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The Importance of A Quarterly Aircon Servicing Package

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It can be quite daunting to deal with issues that arise in air conditioners due to neglecting maintenance work for a long time. Your air conditioner might be working great today it will slowly start showing issues and eventually you will have to spend a lot of money for aircon repair work. Therefore, it is important to choose an aircon servicing package in which you get a complete aircon servicing and aircon chemical overhaul service.

You can choose a quarterly servicing package at the most affordable price in the market and along with that, you will get regular aircon servicing. The key benefits to regular aircon servicing are:


You Will Save Your Money


You will have the support of reliable aircon servicing in Singapore if your air conditioner operates daily. It is a simple fact because if you do not, your air conditioning unit will break down and the repair work will cost quite more than the regular maintenance cost. You can sign an aircon servicing contract with a company that specialises in aircon servicing. Here are some points to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company. Your air conditioner will not consume too much power if maintained properly. Thus, you can prevent expensive repair work and save your money when using your aircon.


No Major System Breakdown Will Take Place

Air conditioners are designed to operate smoothly for a long time. However, make sure to know what to look out for before an aircon installation is done. This will guarantee that the installer helps you choose the ideal system for your family. Every brand clearly suggests a timeframe under which you should hire an aircon technician for aircon maintenance. The top aircon parts that require periodic care are aircon filters, fan coils, drainage pipes, and more. These require proper cleaning because dust and dirt accumulate over these components. If ignored for a long time, you might end up having to troubleshoot common aircon issues, and eventually your aircon will stop working. You will have to spend quite an expensive amount for repairing the aircon as well. Therefore, you should not take such risks if you want to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.


To Ensure the Aircon Will Work Under Hot Weather Conditions


Every employee expects to have a comfortable environment for work, which is why it is so important to know the factors to consider when choosing an office aircon in Singapore or a residential one. If you fail to provide that because of a malfunctioning aircon, it will directly affect the productivity of your employees. Aircon issues will appear during both hot and chilly days. Do not let it happen because your home or office will turn into an inhospitable place. Therefore, it is better to sign an aircon service contract to get frequent maintenance service.


To Maintain a Pleasant Atmosphere in Your Premise


When it comes to improving the internal environment of a house or workplace, the air conditioner and importance of clean aircon filters play a very important role. It filters polluted air and then conditions it according to your needs. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance requirements of the aircon, you will soon wonder why your aircon is releasing odour. Therefore, regular aircon maintenance is necessary.


Better Air Quality 

If your interior air quality isn’t up to standard, your family will notice. Additionally, if you run a business, your customers and staff will too. Commercial and industrial aircon services involve cleaning and replacing filters on a quarterly basis. Your facilities will breathe cleaner, healthier air as a result.


More Optimized Aircon System

A yearly contract allows for more regular maintenance of your system, which enhances its performance. If you have a contract like this, you can rely on the professional aircon service firm to do regular maintenance including filter cleaning and replacement, drainage system vacuuming, evaporator coil cleaning, and blower wheel cleaning as part of their service agreement. The terms of the contract of the annual aircon service contract usually include all of these and other issues. This is how regular aircon servicing can save you money in the long run.


Longer Aircon Lifespan 


One of the importance of a quarterly aircon service package is that air conditioners work better and last longer when they are serviced on a quarterly basis. Even though your air conditioning system’s manufacturer recommends that it last for a long time, if it is neglected, its lifespan will be significantly shortened, resulting in signs that your aircon needs replacement or repair.


More Energy Efficient Aircon 

When you keep your air conditioner in good working order, it functions at its most efficient level. This enables you to control the temperature of your building throughout the year. It’s possible that you’ll save money provided you follow the standard aircon energy saving tips.

It’s important to remember that air conditioner manufacturers are always looking for methods to increase heating and cooling system performance. If your aircon malfunctions, you might be wondering if you should go for an aircon repair or replacement when your unit is malfunctioning. Our technicians may be able to provide you advice on how to improve your system’s performance. 


Comfortable and Consistent Humidity and Temperature Levels 


Apart from following the tips on aircon cleaning, maintenance should be performed on a quarterly basis to ensure optimal performance. With a dirty aircon, you won’t be able to enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer since it won’t be able to work at its maximum capacity.

This is why regular aircon servicing is incredibly important. It is a good idea if you want to make sure that your aircon runs smoothly and comfortably all year round, without having to worry about unexpected issues.

You can choose a package offered by DW Aircon Servicing Singapore. There is a great importance of quarterly aircon servicing packages. DW Aircon offers this at a very reasonable cost that includes frequent servicing of the aircon units.


Contact DW Aircon To Opt For A Quarterly Aircon Servicing Package

A number of points should be noted when engaging an aircon maintenance company in Singapore. These include the company’s dependability and the level of their expertise and license. The contract terms and conditions should also be reviewed to ensure you are receiving a reasonable deal for your money. This will also help you know what you can expect from the professional aircon servicing company. You should spend some time reviewing the contract to discover what the company has to offer and then compare those offers to get the greatest one. The best approach to remain on top of things is to seek excellent services at a reasonable price. 

DW Aircon offers bi-yearly (twice a year), tri-yearly servicing (thrice a year), as well as quarterly servicing. In order to reduce the frequency of air conditioning maintenance, these solutions are perfect. For those who heavily use their air conditioner, the quarterly plan is the best option.

If you’re wondering how often you should schedule aircon maintenance services, we’ve got you covered. As part of our service, DW Aircon will collaborate with you to design a personalized strategy for quarterly aircon maintenance. Any common aircon issues you may have will be taken into consideration by our staff.  We can help you save money on repairs, extend the life of your equipment, and keep your facilities pleasant all year long.



As a result of long-term disregard for air conditioner maintenance, it might be difficult to cope with aircon repair symptoms that may occur. It’s possible that your air conditioner is operating well right now, but with time it will begin to exhibit signs that it needs aircon servicing, necessitating expensive aircon repair work. Because of this, selecting an air conditioning service plan that includes a full air conditioning service and overhaul is critical.

Aircon servicing contracts and packages are available at the most competitive market rates, and they include regular air conditioning service support as well. With this method, you will save money, have fewer significant system failures, and know that your air conditioner will function properly no matter how hot it gets. Additionally, you’ll enjoy improved air quality, a more effective air conditioner, a longer and more efficient air conditioner lifetime, and overall comfort with temperature settings.


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