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What to Expect During an Aircon Maintenance in Singapore

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The one thing that can give you a break when it is uncomfortably hot outside in Singapore is your air conditioner. This is why people in Singapore select an air conditioner with much care. 

Once you have selected an aircon product to be installed, you believe that there is nothing more to do and that your appliance will last you in great condition forever. However, just like any other appliances after being used for a while, your aircon can also start showing signs of issues. If these are to be ignored, then it can take the shape of something big. 

Therefore, it is very important to opt for regular aircon maintenance services such as aircon servicing to identify problems and fix them on time. If you are now opting for an aircon maintenance in Singapore for the very first time, here is a list of things that you can expect: 


Thorough Cleaning Of Aircon System

When an aircon professional arrives at your place, they shall start by cleaning the parts mentioned below. 

Aircon Front Covers

The front covers of an aircon are often ignored, but they attract a lot of dirt and dust. They are one of the aircon parts that require periodic care. An aircon technician will first start their job by cleaning your air conditioner’s front covers. Once this is done, your aircon will look much cleaner, and the blown air will be cleaner as well. 

Aircon Filter


An air conditioner collects a lot of dirt and debris while operating and this can affect the filters of the system. During aircon maintenance service, the aircon technician will check the air filter of your unit and see if it is clogged or dirty. Having clean air filters is important because if too much dust or dirt has accumulated, it can affect the flow of air. When this happens, then the expert will either clean the filter and if that is not possible, they will suggest replacing it with a new one. 

Evaporator Fin


Evaporator fins are located on the evaporator. Air gets blown across these evaporator fins. It is where they get cooled, and once they are cool enough, they are sent from your aircon unit, through the vents and ducts, and into different rooms. 

These fins are quite delicate and with usage, they may get clogged or bent. The result is restrictions in the flow of air and aircon efficiency even reduced; these are common aircon issues that require aircon servicing. When you opt for regular aircon servicing in Singapore, then aircon experts will clean these fins and your aircon will not be affected at all. 

Drainage Tray

The drainage tray is yet another part that often gets neglected. The constant supply of water that it experiences causes algae and fungus to build up in its structure. This can even pave the way for the development of thick slime coating which can even form inside the drain line and clog it. 

However, when you acquire general aircon maintenance services, you do not have to worry. What you can expect from professional aircon servicing is that aircon experts shall remove slime from your aircon’s tray and take the necessary steps to ensure it does not form again. 

Blower Wheel

Even if as little as one-eighth of an inch of dirt forms on the aircon blower wheel, then the airflow performance of your aircon can be reduced by almost 30 percent. 

If you have hired aircon professionals, then you do not need to worry about it. Some points to note when engaging an aircon maintenance company in Singapore is that they have experts who are well-trained and highly experienced. They are aware of the consequences of dirt developing on the blower wheel, and during the aircon maintenance services, they shall take care of it efficiently. Once their service is complete, you can personally observe that the airflow of your aircon is much improved. 


Vacuum Aircon’s Water Drainage Pipe


While performing regular aircon maintenance services, aircon technicians shall look for any water pooling or dripping near your unit. If they do find any leakage, they will identify if the pipes and tubes present in the unit are the possible reasons why aircon leaks. If so, they will clean and drain it thoroughly and eliminate any dirt and debris as a way of preventing aircon leaking water problems from happening. 


Aircon System Inspection

Not only will aircon experts clean the parts mentioned above during the routine aircon maintenance, they will also inspect the parts said below:

All Electrical Components


Each of the electrical components of your air conditioner will get the same attention. The importance of regular aircon servicing is to ensure that there is no issue whatsoever that can result in your aircon working inefficiently or can be the cause of it stopping completely anywhere in the near future.



Your aircon controller shall be checked first. At times, when you feel there is an issue with your unit, the controller just needs to be fixed a little. 


If there is some issue with your thermistor, then you may notice incorrect temperature being displayed, or there can also be strange temperature fluctuations. This is often a sign that your aircon needs to undergo aircon servicing. During the routine checkup, the aircon technician will take care of this as well. 

Swing Motor

The swing motor supplies air evenly and also combines warm indoor air with the air that is already cooled. If the swing motor experiences some issue, it can be a reason why your aircon is not cold and your rooms will not enjoy efficient cooling. You should not worry though because during inspection, aircon technicians will check the swing motors thoroughly. Aircon technicians know how to troubleshoot an aircon that is not cooling

Unusual Noise Problem

Your aircon can cause a little noise when you turn it on. Afterward, it is supposed to work silently. If you hear any common types of aircon noises, then that can signify an issue and your aircon technician will take care of it. 

Water Leakage Problem

During the inspection, aircon professionals will check if water is pooling up around or in your unit. If they do notice any water collecting, then they will certainly know the reasons why your aircon is leaking and how to fix it

Odour from Aircon Breeze

If some strange odor is being emitted from the air blown by your aircon, aircon experts know how to handle this as well. They shall check your unit’s interiors and find out the reason why your aircon smells bad, fix the problem, and perform steps to get rid of bad aircon odour

Test Blower Air Flow Level

The blower of your aircon pushes the cold air through the system’s ductwork and into your home. If there is no strong push by the blower, then the airflow will be considerably reduced. As your aircon technician tests this, you can be sure any concerning issues will be handled which is another reason why you should hire a professional aircon maintenance company

Test Air Flow Temperature Level

Last but not least, the airflow temperature level will be checked to make sure that the type of air conditioner you have is running the way it needs to. Your house should be getting cooled the way it has to without exerting extra pressure which could otherwise increase your electricity bills. 



Like any other appliance, your air conditioner needs to be taken care of. An aircon maintenance tip to optimize your aircon’s performance is it needs to undergo regular aircon servicing. Your air conditioner parts will be thoroughly cleaned and the whole system will be inspected during aircon maintenance. It is best to engage an aircon professional from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore to carry out the aircon maintenance as they also offer a variety of aircon services. Aircon professionals are experienced; they will make sure to identify and fix any issues thoroughly and effectively. You can be assured that your aircon is in good hands and will achieve its optimum performance!


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