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Top 3 Best-Selling Inverter Aircon Brands and Their Models in Singapore

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Like other home appliance products, home and office aircon are manufactured by many different brands. However, choosing the right brand to purchase from is important to ensure that your inverter aircon functions properly and remains durable for the long term.  

Whether it be a System 1 or System 2 aircon, purchasing a unit from a well-known aircon brand minimizes the risk of common aircon issues taking place. Furthermore, doing so helps guarantee that you receive the best aircon features available. So with that, here are the top 3 best-selling inverter aircon brands and their models. 




Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese company that has long been among the top 3 best-selling aircon brands. Its high-quality aircon units have been acclaimed due to their reliability and are most commonly used in HDB flats. In fact, customers who want to buy an inverter aircon can choose between multiple options based on their budget, preferred cooling capacity, and required features.  

Among the most recommended Mitsubishi aircon are the models from the company’s Starmex MSXY series due to their energy efficiency and quiet performance. Its single split system units are also notable for the following: 

  • they can be cleaned easily 
  • they incorporate anti-allergy enzymes 
  • they have a system for purifying cold air 
  • they are energy-efficient 




Panasonic is another widely-known manufacturer of inverter and non-inverter aircon that has been in the industry for the past sixty years. This company is notable due to its high-quality air conditioners. Customers interested in installing an inverter Panasonic aircon can purchase a unit from the single split series whose models have been widely lauded for the following: 

  • use nanotechnology to purify absorbed air 
  • use an Econavi sensor, sunlight sensor, and human motion detection sensor to reduce energy consumption based on sun intensity and human movement 
  • provide automatic temperature adjustment to minimize power usage  




Besides Mitsubishi and Panasonic, Daikin has also been among the best-selling international aircon brands. For more than 40 years, this company has produced various models for different air conditioner types which are known to be highly energy-efficient. Besides that, it has provided a wide range of System 1 aircon to System 5 aircon for consumers with different budgets and cooling requirements. Homeowners who want to install an inverter Daikin aircon can choose among their split type models which consist of the following features: 

  • stylish and simple flat panel design which integrates well with different home interiors 
  • intelligent eye motion sensor which provides cooling only when people are present 
  • Economode for greater energy efficiency 
  • quiet performance 



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