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What Does An Aircon Servicing Contract Cover?

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The air conditioner installed in a property helps to ensure that you are comfortable during the hot weather. To ensure that the aircon is working efficiently, property owners are interested in an aircon servicing contract where the technicians will check their aircon periodically. One of the importance of regular aircon servicing is that it improves the efficiency of your aircon, reduces your energy bills, and is a much cleaner aircon. Before purchasing an aircon servicing package, it is necessary to know what services are included. The services provided in the aircon servicing contract in Singapore are listed below.


Cleaning of Air Filters


Air filters remove the dirt from the air entering your aircon. Why is it important to have clean air filters? By having clean filters, your aircon’s efficiency will improve. While users can clean some air filters by themselves, the aircon technician will ensure that it is properly installed, cleaned, and in good condition. In some cases, after the filter has been used for several months, it may have to be replaced.


Cleaning of Evaporator Fins

As the aircon is used, dust and other dirt will accumulate on the evaporator fins, coils, and condenser coils. This will significantly reduce efficiency since energy is being wasted on heating. It could also reduce the life of the aircon. Other than the evaporator fins, the three top aircon parts that require periodic care are filters, coils, and drains. While servicing the evaporator, fins should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all the dirt, thus improving energy efficiency. Even though many property owners think that they can do aircon cleaning and repairs on their own, there are reasons to avoid DIY aircon servicing as it will likely give your aircon more damage and cost you more.

Cleaning of Blower Wheel 


All the blower components, especially the blower wheel, should be cleaned thoroughly to remove any accumulated grime and dirt. This can increase energy efficiency, and the user can save up to 15% on his electricity bill if the airflow is not impeded. Engage professional aircon servicing services to help improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioner.


Vacuuming of Drain Pipe

Excess water is drained away using the drainpipe, which can get clogged due to dirt and grime. This will increase the humidity levels, reducing efficiency and causing discomfort. Additionally, mold, harmful bacteria, and other microbes will flourish in the dirt. Hence it is necessary to clean the drain pipe thoroughly to ensure that there is no blockage or dirt accumulated. It is important to have regular servicing as it will bring cleaner air in the household.


Checking of Electrical Connections

Due to vibration or other reasons, the electrical connections for the various components like the pump, compressor, and motors may become loose. This can cause sparking and other common aircon problems that require servicing, which can lead to reducing its efficiency. Hence, it is necessary to check the electrical connections properly when an aircon is being serviced by inspecting them, and tightening them if they have become loose. It is also advisable to test the connections which are tightened.


Call DW Aircon for A Quarterly Aircon Servicing Contract


Residential and commercial aircon should go through proper aircon servicing as this will ensure to remove the accumulated dirt and grime, aircon consumes less energy, and reduces electricity bills. The importance of the quarterly aircon servicing package is that it can save you on future major system breakdowns and ensure that your aircon will work under hot weather conditions. Usually, if regular maintenance is done, few aircon repairs are required so that the aircon can be used longer. If the aircon is not used daily or the aircon capacity is very low, the property owner can opt for servicing the aircon twice or thrice a year, depending on the user’s maintenance budget.



To ensure that their aircon is in the best capacity and is performing well, many property owners have opted for an aircon servicing contract where professional technicians will check the aircon periodically. They are in charge of cleaning the interiors of your aircon, such as aircon filters, evaporator fins, drain pipes, and checking of electrical connections. Engaging a professional aircon service to conduct regular aircon servicing is recommended to prevent common aircon issues such as aircon not being cold or aircon leaking from happening.



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