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Things to Know About an Aircon Gas Top Up in Singapore

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Residential and commercial aircons which are not properly cleaned and maintained can suffer numerous problems. Some of these include a broken compressor, dirty ducts, a damaged inverter, and even aircon water leaks. While many of the aforementioned problems can be resolved through an aircon repair or replacement, an aircon gas top up is also a viable solution.


Why Does An Aircon Need A Gas Top Up?


One benefit of an aircon gas top up is that it can enable a malfunctioning aircon to start working properly again. As a matter of fact, this aircon service can enhance an aircon’s ability to distribute cool and refreshing air.

Often, an aircon gas top up is needed when a unit releases unusually warm air. The reason for this is that lack of cold air often results from low refrigerant levels. Take note that an installed aircon condenser needs enough refrigerant to transform heat into liquid. Only when the evaporator receives liquid can cold air be distributed.

At other times, an aircon gas top up is needed when you are experiencing aircon leaking water. Low refrigerant levels often lower the pressure in the aircon system which causes the evaporator coils to freeze. When the ice on the coils melts, water starts building on the drain pan and eventually overflows.

Failing to have an aircon gas top up done can result in significant damage to your unit. When the air conditioner lacks enough refrigerant, it can start overworking. This can eventually cause different aircon components to become damaged and stops you from enjoying aircon energy savings.


The Importance of Aircon Gas and Why You Should Check It Regularly

As mentioned, aircon units require refrigerant gas to distribute cold air. This applies to all aircon regardless of aircon brand or model. Refrigerant gas allows the aircon parts to operate properly and at a normal rate.

Lack of refrigerant gas can cause heat to accumulate inside the condenser. Furthermore, dirt and moisture can build up within the evaporator. When these problems are left unresolved, several aircon emergencies can take place. These include a rusted gas storage chamber, poor air quality, and damaged tubing.

By checking your aircon’s refrigerant gas levels from time to time, you can ensure that it functions smoothly. Moreover, you will be able to prevent damage to its components which would otherwise require expensive aircon repairs. You will also be able to enjoy lower aircon electricity consumption.


Types of Aircon Gas


Though the specific brand of gas an aircon need is dependent on its manufacturer. Most aircon types make use of common gas types such as the following:

  • R-22 Gas – early aircon models are more likely to use this type of gas. In addition, it used to be common among car aircon, mini-split units, portable units, window units, and refrigeration systems. Because of its ozone-depleting content, the usage of R-22 gas has decreased over the years. In fact, its production and use in commercial and industrial aircon have been prohibited.

On average, this type of gas costs $100 to $350 to refill. For older units, the price is estimated at $600 and above.

  • R-410 Gas – also referred to as Puron, most aircon installed today make use of this type of gas. This is because of its reduced environmental impact, low production cost, and its efficiency. On average, it costs $350 to refill. This price may vary depending on unit size.
  • R-404 Gas – although this gas was once considered as an alternative for R-22, its usage in modern aircon installations have been either prohibited or phased out in most countries. This is due to its toxicity and its harmful impact on the environment.

To determine exactly what type of gas your Daikin or Mitsubishi aircon needs, simply look at the seal of its current refrigerant gas or its packaging. Once you have obtained the gas’s brand, model, and model number, you can now order it easily online.

Take note that buying the right type of gas for your aircon is extremely important. If your unit makes use of a type of gas other than the one it requires, it might end up experiencing the following aircon issues:

  • malfunctioning condenser or compressor which can lead to excess moisture
  • noisy aircon
  • low air quality
  • foul odor
  • overheating
  • increased energy consumption


How Is An Aircon Gas Top Up Conducted?

Aircon gas top ups normally do not take very long to complete. In fact, the following steps can be done within an hour:

  1. The technician inspects the aircon’s condition. This includes detecting aircon leaks and other problems which might be causing the unit to malfunction.
  2. After ensuring that there is an inadequate amount of gas, the technicians insert a tube into the small pipe behind the unit. This connects it to a gauge as well as a gas tank.
  3. Next, the technician uses the gauge to measure how much gas needs to be refilled and how much it will cost.
  4. After determining the amount of gas needed to refill and its price, the technician proceeds with the aircon gas top up.
  5. After doing the gas top up, the technician turns on the installed aircon. While the unit runs, they make sure to look out for other aircon repair symptoms that need to be solved.


Important Things You Should Consider When Opting For A Gas Top Up

Here are some important points to consider in case you feel that you require an aircon gas top up:

  • Reputable companies offering an aircon gas top up make sure to do a series of checks before proceeding further. This includes checking for aircon water or gas leaks as well as damaged or dirty components. Any aircon servicing company which fails to conduct this process should be avoided.
  • Well-trained aircon technicians should inspect the type of gas your aircon uses before doing an aircon gas top up.
  • To better manage your budget, be aware of your installed aircon’s type and size before opting for an aircon gas top up.
  • Before you engage an aircon gas top up service, try to confirm if your aircon issues are not being caused by any other defects which might be resolved through a simple aircon repair.
  • It is recommended that you have an aircon gas top up done at least once a year to avoid any problems which might increase your aircon maintenance




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