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What Will Happen If You Do Not Clean Your Aircon?

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Cleaning your air conditioner regularly should be an important task on your list of things to do if you want it to keep cooling your home and make you comfortable. Besides, not cleaning it despite frequent usage can mean that there is a good chance your air conditioner product will not work well. 

If you do not clean your air conditioner regularly, all sorts of nasty things can happen. Listed here are some things that will eventually happen if you ignore aircon cleaning


Higher Repair Bills

If you do not clean your air conditioners regularly, aircon repair symptoms may occur and you may be in for some expensive repairs. This is because the dirt collected inside the unit can clog the air conditioner and make it fail. As a result, your air conditioner will have to be repaired and troubleshooting of common aircon issues will be needed. Thus, do not wait too long to clean the dirt from your air conditioner to prevent this from happening to you. 


Airflow is Blocked and Compromised

When you fail to clean your air conditioner regularly, you will be compromising the airflow in your home. This is because the dirt that collects in it prevents the proper circulation of air thereby causing common aircon issues that require aircon servicing. Towards the end of a long period without aircon cleaning, the air conditioner will become blocked completely, making all airflow stop and defeating its purpose. 


Power Outage or Water Leaks From Your Aircon


If your air conditioner is dirty, then there is a good chance that it will fall into ruin. Maybe the dirt inside it is too much for it to handle, or maybe there are dried-up parts that need to be replaced. Either way, this will lead to an unplanned power outage and be the reason why your aircon is leaking


Bad Air Quality

Some air purifiers in different types of air conditioners that you can buy come with a pre-filter that you can clean regularly. If you do not clean it frequently, then all sorts of particles will get stuck in there, as well as mold and mildew. This will cause your air quality to be affected, making your home and family breathe in bad air. It can also bring about signs that your aircon needs to undergo aircon servicing


Possible Freezing Of Aircon Parts


If you do not clean your air conditioner on a regular basis, and it remains dirty for a long time, then the filter and parts of the aircon that require periodic care will start to freeze. If this happens, you will have to replace the parts that froze and wait for them to defrost before you can use them again. 


Reduced Lifespan

A dirty aircon can cause your unit to be damaged. If there is a lot of dust and dirt inside, they will start to clog the fan which can lead to the aircon failing. This is an aircon maintenance mistake you should avoid or else replacing the aircon will need to be done. Take note that some parts that are made of plastic will stop working once it gets dirty whereas those made of steel can rust. This can reduce the life expectancy of your air conditioner which might result in it failing to work properly. 


Health Problems

There is a good chance that you will develop health problems such as allergies and asthma if there are signs that your aircon has mold and you do not clean your aircon. This is because some of the dirt in it will get on your clothes or skin and can get transferred from you to other people. If someone else inhales the same dirt as you, they can also develop health problems like allergies and asthma. 


Your Air Conditioner Is Less Effective

If you do not normally clean your air conditioner, then there is a good chance that the dirt inside it will make the aircon unable to work properly. This is because they can accumulate and block parts of your aircon and make it less effective at keeping your home cool and safe from the heat. As a result, you will have to spend more money on how to troubleshoot an aircon that is not cooling to keep the cool air in your home and pay for repairs. This can be quite expensive. Fortunately, opting for regular aircon servicing can help you save money. 


Less Energy Efficiency

Your air conditioner will not be able to work as well if it is not cleaned often. This means that your air conditioner will not be as energy-efficient, which is bad for the environment. If you want to do your part and help save the world, an aircon energy-saving tip is to clean your air conditioner regularly. 



Regular aircon cleaning is an important task to do, or else the aircon may experience issues that lead to repairing the aircon or replacing some aircon parts. Other than that, your aircon may have aircon leaks, bad air quality, and less energy efficiency. These are just some of the many things that could happen if you do not clean your aircon. 

It is recommended to engage a professional from DW Aircon Servicing Singapore as they have reliable aircon cleaning services for most aircon brands in Singapore. They have experienced technicians that can ensure your aircon’s efficient cooling throughout the year. If your aircon is not cold or you need an aircon servicing, do not hesitate to contact them. 


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