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What Is An Aircon Chemical Wash and Its Benefits?

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In Singapore, installing an aircon is considered essential due to its hot climate. An air conditioner can help cool your home which makes it conducive for your family and makes it comfortable whenever you are doing your chores.

When it comes to installing an aircon unit, it is important to have it undergo regular servicing as it can make your unit last longer. Doing an aircon servicing like aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul is an efficient way of taking care of your air conditioner.


What Is An Aircon Chemical Wash?


The benefits of aircon chemical cleaning or aircon chemical wash include cleaning the front panels of the aircon unit. It usually involves replacing the aircon filter as well as washing it to remove the dirt or other substance that can damage your aircon unit. Take note that these are the things that normal cleaning cannot do and which aircon chemical cleaning is advised.

With aircon chemical cleaning, they use a professional grade chemical on the aircon parts that require periodic care. It is important that the aircon technician will separately clean these parts to ensure that your air conditioner unit will be good as new. After the aircon chemical cleaning, this is the right time as well to fix the faulty part of the air conditioning unit. 

Aircon chemical cleaning is much cheaper than repairing or replacing your malfunctioning aircon. The price for aircon chemical wash price is also much lower than aircon chemical overhaul.


How Is An Aircon Chemical Wash Being Conducted?


Chemical wash is done to your aircon as such:

  1. If you are wondering how long aircon servicing will take, well here are the steps. The refrigerant gas will be pumped to the condensing unit and then the service valve will be locked.
  2. The electrical wiring is disconnected together with the joined aircon fan coil flare.
  3. Afterward, the fan coil will be dismantled from the walls.
  4. After removing the fan coil, the aircon technician will dismantle the electrical circuit boards including the drain pan, evaporated fan coil, fan blower, and fan motor. They will also tape off the opening of the evaporator coil.
  5. They will brush any dust build-up inside the electrical circuit board as well as the fan motor surface. Additionally, they will also check out any burnt marks on the surface.
  6. After that process, it is now the time that they will chemically wash the evaporator coils, fan blower, the fan coil cover body, and the drain pan. It is also important to clean the aircon filters
  7. The mechanism of aircon chemical wash is to only use alkaline-based chemicals. Acid-base chemicals tend to damage the aircon parts, and they can be corrosive.
  8. After the process of cleaning the aircon parts with the chemical, it will usually flush off inside and can clean them thoroughly. The chemical mixture helps in removing the dust particles which actually makes the parts totally clean. This is what aircon chemical cleaning does. 
  9. After cleaning it with a chemical, it will be washed off with clean water. This is to ensure that there will be no chemical residue that will be left.
  10. If the aircon parts are already cleaned, it is time for reassembling the parts and put the fan coil unit back.
  11. After the aircon chemical wash, the technician will turn on the aircon and check its performance to ensure that there is no problem.


Benefits Of Doing An Aircon Chemical Wash

Improves Air Quality 


Poor schedule of maintenance for your air conditioner can damage your air conditioner unit releasing contaminated air. Issues like this can increase the chances of getting respiratory diseases like asthma. To avoid this, an aircon chemical overhaul servicing can be a solution for it will remove all the dirt and bacteria inside the unit.

Makes Your Aircon More Energy Efficient

The performance of your residential or commercial/industrial aircon can decrease if there is dirt and bacteria build up inside the aircon system due to the restricted airflow as well as the damage caused by major components of your aircon. To know how often you should do your aircon chemical overhaul, well it should be done regularly. This will make your air conditioning unit work efficiently. 

Removes Any Foul Odour


The dirt and bacteria accumulated inside the aircon can damage its major parts which can cause the air to smell unpleasant. One of the importance of regular aircon servicing is that it prevents foul-smelling air from emitting from your unit. It is ideal therefore to have it undergo aircon chemical cleaning regularly.

Prevents Major Components From Freezing

Another benefit of aircon chemical overhaul is that it prevents any important parts like the evaporator coils from freezing. Keep in mind that when these parts encounter any blockage, they cannot absorb heat. This is when the ice begins to form. Regular aircon servicing is important in order to avoid this from happening.

Prevents Your Aircon From Leaking

A leaking refrigerant is dangerous, although there are tips on how to handle this aircon emergency. Leakages are caused by deterioration inside the unit. Dirt and other contaminants develop near the refrigeration tubes. You can prevent this from happening by regular air conditioning cleaning. Also make sure to follow the tips for aircon cleaning to ensure that dirt, dust, and debris cannot enter the unit. Throughout the cleaning process, it will eliminate all contaminants that have built up in the unit. Aircon chemical wash is proven the most effective way to clean your unit. 

Increase Your Aircon’s Lifespan


It is ideal to have an aircon chemical cleaning every year to make sure that your air conditioner will function well. This can also ensure that it will run for many years, no matter what type of air conditioner you have. 



Once the technician has installed an aircon, it is important that you clean and maintain your unit. For more thorough aircon cleaning, it is recommended that you avail of an aircon chemical overhaul. Among the signs that an aircon chemical overhaul is required are inadequate coolness, water leaking from your unit, and releasing of foul odour. 

Here at DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, we provide aircon chemical overhaul services. An aircon chemical overhaul is a thorough cleaning process, which will ensure that your aircon is dirt-free and it will last you for a long time. Our experts are highly trained to do this task. Contact us today to see our price list


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