikin Smile Series MKS50TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X2 Aircon. This comes with a small outdoor condenser with a capacity of 16400 BTU/hr which is more than enough to cool small to medium-sized rooms. It consumes less electricity. 

In comparison, the Daikin iSmile aircons have compressors with a capacity of 36160 BTU per hour. This means they can remove heat twice as fast as the Daikin Smile units. However, this will ultimately depend on your needs as a high-capacity compressor might be excessive if you are only cooling a small room. 

Built-in Smart Control

There are many reasons to purchase a Daikin iSmile unit for your home, among them being its smart features. With a Smile series aircon, you need to configure the unit remotely by using a separate Dmobile adapter that can cost you more than $1000 for one unit. On the other hand, a Daikin iSmile unit like the Daikin MKS80TVMG / CTKS25TVMG X3 / CTKS50TVMG Aircon has built-in smart technologies like a WiFi card which enables users to control the aircon using their smartphones. These units can also collect data and communicate with other smart devices connected to the D’SmartHome app. 

Air Filter


Daikin Smile series units typically feature a Titanium Apatite deodorizing filter that can also be interchanged with the Daikin iSmile’s filters. The iSmile units, on the other hand, utilize PM 2.5 filters which remove all particulate matter sized 2.5 microns or larger. This ensures that contaminants, dust, pollen, and other harmful bacteria are filtered out. Considering the importance of clean aircon filters, such filters will be extremely helpful as they can prevent dirt and other small particles from causing pollution and health problems. However, you should still ensure that the PM 2.5 filter should be replaced every six months or so as part of regular aircon servicing. Doing so helps to make your Daikin aircon more efficient.  



In most aircon buying guides in Singapore, you can find a Daikin aircon being recommended often. Just as they would though when choosing among the many types of air conditioners, homeowners might feel uncertain about what Daikin aircon to buy. 

The Daikin Smile series is an older system. However, it remains highly capable of cooling small to medium-sized rooms. Its compressor can connect to two indoor units with a cooling capacity of 8530 BTU/hr each. Like the iSmile series, it’s also rated 5 ticks by the NEA, making it one of the most energy efficient options. On the other hand, Daikin iSmile aircons have a stronger cooling capacity of 36160 BTU/hr. It also features a PM 2.5 filter and boasts advanced smart features. 

Whichever series you go for, it’s important to ensure that your Daikin aircon is installed properly. This is because you won’t be able to experience its features if the aircon installation is done incorrectly. Thus, make sure to contact reputable professionals like DW Aircon Servicing. We provide exceptional aircon services and have garnered positive reviews for the many projects we’ve completed.


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