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What To Know About Panasonic Aircon

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Panasonic is one of the top 3 best-selling aircon brands existing in Singapore as of the present. When it comes to aircon products Panasonic has always been the leading brand. Therefore, Singaporeans and even foreigners are curious why is this so. This article will provide insight on its background and other useful information on why Panasonic aircon is popular in Singapore.

A Brief History of Panasonic

Panasonic was founded by Konusuke Matsushita in 1918 with duplex lamp sockets as its first main product. From the 1920s onward, the company innovated and started launching various projects to meet varying demands. By 1927 the company evolved from producing duplex lamp sockets to producing bicycle lamps. During the times of World War II, the company was already big enough to operate various factories in Japan and Asia and started producing electrical components such as fixtures, motors, electric irons, wireless equipment, and various tubes. The years following WWI were very fruitful for Panasonic managed to enter the television and radio market. It even managed to assimilate Sanyo which is one of its greatest competitors.


By 1958 Panasonic set its eyes toward manufacturing air conditioners. Its first model called Home Cooler was a success and even managed to hit sales in South Vietnam. This success in the AC industry allowed it to make improvements to its design and started to develop rotary compressors. The compressors are characterized by a high degree of efficiency and quality which attracted the attention of many air conditioner manufacturers.

1972 allowed Panasonic to create a subsidiary company in Malaysia named MAICO. It allowed Panasonic to extend its sales towards Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and other global markets. The business was so profitable and bustling that it allowed the company to further innovate and discover other means of creating top of the line products. By 1975 the company was growing so fast that it became the first aircon manufacturer in the European regions. This allowed the company to produce inverter air conditioners, VRF air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, residential air conditioners, and many others. During the years following 1975, the company continued to make major breakthroughs and became one of the most successful aircon brands that we know today.



Why is Panasonic Aircon a Popular Brand in Singapore?

There are many reasons why Singaporeans love Panasonic. Still, no matter how many there are, the following are the most important factors why Panasonic is popular among Singaporeans.

  • Trusted Authority
    • People’s trust in Panasonic comes from the fact that it is an established authority in air conditioning systems. Panasonic gains this authority and trust by making products that do not fail its consumers and are known to be reliable, durable, and are constantly evolving with the latest technological trends.
  • Lots of Models to Choose From
    • Panasonic allows them to satisfy the demands of different consumers. Such demands come from the need to have an adequate cooling system for residential or commercial purposes. The different models also allow Panasonic to sell aircon products at various price ranges. This allows it to be affordable for everyone. Panasonic also has aircon products that can be used for commercial and residential purposes.
  • Design
    • Models come with different designs. Singaporeans appreciate this attribute from Panasonic because it allows them to incorporate the appearance of an aircon product with the interior design of their house. Most homeowners give weight to the perception of their friends on what their house looks like. Panasonic helps them solve this problem by coming up with aircon designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional.

Popular Panasonic Aircon Models in Singapore

The following are the most popular Panasonic aircon models in Singapore


  • Panasonic Inverter XS Series
    • They have an Econavi function that combines intelligent sensor technology with sophisticated control programs that optimize cooling performance according to room conditions. It considers how many people are present in the room and how big the actual room is to adjust the cooling needed. This, in turn, leads to an increase in energy efficiency by preventing potential waste in energy consumption



  • Aero Series Inverter
    • Models, the Aero series is set apart from others due to its appearance. Singaporean homeowners who value elegance and beauty when choosing AC’s will see that the Panasonic aero series is the best choice. It has an AERO Slim design that features sleek lines and graceful curves with a lustrous pearl finishing and chrome escutcheon which exude a sense of beauty, elegance, and wealth.



  • Panasonic CS-24TKH Premium Inverter Aircon
    • This model is a wall air conditioner that weighs about 12 kg, therefore professionals with adequate tools and experience are needed for its installation. Its power consumption is about 220-230 volts, however, homeowners should not worry because Panasonic made this with an energy-saving feature that alleviates the pressure on electrical bills. In case of breakdown, it can easily be repaired because it has a self-diagnosis function that pinpoints malfunction without too many tests involved. Maintenance is easy for it has a washable filter that can be cleaned by the homeowners themselves.

How to Find a Reliable Aircon Servicing Contractor

Knowing the characteristics of a reliable servicing contract is the best way how to find one. An excellent aircon servicing contractor must have the proper tools and knowledge at his disposal. It is a plus if a servicing contractor has a certificate on general aircon services, maintenance, or repair signed by different training institutes located in Singapore. A servicing contractor must also have a permanent address or a permanent workplace that a homeowner can easily locate if ever the servicing contractor brings the unit which needs maintenance or repair. Knowing where he lives is important for checking the status of the repair or maintenance of the aircon unit given to the service contractor.


Where to Find Affordable Aircon Services?

Most services pertaining to aircon maintenance, aircon repair, and installation can be found online. Most trusted aircon companies that provide service have their own websites. At DW aircon servicing, we are experts in aircon installation and aircon servicing, particularly in Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Daikin aircon brands.

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