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Toshiba Aircon vs Daikin Aircon – Which One Should I Buy


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When a household intends to operate their air conditioner for over 8 hours per day, the energy consumption of the aircon becomes a significant contributor to their electricity expenses. Additionally, buying aircon models is more expensive – compared to most other home appliances. Hence, families who are planning to purchase aircon would like to compare the various aircon brands available.

Daikin and Toshiba are some of the most popular brands of aircon in Singapore. The different features and technology of a Toshiba aircon are compared with a Daikin aircon in the article below to help buyers make an informed decision before buying.


Cooling Effect


Both Toshiba and Daikin aircon products are designed for quick room cooling – using the latest inverter technology, refrigerants, and heat exchangers. However, Daikin aircon is available only in a lower range of power ratings, so the buyer may have to purchase multiple Daikin units if more cooling is required.


Noise Levels

The noise level is compared for both the outdoor and indoor units. The outdoor unit for Toshiba is comparatively quiet generating a noise of 47-50 dB while the Daikin outdoor unit will generate far more noise between 55-58 dB. The indoor units for both Toshiba and Daikin do not produce much noise, and the noise levels are similar between 26-36 dB depending on the model and temperature. In addition, you can consider a guide in buying aircon to help you become wiser in selecting the best aircon to buy.


Air Purification

While both brands of aircon have air filters to remove dust and dirt, Daikin has a better air purifying system with 6 layers to remove allergens and other harmful particles. The magic coil used by Toshiba reduces dust and dirt. These may accumulate on the heat exchanger fins and the self-cleaning fan control unit – preventing mold formation to a large extent. Therefore, the Toshiba aircon installation is less likely to become dirty and require less cleaning.




Toshiba has a wide range of wired and wireless controllers for the aircon which are rated highly by experts. The remote control has large controller buttons and a self-diagnosis feature to troubleshoot and fix problems. Remote sensing is also possible to check the status of the aircon and reduce energy consumption if required. The latest models have a wifi module for remotely controlled via a smartphone or other gadget after installing the relevant app. Just like a Panasonic aircon, Daikin also has an app and a remote aircon controller with a large display for controlling temperature and airflow direction.



One of the aircon energy-saving tips is to buy an energy-efficient aircon. Compressors are an important component of an aircon affecting performance and energy consumption. Toshiba has a major advantage over Daikin since it has developed its own twin and triple rotary compressors which help in attaining higher pressures. Similarly, Toshiba Aircon uses DC converters for its external and internal units.


Which One Should You Buy?

When it comes to selecting the ideal air conditioning system between Toshiba Aircon and Daikin Aircon, determining which one to purchase can be a complex decision. Both brands offer reliable and high-quality air conditioners, each with its own distinct features and benefits. Toshiba Aircon stands out for its energy efficiency and advanced technology, delivering precise temperature control and optimal cooling comfort. On the other hand, Daikin Aircon is known for its durability and innovative designs, providing a wide range of models to cater to diverse needs. Ultimately, the choice between Toshiba and Daikin Aircon installation depends on your specific requirements, budget, and personal preferences. It is advisable to conduct thorough research and compare features, energy efficiency ratings, warranties, and customer feedback for both brands to make an informed decision prior to aircon installation.


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When deciding between Toshiba Aircon and Daikin Aircon, it is important to consider factors such as cooling effect, noise levels, air purification, controllers, and technology. Both brands offer reliable and high-quality air conditioners with their own distinct features and benefits. Toshiba Aircon excels in energy efficiency and advanced technology, providing precise temperature control and optimal cooling comfort. On the other hand, one of the reasons to install Daikin Aircon is because it is known for its durability and innovative designs, offering a wide range of models to meet diverse needs. The choice ultimately depends on specific requirements, budget, and personal preferences. Thorough research and comparison of features, energy efficiency ratings, warranties, and customer feedback for both brands are advisable to make an informed decision. For Toshiba Aircon installation services, families can rely on DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, a professional and trustworthy aircon service provider with experienced technicians who can safely and quickly install various models of Toshiba aircon based on customer requirements and house layout.


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