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What Does An Aircon Servicing Include?

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Some aircon owners want to know the procedures involved when it comes to having their residential or commercial aircon serviced. Oftentimes, this is to better plan their time and budget as well as have more knowledge in case they wish to service their aircon themselves. Being familiar with what is included in aircon servicing also helps them ensure that all important parts of their installed aircon have been cleaned thoroughly and are functioning correctly.

If you are one of those curious about the aspects of aircon servicing, then explore this comprehensive guide on the aircon servicing procedures undertaken by DW Aircon Singapore.



A residential or office aircon is meant to release cold and fresh air. That said, it can still collect large amounts of dust, moisture, and other particles which can clog its critical components and cause numerous aircon cooling problems. Thus, we make sure that the following parts are cleaned:

Aircon Front Covers


Proper cleaning and flushing of these exterior elements with water makes your installed aircon provide colder and fresher air. Fortunately, they are easy to maintain. We suggest cleaning them once every three months to prevent heavy buildup of dust and dirt.

Aircon Filter

Similar to the aircon front covers, the air filters are also cleaned during aircon servicing so as to prevent the restriction of airflow caused by the accumulation of dust and dirt. 

Evaporator Fin

This component is instrumental in cooling air by blowing it over the cooled evaporator coils. When cleaning it, the aircon technician removes any signs of dust and mold which might be preventing the aircon from releasing cold air

Drainage Tray

When our technicians perform aircon servicing, they thoroughly clean the drainage tray and flush the drainage pipe. This way, an aircon water leak caused by a buildup of condensed water is prevented. 

Blower Wheel

In every aircon servicing job they conduct, our technicians check the blower wheel’s efficiency and performance and inspect it to see if any aircon issues are present. If it is found to be defective, replacing it completely will most likely be recommended.



Water Drainage Pipe

In the process of cooling warm air, a residential or office aircon normally causes condensed water to form on the coils. This water then passes through the drainage pipe until it fully exits the unit. We use a vacuum cleaner to unclog this pipe and eliminate all signs of dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and debris. This is to prevent it from being blocked and causing the drain pan to overflow which could cause heavy damage to surrounding areas. 

It is advisable to have your drainage pipe cleaned by a professional aircon servicing company instead of doing so yourself. The reason for this is that any cleaning methods you apply on your pipe without assistance may fail to completely eliminate whatever contaminants are present.


Routine Inspection

Besides cleaning and vacuuming the different parts of your aircon, our professional technicians shall inspect them to ensure that they are working properly and to determine whether they need to be repaired or replaced. The following are components which we conduct routine inspection on:

All Electrical Components

In many instances, aircon emergencies take place due to some electrical components being defective (e.g. loose or corroded electrical wires). For this reason, part of our procedure during normal aircon servicing includes closely inspecting all electrical components. In case any of these components only show signs of minor damage, we repair them so they could function properly once more. Should the damage be irreparable however, replacing said parts with newer and more durable models will be necessary. 


Although it is not a main part of the aircon, our professional technicians also make sure that the controller works properly. This is because it is essential in allowing you to control temperature, fan speed, the unit’s timer, and many others. If the controller is damaged, you may face difficulty in configuring your aircon model


The thermistor is a part of the air conditioner which plays a role in temperature control similar to the manual or programmable thermostat. Thus, we make sure to check that it is properly adjusted. If not, your aircon system could have an imbalanced cooling/heating cycle and may consume more energy than is required.

Swing Motor

Air that is distributed by a non-inverter or inverter aircon passes through the louvers. These in turn are controlled by a component called the swing motor. In order to check if your aircon is properly blowing out cold air, we inspect this part for any signs of damage. 

Uncommon Noises

Aircon issues are not just confirmed through component damage. As a matter of fact, they can be detected through uncommon aircon noises as well. Thus, our professional technicians shall check for any uncommon noises when servicing your aircon to see if any major issues are present. 

Water Leaks


An aircon water leak is one common indication that a unit is experiencing major problems. This is one aircon repair symptom which we make sure to check and resolve as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you could be deprived of lots of aircon energy savings and experience major damage to certain parts of your home. 

Odor From Aircon Breeze

An aircon odour is another sign which we look out for to see if the unit needs repairing or replacing. In some instances, this can be because of mold forming near the coils. Should this be the case with your unit, we can easily resolve the problem by applying strong chemical solutions which we also use when performing an aircon chemical overhaul

Blower Air Flow Level

During aircon servicing, we also make sure to check the unit’s blower air flow level. While strong air flow is a possible sign that the unit’s internal components are clean and damage-free, weak airflow may be an indication that some parts need to be thoroughly cleaned, repaired, or replaced. 

Air Flow Temperature Level

Not only do we measure air flow strength when doing aircon servicing, we inspect its temperature level as well. Ideally, the air coming out from your unit should be twenty degrees colder than the temperature inside your home. If not, it is likely that your evaporator coils are frozen or you have an aircon gas leak that will need to be resolved via an aircon gas top up




Whether it is an inverter or non-inverter aircon, aircon servicing ensures that your unit performs to its best capacity. At DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, this service involves proper cleaning of the unit, vacuuming certain components, and carefully inspecting them for any problems. Thus, contact us today to ensure that your installed aircon works for as long as possible. 


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