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What To Do When Aircon Is Not Cold

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Here at DW Aircon Servicing we understand that a working, reliable air conditioning unit is key to your comfort in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. Which is why when your aircon starts blowing warm instead of cold air, it is immediately a cause for concern. There are a few reasons why your aircon is not blowing cold air, but what can you do when you find out the cause?





Air filter

One of the most common reasons of aircon malfunctions is the lack of adequate air flow. In principle, an air conditioning unit draws in warm air, which is then cooled on evaporator coils. This cool air is then recirculated back into the building. If the aircon filters are clogged, ice or frost form on the evaporator coils, and the warm air is unable to be cooled on the evaporator coils effectively to keep the room cold. 

Most people ignore the repeated advice of the importance of clean aircon filters until an aircon issue appears. Usually most common aircon issues start from the root of dirty aircon filters. You can do a normal aircon servicing yourself at least once every 3 months, or have a professional aircon servicing to have a thorough clean out. This ensures a longer lifespan and energy-savings for your optimally functioning aircon. 


PCB Replacement Aircon Repair DW Aircon Servicing Singapore Commercial Building Woodlands







Faulty Printed Circuit Board 

If none of the solutions above help, it’s time to move on and check the Printed Control Board (PCB), Working in conjunction with the thermistor, it monitors the air temperature and sends power to the compressor. Therefore if damaged, it can cause a general malfunction of the aircon unit. However, it’s important to first check the thermistor before condemning the PCB assembly.



Most window aircon use a capacitor to start the compressor. If the capacitor is faulty, the aircon will not be cold and may start blowing warm air. This component is located inside the unit and may require disassembly to reach. If there are no visible signs of damage on the capacitor, it does need to be checked by a professional with aircon repair tools



Another issue that may cause your air conditioning unit to malfunction is a problem with the thermostat or the temperature control unit. Although professionals may need to be employed to investigate and fix such an issue, it’s possible to visually inspect certain components to check for damage. 

The bulb detects air temperature in the room and controls the functioning of the aircon compressor. Check the bulb for bends, ruptures, and other damage as well as that it is placed correctly in the airflow through the evaporating coils. If any damage is apparent, the component may need to be replaced.



If all else fails and your aircon is an electronic control model, check the thermistor, located in the airflow through the evaporator coils. If the component shows signs of damage or corrosion, a thermistor replacement is in order. 









Fan and motor

If cleaning the filter and coils does not solve the problem, we recommend next checking the fan motor in the unit. If the fan runs too slow, this may result in icing over of evaporator coils. In order to check these components, it may be necessary to disassemble the aircon. Check the fan blades and motor for damage or seizure. If this occurs, it might be necessary for a fan motor replacement. Is the aircon still not cold, with no visible damage or seizure to either component? Contact us for some professional advice.

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