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What Can You Expect from Professional Aircon Servicing in Singapore?

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2022)

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Investing in an aircon unit from a good aircon brand is not enough. If you want it to last for a longer time, then you have to properly take care of it. How do you do it? It is by simply opting for a regular professional aircon servicing. If you have never opted for a general aircon servicing, then you may be wondering what is the need for it, and what will happen when you go for it? Here are things to expect from a professional aircon servicing in Singapore:


Cleaning of the Following Aircon Parts

When you opt for professional aircon servicing, then they shall clean the following parts:

Aircon Front Covers


The front covers of your aircon – one of the aircon parts that require periodic care, attract more dirt than you can imagine. Professionals will begin by cleaning the front cover of your air conditioner, and you will be surprised at how dirty it was and how healthy it becomes after the process.

Aircon Filters


Over regular usage, your air conditioner collects a lot of debris and dirt, which you will not be able to see. It is only when you get professional aircon servicing will the dust and dirt be efficiently removed to prevent issues like the ice formation in the air conditioner or when your aircon is not cold. Did you know that the aircon fin has to be washed the right way in order to get rid of any mold and dust build-up?

Evaporator Fin

Evaporator fins are located on the evaporator. Air is blown across these fins, where it gets cooled, and then it is sent from the aircon through vents, ducts, and into different rooms. These fins are very delicate and with regular use, they may get bent or even clogged. Either way, it results in major airflow restrictions and decreases the efficiency of the aircon. However, when you go for a regular professional aircon servicing, the evaporator fins shall be cleaned. Therefore, your aircon will not have to exert any extra pressure to work properly.

Drainage Tray

The drainage tray does a thankless job and is mostly neglected. A constant water supply leads to the buildup of algae and fungus on the surface of the tray and can result in a thick coat of slime. This slime can gradually build inside and clog the drain line. Regardless, if you have acquired professional aircon services, then you do not need to worry. The benefit of hiring a professional aircon servicing company is they will take the necessary steps to remove slime away from the tray and make sure it does not return. Thus, your aircon will always work efficiently. They will also check other parts of your air conditioner, ensure each of them works properly, and your aircon will work effectively for a long time.

Blower Wheel


Even if there is a one-eight inch of dirt on your aircon blower wheel it can minimize the airflow by nearly 30 percent. Professionals are aware of this, so during their routine servicing, they will take care of your blower wheel, troubleshoot common aircon issues, and make sure your aircon offers good airflow you can enjoy.


Vacuuming Water Drainage Pipe

During their service, technicians will check if water is dripping or is there any water pooling near your unit. They will also find out if the leakage is from the tubes and pipes present in your aircon unit. They will clean the drain and get rid of debris and dirt to prevent any aircon leaking water from happening.


Routine Check for the Following Aircon Parts

As part of regular aircon servicing, together with cleaning, the technicians will also check for the aircon parts mentioned below:

All Electrical Components


Every electrical component shall be given equal attention to make sure there are no common aircon issues that can make your aircon work inefficiently or stop working completely in the near future.



To begin with, a technician will check the controller of your aircon. At times you may feel something is wrong with the unit, but just a little problem in your controller may be all that is to be taken care of.


If a thermistor fails then it can display incorrect temperatures, or you will notice weird temperature fluctuations. The technician will check your thermistor as well to make sure this does not happen.

Swing Motor

The function of the swing motor of an air conditioner is to evenly supply and to mix warm indoor air with those that are already cooled in a better way. If there is a problem with the swing motor, then this can be the reason why your aircon is not cold and your rooms will not cool effectively. If you opt for professional aircon servicing, then your swing motor will also get the attention it deserves.

Uncommon Noise Problem


There can be slight noise when you turn your aircon on, otherwise, it should function silently. If you hear any type of aircon noise, then that can signify a problem. This is also something your technician will give notice of.

Water Leakage Problems

Your technician will even look for any water pooling in and around the unit. If they do notice any signs, they will find out the reason why your aircon is leaking and fix it.

Odour from Aircon Breeze

If your aircon is emitting a nasty smell, then that shall also be taken care of. Technicians shall properly check the interiors of your aircon and find out the reasons why your aircon smells bad. They will fix the issue and take steps to get rid of the bad aircon odour.

Test Blower Air Flow Level and Air Flow Temperature Level

Last but not least, the technicians shall also test blower airflow level and airflow temperature level. This is to make sure your unit is running the way it should, is cooling your home right away, without exerting any extra pressure that could pave the way to hefty electricity bills.



It is not enough to just invest in one of the best-selling aircon brands and models in Singapore, it is important to engage in aircon servicing services so your aircon can last for a long time. The things you can expect from professional aircon servicing are the cleaning and performing a routine check of different aircon parts. It is recommended to hire a professional aircon servicing company such as DW Aircon Servicing Singapore as they have reputable and well-trained technicians who can properly do the job.


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