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The Mechanism of Chemical Wash Aircon Servicing

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The warm temperature of Singapore makes it compulsory for most to use the air conditioner in their offices as well as homes. To ensure that the system runs smoothly, it is important to do regular aircon servicing. Apart from the regular aircon servicing, you should also do an aircon chemical wash in Singapore so that it will keep your aircon system clean and function more efficiently. The life span of the system increases and you can find your energy bills reduced too.


There is certain maintenance work that can be done by you as they are simple, but when it comes to getting your aircon chemically washed, you should always rely on aircon professionals who are experienced and have the skills to perform the procedure. This is mainly because if you do not engage an aircon servicing company but instead attempt to do the chemical washing yourself, the possibility of ruining your aircon is high. If any major component gets damaged, this could lead to your air conditioner experiencing problems such as aircon leaking water or aircon becoming noisy. By getting your aircon chemically washed, you are ensuring that those parts that are not cleaned in normal servicing get cleaned properly.


Most of the time people think that the aircon servicing companies suggest doing aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore as the aircon chemical wash price is normally high. However, you should not fall prey to such facts as a chemical wash will indeed help you maintain your aircon at its best.


Chemical wash procedure

Chemical wash is done to your aircon as such:

  • Brush off any dirt or dust that has accumulated on aircon components such as the front panel, cover, and filters.
  • The components will be sprayed with a chemical solution to penetrate and loosen any dirt, grease, or mold accumulated in the air conditioner unit.
  • They are then flushed off with a high-pressure water hose.
  • To remove any bad odor, the aircon filter will be purified and deodorized.
  • The aircon drainage system will be vacuumed.
  • Check if the air conditioner unit is working well after being chemically washed.


Using chemicals and cleaning them thoroughly may not be easy for hands that do not do them regularly. Thus, it is best that it is handed over to professionals who will perform the chemical washing safely and properly. They are doing this almost every day and they know what will be best for your air conditioner – one of the benefits of engaging an aircon servicing company.

Apart from aircon chemical wash, the professionals will do other maintenance work like checking the thermostat, charging refrigerant, and testing the whole unit. It is best to do a chemical wash at least once a year and that will increase the efficiency of the units.


Benefits of Chemical Wash


Undoubtedly when the chemical wash is done by so many people for so long, there must be certain benefits associated with it. After a chemical wash is completed, you can find that there is a positive change in your air conditioner. It can cool the rooms in no time, just the way it used to do in its earlier days. Your air conditioner will no more emit any bad and foul smell. The chemical wash will clean off the whole system eliminating those particles that were responsible for the smell.

Finally, after chemical wash, your air conditioner will become more energy efficient as it takes less energy to cool down the room.



Getting your aircon chemically washed can bring about benefits such as improving your aircon’s energy consumption as it takes less energy to cool down the room. This in turn will help reduce your monthly utility bills. However, if your aircon is experiencing issues such as water leaking, the aircon is not cold or the aircon is noisy, it is best to undergo an aircon chemical overhaul as it provides a more detailed chemical cleaning of the aircon unit.  Furthermore, the various aircon parts will be checked and if they are defective, they will be replaced or repaired. Do engage an aircon servicing professional if you considering an aircon chemical wash or chemical overhaul for your aircon units.


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