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Ways to Check Why Your Aircon Is Leaking Water 

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In a country like Singapore, air conditioners are essential appliances to have at home, in the office or in commercial places. With such regular use, it is bound to develop some common aircon issues, especially due to a lack of maintenance. One the most common aircon issues faced is when your aircon is leaking water. As there are quite a few reasons why your aircon may be leaking, this article will help you go through the steps needed to pinpoint the cause, so you may call an aircon service company to help you solve it. 

It is quite normal to see your aircon leaking a few droplets of water, as it is probably a small amount of condensate that has appeared. However, if your aircon starts leaking water that is enough to form a puddle on your floor, then it is a problem. 



Identify the buildup location for water

Before you consider taking your leaking aircon for repair, we advise you to check the location of the water dripping. Run your aircon and see where the leak is sprung. If the water puddle is formed at the front part of the aircon, then the problem could be coming from the internal components. If it was from the back, then it may likely be a drainage pipe issue. 



Check the Filter For Blockage

When the aircon filter is clogged, it limits the flow of air in and out of the system. As such the warm air outside of the aircon unit is condensed on the fan coil but is unable to be blown out as cold air fast enough. The trapped cold condensate will eventually turn to ice that melts, causing the leaking water. 


Perform a normal aircon servicing or call a professional aircon servicing company to do a thorough one to ensure that is undoubtedly clean.



Aircon leak repair water tray installation dw aircon servicing singapore condo river valley

Check the Drainage Tray

The condensate pan or drainage tray may crack or rust due to it being metal and coming into contact with moisture. 

To check for a faulty aircon water tray, use a flashlight to see the drainage tray. The drain pan is inside the air handler. Broken condensate pans will have condensate, debris, or backups.




Check For Low Refrigerant Coolant

Low refrigerant levels in your AC mean there is not enough coolant to cool the warm air into the cold for your aircon to blow out. This will cause the evaporator or condenser coils to freeze and create pressure on your compressor. The ice build-up will eventually melt, causing the aircon to leak water. 


If the cause is indeed low refrigerant levels, then a gas top up to solve the aircon leak is all that’s needed. However, a low level of coolant could also mean that there is an aircon gas leak. A tell-tale sign is if you also hear a hissing noise from the back of your aircon. In this case, you need to call for an emergency aircon service immediately. 



Is It Cold Weather?

It may seem like a dream to switch on the aircon during cold weather or rainy seasons. However, this can actually be more stressful for your aircon. When the outside temperature is cooler, the evaporator fan coils may freeze due to the inability to convert warm air into colder air. As such, it would lead to the same situation as frozen coils, where eventually the ice melts and your aircon leaks water. 


If you find water at the front of the system in the morning after a cold night, then you can turn off the unit whenever it’s cold outside.

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